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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ice, Ice Baby


It's a word in law enforcement.

It means you are "told or ordered to do something but the appearance to the masses is that the action or duty is voluntary." We love it. It's bullshit. I guess it is something that has to happen when duties need to be assigned or someone is told they must resign. We could all see through that smoke and mirrors and of course, as the grapevine goes, you would find out the truth.

It happens in every LEO agency. It is the way of paramilitary. This goes on behind the scenes every day.

Most of the time if we were given an assignment or duty we didn't volunteer for, we would oust our administration by saying it was malarkey that we had to do the duty by force. On the other hand, the administrators thought it was malarkey they had no  volunteers. Sometimes they didn't ask. Sometimes they offered but got no takers.

If someone was forced to resign, they usually made it sound like it was a glorious intervention in the middle of the night by someone visiting them at bedside and wallah...they got the notion to quit. My dying ass.

This is all separate from officers quitting in haste due to a disgruntlement, personal reason, or health concerns. This is not by choice...really. It's "one of those things."

You did something super wrong, dodo. Don't think we can't all see through it. The public never knows. They mourn the loss of a veteran retiring or never know when an officer moves on to another job when they aren't well known to the community. All of that cloak and dagger information is personnel super secret employer stuff which can't be public. But the troops know. And that is what matters. To disappoint your own, is the ultimate shame.

As I watched these manifestations reach the surface to that breaking point, I was never surprised. In fact, most of them should have been voluntold to leave long before the last straw. Most often, they should have been disciplined or fired long ago, but a department wants to rehabilitate that person into something they won't be. It's that positive notion that we are all inherently good. Yet, some people just can't change just like you can't change the spots on a leopard. These are reminders that we must always keep ourselves in check and follow the rules, be good persons.

Forced assignments are different than a forced resignation. One, you still have a job. Two, it's temporary. Being voluntarily fired is permanent. Think before you do something against moral code, policy, or break the law.

Duh. You are cops. I know, right?

Well, some are not the brightest crayons in the bunch. And sometimes cops make mistakes just like any other human.

But we all know that circle of action and reaction which comes around. Karma-she is a bitch. And we all hate Karma. Nasty woman.

Well, we all make errors in judgment. We just hope they are not career defining ones.

As far as being assigned to a crap duty or an undesirable task...you do it, move on. Do it with a smile and you might not be chosen the next time. Whine about it and you become the supervisor's target. One time, I told my sergeant to "fuck off." I didn't even preface it with "with all due respect."

It was a turning point in my career where I stood up for myself and didn't let the boys pick on me anymore even though it was an ordered duty by a supervisor. I was a rookie and constantly given the shit jobs by a bunch of male bullies. That's how it rolled back then. It made me stronger.

I thought that day I would be fired and, in fact, did hold my breath and wait for the moment where he turned red and got lines on his forehead, but my sergeant just laughed and said, "Alrighty then." He did the duty himself and never bothered me again. AND...he respected me from that day forward.

Odd. Mysteries. I never talked about it again nor inquired why he didn't write me up.

Now I would never recommend anyone do that and I would say I was pretty lucky. Plus, I was a girl cop back in the day when there weren't many of us. I'd say the boobs saved my soul and my job at that moment in time. They just didn't know what to do with a snarky bitch.

So now you have the rest of the back story.

I might be doing one of those drive by posts about nothing at all except to remind us all to be on the up and up. It's me being passive aggressive. Yep, here we see Fargo in her natural habitat of acting like a girl.

Oh, I made my fair share of mistakes, but I would never run another over to further myself. Nor would I be nasty or downgrade someone else just to glorify myself. It wouldn't sit well with my guts and I have pooping problems as it is.

We must all remember that we are no better than our brothers.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I can relate to this...lol.

I always like to say that any society is as good as it's WORST examples.
Not a cynic...just a realist.
(and always watch for that karma driving over some dogma...that's a bitch!

Good call.
Roll safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

I had never heard the word "voluntold" but that is a great word. The practice of telling someone to do something with the outward appearance of it being optional, is a normal occurrence in the private and corporate sectors as well. I have worked in a number of organizations where people "left to pursue other interests" "had an opportunity they couldn't pass on" or "had personal issues that required more of their time". Often, as you point out, they needed to go.

I haven't ever been fired but there were a few times that I spoke up for myself and even a couple of times I quit on the spot over something I felt strongly about. In both of those instances, my employer refuse to accept my resignation and we worked out a compromise. I didn't quit as a tactic. I was prepared to be DONE and DONE. There are times that people need to let it be known that they won't be treated badly.

I am glad it worked out in your case. Ultimately, your supervisor knew that you had been treated badly and knew that you were justified...if not...you would of been reprimanded.

I, also, would of never turned on a coworker to better my position. As the old saying goes...."The ass you kick on the way up is the ass you kiss on the way down."