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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Makers of Legends

It is time for a celebration! Of what you might ask? Tribute to the creator of a legend...it's my mother's birthday! She is seven decades plus some years young and that is all you get. She doesn't look her age and is very active and vibrant.

My mom puts up with a lot of my nonsense. This has only happened since I have been an adult because I was a perfect child. She raised me with class and manners which I threw out at the age of 21 and opted for street cred. I inherited some of her OCD (control issues not white glove cleaning although I am not a pig) and her knack of fixating on things as did my grandmother before her. I think I try to buck this system in one aspect by being late all the time as my mother and grandmother are clock watchers and timely people.

Later, I pursued a career as a Sanitarian (trash collector-aka police officer specializing in Multilingual Communications. This also should not reflect poorly on my mom. I am sure she wanted me to be a nice teacher or a doctor. I still have goals to be somebody cool when I grow up. It could happen.

I want my mom to know she doesn't need to be a rock star all the time, that some of us can take the heat so she can relax. I know she worries about my unending mistakes in life and has always been there for scolding and advice. Sometimes she is very, very quiet. This is when I know I have really fucked up. It's worse than the times she uses my first and middle names together. But this is not about me. It's about my super mom.

Let me tell you about the person she is and always has been. She has been a faithful follower of God and taught us the Good Word when we were little, mostly in the Lutheran ELCA realm, but some Methodist was thrown in there, too. We were never to lose our faith and if we strayed too far, here came Grandma to lead us back. I don't remember much of the Methodist way as I am a confirmed Lutheran ELCA. But I know no matter what, it's all about God.

Mom has always been full of kindness and has the utmost respect for people. She truly does respect all people of all walks and colors and shapes. Her compassion for humanity and life is of the utmost level. It shows in her volunteer work and how she treats her family. I am forever grateful for this example.

She will never say a bad word about a person unless they are a Democrat. (I'm kind of kidding on that. She has Democrat friends)  She is a Republican born and bred and someday will be Republican dead.

My mother has a lot of brains, not in the meaty big headed sense, but in the intellectual way. She was an administrator, a politician, and held up the WWC children's center and progressed it into the modern age, focusing on education with unique and fun methods. She was a hard ass as a boss. I get that trait from her too. But from the time she started being the director to her retirement, the center grew into an amazing environment for the kids. No one would utter a bad word about her and, in fact, they often told me my mother was amazing. (Mom, they also told me you used to sneak cigarettes in the teacher's lounge, too. Just so you know. Although  I was always a brilliant detective I figured that out without their help.)

NFL Football had taken over her life at a young age and I would say it is the one time I can't stand to be in the room with her. She loves the Vikings no matter how much they stink up the field and that shows you her level of dedication and loyalty. Same goes for her kids. She has an exemplary son and a work in progress daughter, but she has always been our biggest cheerleader.

She is a stellar grandmother to my Bug and has always been a good role model of class and properness (that is a word) for her. It really shows in the amount of respect my Bug has for her and at the age of 15, Bug still demands to spend "grandma" time in Minnesota.

Mom stands by the Golden Rule and not to say anything unless it is nice. I'm still working on getting that myself and sometimes have to snap myself out of meanness. If it weren't for me, there would be no one in the world to test if she could get to crazy town, because she just doesn't snap off like that. Believe me, she should have with some of my antics and troubles.

Have the happiest of birthdays, Mom! I love you very much!


Allenspark Lodge said...

Happy Birthday Momma Fargo Mom. Thank you for sharing your kid with us.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Please wish your mom a HBD from me.
Never forget ALL your mom does for you...you WILL find a way to use ALL that knowledge and wisdom over the years...believe you me.
(and to think mu Mom's name was KATHRYN...whatta coincidence).
And when she said "this is for your OWN good"...she was RIGHT...100% of the time.
(trust me on this one...lol)
I think your mom done a good job with you, Kiddo.

Have a great day and roll safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom, Momma Fargo. Tell her Happy Birthday from someone she has no idea even exists.

She sounds amazing. Everyone should have a mother that is deserving of respect. What a blessing for you. I suspect you and your brother are blessings to her as well.