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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fence Work

Did you notice I went missing yesterday? I didn't publish a post yesterday. I really didn't feel like it. I was even too lazy to schedule one. I have no idea why. Life.

Deputy Koontz made it home to Kokomo. His funeral is this week. Gah. The videos brought tears to my eyes. On some closed LEO groups, the local law enforcement shared the processional videos along the highway from Indy to Kokomo when the troops brought his body home from the coroner's office. It doesn't matter how many times or who it is...my guts hurt and the tears flow. I made mention of that on a thread. An Indiana copper replied, "You cut one of us, we all bleed." It's true. No matter past or present, it still feels the same.

And Brussels. Here I am minding my own damn business, drinking coffee and watching the news...very, very early...when it came across the screen on television and then wallah! my friends who were in Brussels were on Facebook chatting it up. I gave them news feed and they posted info. and friends started helping them as they were on a train headed out of the city for a visit to Dusseldorf when it happened. Luckily the train was not hit.  Rerouted to Dusseldorf for an extra day.

All about the bombings.
Those damn terrorists.
Soft targets.

That's my attempt at terrorist haiku. It really should be rearranged but then it wouldn't be haiku. It's shit! Anyway, you understand what it is supposed to mean.

Thank God they were unharmed, but it put a big kabosh on some travel arrangements and convenience. Stuck in another city nearby at Starbucks with all their belongings in a flat in Brussels. Whew. They updated us all via the handy dandy internet. They are in Paris now, diverted to another way out.

Of course, incidents like these always create a national university emergency with all the students studying abroad. And how about that new feature on Facebook where it checks on you if you activate the GPS dealio and alerts all your friends you are okie dokie? Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg.


And now for some refreshing non-tragic information...

The Russian Bear blessed Bug and I with a rocket.Thank you so much, Russian Bear!  I lurve rockets! I haven't flown one since my dad was alive. I am so excited. This is going to be epic. I'm sure we will capture it on film via Bug's phone and I will post it here. I am waiting for a special day soon to do this. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out his latest post, Wheel Gun Love.

Remember my Murphy? He is Otis reincarnate. I know it sounds creepy and he is his own dog, but it freaks me the heck out that he has some of Otis's mannerisms and at certain times, I feel myself whispering..."Otis?"  They look nothing alike.

And today he watched me get ready for work. Pervert.
He is so lovey dovey. And when I cry...he won't leave my side. He checks on me throughout the day and lays by my side while I cook in the kitchen. Just like Otis. He follows me everywhere...room to room. Just like Otis. He chews up the toys so no other dog can play with them. Just like Otis. He sits on my feet or next to me on the sofa. Just like Otis. He is stubborn. Just like Otis. Murphy does not just exhibit those behaviors...but exhibits those behaviors just like Otis. I find myself calling him Murphis and so does Bug. We don't know where it came from, but one day it came out of our mouths and stuck. Ghosts.


I am on a super strict lifestyle change plan that doth killeth me. It's called Countdown to Competition. Except, mine is fake. I'm not competing in any competition. I am just doing the food plan and exercise. Kill me now. I thought I was in so-so shape for an old fat farm girl. Puhlease. I have slipped. Basically, it is measuring all the fresh food I was eating and cutting down on my salad dressing and condoms condiments. Now I have to measure them and boy howdy I found I was a little excessive on butter and salad dressing. Blah. I'm being monitored by a coach and checking into the gym everyday. 
Man, it's like prison. 

Have a jolly day, Boogie Man peeps! It's going to be about 65 or better here with a chance of drizzle.


Cheryl said...

I find processionals involving officers and military..heart wrenching. Even watching on TV reduces me to a blubbering mess.

As for the Brussels attack. I totally get (and agree) with your Haiku. I can't wrap my head around what makes people this evil. There is no human understanding to why people impose this type of harm on others.

AWWWW Murphy is adorable. Sounds like is a wonderful companion too. Sweet boy!!!

Good for you on the fitness regimen. I am always weighing and measuring things and it has become routine over the years. Can't even say I mind it any more. I could stand to hit the gym more than I do. I still am managing a so-so schedule. My trainer probably thinks I could step it up a notch. Comparatively speaking the fact you and I are even trying might put us in the minority.

Old NFO said...

Hate those too. Good luck with Otis reincarnate! :-)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Estes Rockets! I had loads of them as a kid! My friends and I figured out how to put home made warheads on them and then...uh...never mind. Some stories are best left untold.