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Friday, April 15, 2016


Goodness me! Our little sleepy town is up to 2 homicides this year already! They are both shootings thus far. Do we classify it as gun violence? NO! I hate those words combined. The guns didn't do anything but become an instrument. Sadly, some of our community members exercised violent behavior and selected a weapon of choice as a firearm. Public enemy=mean people, not firearms.

Even though I live in a Republican dominant state, I live in a Democrat town. So, you can imagine what is going to come of this. Perhaps you thought it would say: Gun Violence Strikes Our Community Again.



This is truly today's headling:

Muncie man shot dead; suspect released


I love the drama. Oh, the police just let the dude go? Wait. There is more.

The paper said this is an area of town where "gunfire" is frequently reported. Like it's a fucking mysterious epidemic thing. Egads, Myrtle, we might want to invest in bullet proof attire when down on Kirby Street. 


So this is a quote: "The preliminary result of our investigation is that it looks like it was self defense," Police Chief Steve Stewart said. "The investigation will continue."

There you go. Fast justice. 

The two were cousins. I think this is not good for family relations. 

Meanwhile in the rest of the world, spring's arrival was welcomed with 72 degree temperatures as I mowed and danced outside in the Vitamin D and Germany conducted a raid of 900 (I mean, who has that many cops in one place for sluts?) officers on a brothel organization. Thank you, baby Jesus, that I was not working there last night as I would have gone to jail. So glad I have been conducting myself business in America under covers wraps. Crazy as hell. But THAT...was entertainment for me this morning. Keep your dick in your pants, gentleman. Well, actually, it is legal there...to have it out, that is....or to do it in a brothel. They didn't pay taxes and should not have partaken in human trafficking. Naughty.

You do not FUCK around in Germany. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
TWO shootings? Down THERE? ALREADY?
Cripes, are MY locals moving to your town?
A REP state and a DEM city - tell me about it.
We got that one covered (the city leaders should call them BLINDERS.

Gun violence...ROFLMAO. Liberal PC-BS.
Yeah, that makes ME laugh, too.
We are seeing more stabbings by the female brood of flotsam, though.

As to the rest of the world "as it turns"?
Well, maybe some of the morons will manage to spin the hell off into space (it'll match the area between their ears...heh).

Very good post.

Have a great weekend & roll safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

Crazy is going viral. Everyday brings a new violent crime to Kansas City. I suspect we hit the number two by noon on January 1st. AND always there is some crazy story about how it happened. There is supposedly a 16 block area that is just a war zone in north KC. Jackson County is building a huge new police station and putting it in the middle of that 16 block area. If you Google deadliest neighborhoods in America, that area is holding down #6 and #8 of the top ten. Woot woot..we are winners!!!

Anywho... They bought 40+ houses and leveled them to make room for the new facility. Last year all we heard was how "unfair" it was that people had to vacate these houses in favor of the PD. I drove down there and the houses in question were hardly houses. Still I guess the people contend that those shacks were "their" shacks. Anyway...the police now can walk to the murder scenes instead of driving. If you can't bring Mohammad to the mountain...bring the mountain to Mohammad.

Interesting story about the mega-brothel. Since prostitution is legal I don't quite get the "raid" part of that. If the raid was under the suspicion of sex trafficking, how did the tax fraud come into play?

While they are questioning prostitutes about "their willingness to be there" as opposed to being forced to work against their will then just for the sake of being thorough they say... OH AND while we are on the subject did you pay your taxes?

I just love your blog. I learn something new all the time. Plus your spin on things is so entertaining.