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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Pledge

HAP HAZARD: What's insane is a pledge is a vow of your word. You can't just break it like crayons.

FARGO: Unless you are a politician. In that case you can spin a yarn in any fashion you please and pretty soon you have convinced the masses to join in a cluster of devowing your vows. 

HAP: What hark! is Fargo muttering about?

FARGO: Well, of course, Trump's new declaration to take back his pledge of loyalty to the Republican nominee if it isn't him because he has been unfaired. Now do I give a rat's ass about a pledge? No. I think it was everyone fishing around to see if he would go third party if not supported or if he lost the nomination. Then, it became this BIG THING. *shudder* A pledge. It isn't like the Gospel for Pete's Sake. 

HAP: Well, it is giving your commitment. Why can't we just play by the rules?

FARGO: Why? Because if Nellie Olson doesn't like the rules, she can change them to suit her. Right? This is all so silly and full of hair flips. It is our very fine government at its very finest process: chaos and bupkus. 

HAP: A pledge is a vow is a promise is an oath is your word, blah blah.

FARGO: Maybe Trump got confused. 

HAP: There is a lot of attention on Trump with the assault charge against his campaign manager, the GOP trying to railroad him, and the like. I think it is all pitiful. He gives plenty to unhinge him on, but we have to pick the stupider and ridiculous and make something out of nothing? 

FARGO: Fuck me in the ass. 

HAP: Well, you know my wife won't do that so...

FARGO: Shut the fuck up. It was an expression. 

HAP: Yes, I know.

FARGO: I was not pledging my booty to you.

HAP: Well...uh...I know...but you scared me...ordering me...forceful voice...anger.

FARGO: Get yourself together. You are being dumb. 

HAP: Talk about dumbing down America, well, this takes the cake. This is really dumb. Let's get to real issues, shall we? Or can we? We've been asking for it for some time now. And what about poor Hillary in the midst? She skates by another time. I think we should start conspiracy rumors about Trump and coverage theories about Hillary. 

FARGO: I just can't figure out who she is sleeping with to get away with all of this. Maybe several. It just gives me visceral images I don't need to endure. 

HAP: Nasty.

FARGO: Someone hand me some sticks so I can poke my eyes out!

HAP: Egads, Fargo. That was in poor taste. 

FARGO: I got visuals, dude. 

HAP: Whatever. I think we all need to take pledges more seriously and your word is your word.

FARGOI, Fargo, under God, solemnly swear to pledge my sarcasm to the world, and give it freely to the masses who ignore it and declare to make a stand for one nation very divided, with liberty and justice for us all. 

I will stand by this because I have love in my heart. Do I need to sign it in blood? I'm not very good around needles. Can we just pinky swear?

HAP: Fargo, you're so weird. 


Cheryl said...

You are so funny! Chaos and Bupkus pretty much sums it up.

I think the trick to oaths and pledges (or vows and promises) is to keep two fingers crossed behind your back...then it doesn't count. I can't think of one politician that has repeatedly made promises that they didn't keep. Sorry....my cynicism is showing.

I was rather amazed at the newest brouhaha of the Campaign Manager's battery arrest. Sheesh, just when you think this can't get anymore bizarre..it does. I agree with you, if we are going to go ape shit over something let's make sure that it something worth going ape shit over.

The Republicans are really doing the Democrats a big service by deflecting all the attention off of them. Hillary is probably sending hand written thank you notes to people in the Trump camp. There is no price greater than having the email scandal trumped by Trump.

Old NFO said...

If you believe a damn thing a politician says, you're in worse shape than I thought! :-)

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Trump did the pledge believing that the GOP will play by the rules...but it seems when your own party is trying to put a stick in your spokes....it makes you wonder "Why Bother?".

Momma Fargo said...

Cheryl...Amen to all of that. I couldn't agree more.

Old NFO...I don't believe anything they say except the promise of handouts and fairy dust for all.

Mr. G...I agree, but it makes me laugh they wanted everyone to take a pledge. I say so what to those pledges. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
First off...LOVE your memes. Where do you find them?
(I have to MAKE mine...lol)
Second: Hap Hazard - great "name" (I think I went to school with him)
Next: I love those conversations you have with "people".
(the voice in MY head tend to agree more than be confrontational. Guess THEY don't like me pissed off any more than I do)...heh.

Very good post, Kiddo.
Stay safe down there, dear.