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Monday, April 11, 2016

Thorns: Being A Prick In Society

Nothing as exciting as Greg trying to blow his hands off on the blog today. I know. Sorry to disappoint, and I will not be surprised if you just click off and go away now. But maybe, at the bottom, I will show some really gory pics of something new or something really creepy. I even have captioned the paragraphs so that you may skip over anything unpleasant to your palate. There will be a lot of prefaces. Say that three times fast. It sounds like an infection.


Until we get to the bottom, let me just preface this day by saying I was not greeted with enthusiasm today walking into the office. It is to the point, I would like a back entrance so I don't have to deal with negativity. I think I might also start bringing my own beer fridge and stick it under my desk and deal with work life through a hops filter. My boss is gone and I am now under fire by the OM who used to be my friend, but now I don't know what I call this relationship. The UNfriendship?

But I smile, nod, and wave and even do extras because she has cancer. I offered to drive her to chemo, got shot down. Just "no". Ok, then.  I offered to take her to lunch one day and that was shot down. I don't need three strikes to get it!

She did invite me to her awards ceremony so I am attending. I am not sure what I did to fuck up the friendship, but I am too old to stress myself out about it. It's mostly amusing now at what jab to dodge during the day. I think at my age, you just live with it and say "fuck it." However, I am really not invested here either. I need to shit or get off the pot, I guess. I don't know. Girl drama is for teenagers. I don't want any part of it. This is why I liked working with men. Need I remind myself to get that Master's Degree and pronto.

I am very thankful my boss and assistant boss are very pleasant to work with and we don't have these issues. The big boss is also very encouraging and kind. We have the same humor. But when the big mice are away...I become cat litter.

And my students are wonderful, but there is a need to micro-manage at times, then let them have some freedom of self-management, then rein them back in. Oy.

Life Un-events

My life has gotten really narrow and super boring. I'm not sure I like it like that. My book is coming at such reptilian speed that I might be done by the time Thomas the Turtle turns 150. I'm trying. I just need some inspiring days.

I am trying to pinch pennies into nickels. I make the same as I did in 1997. Wow. Eye opening let down.

To protect myself from more personal drama, I am really concentrating on running, early morning workouts, and eating right. This is also for my psyche. Combatting drama, one cucumber at a time.

Plus, if I keep my breaks and lunches open for errands and walks, then I don't have all the other troubles of office drama. I am logging all my food on myfitnesspal.com, fitbit steps are auto populated in there, and I am taking measurements, weighing every so often, and making myself accountable. Bikini season, here I come! Only not yet, because I don't want to get harpooned on the beach nor do I want someone to put me back into the water.

Next, I planned a really cool event with Bug this weekend.  A local flower shop and nursery has a free breakfast with the owners event and I RSVP'd weeks ago. We get to have coffee and scones in the flowers and ask garden questions. I am so excited. It will be a refreshing change from the rain.

The poopies (my bodily functions) are regular and I got a clean bill of health from the doctor the other day. Sadly, she is leaving to go to Florida because her overly successful doctor husband got a super great job there. I am not happy about this and she had no recommendations for a new one, except her doctor was in Indy. Well, poop.

Oliver, Murphy, and Moose continue to be full of spring antics and I enjoy them so much. Their fur is my crack on a rainy day and while I type away at my book or work around the house, they are by my side. Bug is somewhat jealous of their attention to me. I think the dogs sense she is more into boys and Pretty Little Liars than paying homage to them. So, they go where they get loves and kisses. The world is so much different now then when I was her age.

What is really weird is my child loves animals, but not to the emotional investment that I have. I mean, I really have a sensitive heart when it comes to them, even though I don't have a problem killing predators. I even cry over strange animals and wildlife getting abused, killed, or injured. I can't watch animal rights videos or those ASPCA thingies. They are too hard on my heart. My child embraces electronics more so than pets.

How did we create such a princess? She says she likes the outdoors, but I have to force her out. When I was a kid, you had to force me in...rain, sleet, snow, or shine.

The Harry Potter House

Paint scraping by hand begins on The Harry Potter house at first butt crack of sunshine. It is a strange type of therapy for me. Despite me helping friends on their home projects or whatever they need me to do, they do not offer to help with this. AND I ANNOUNCE IT TO THE WORLD AS A SMALL HINT. I don't blame them. Who would want to? But, that just isn't how I roll. I do shit jobs for friends. Golden Rule.

I have done some dirty deeds for friends. Maybe they find me an easy target?

World Blips

It is still mostly turmoil with gusts of crazy in the world. Bring your umbrellas to avoid debris from the sky.  Police are being shot at and harmed almost daily. Ambushes may not be as rare as we thought, but now instead of just thoughts, thugs are taking actions. It makes me sick.

Many times I suffer from Tourette syndrome when the news is on blasting visions of police shootings or situations of civil unrest and social digression. The medication doesn't work. Why can't society make any strides toward peace and normality?

Politics. What is there to say about that? There is a reason why it begins with a derivative of the word "POLE". Bend over here it comes again.

Public opinion is starting to rule the world, rather than ordinances, laws, regulations, and such. If you bully the business, government org., or program into rethinking an action or process, you might get it your way. Or...now you can just hold up signs, picket in front of the place of repute, shout bad things about a person or business or organization and... if they don't listen... (because they expect you to protest without violence and they choose to ignore)... you can just whack them on the head with your sign and punch them in the vagina as they pass by or get near you.  That will make them listen.

Here's what I want to know: Where are the Martin Luther Kings? Where are the Gandhis? Where are the Malala Yousafzais? Do we have any peace makers? Do we have any one dedicated to stop this civil unrest---even starting with our country? Are any of them Americans? Are any of them white? What are we doing as a world united to combat ISIS attacks and future terrorism?

Fargo Gets Stoned In Public

Sometimes I don't know what comes over me or why I can't control what comes out of my mouth. There needs to be a PC monitor at the tip of our tongues and an ABORT button. 

I know if you have a disclaimer or preface to story, everyone says...right, Fargo. It must be true you are a shithead because you told background on the whole saga. Not true. It's called setting the stage. Shut up and listen. 

Now keep in mind I am not a bigot nor am I a racist or fascist or whatever name you want to call someone who says things that are not PC. I grew up in a time where none of us were PC-everyone threw out terrible jokes, or said things about high water pants, being pansies meant you were very unfit and not strong-NOT GAY...and in fact, gay meant happy back then.  Maybe some people in my town were prejudiced against something whether it was the color green, trucks without gun racks, or short skirts or against race, color, or creed...but not me nor my friends or family. We grew up with Hispanics, a couple mixed race families, Native Americans, Polish, Jewish, Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, atheists, many gays and lesbians, etc.,  but we didn't notice those things in school. They were just people. We didn't look at them like that. We did not put them in a category. We may have separated people into jocks and smart ones...nerds. I kind of got thrown into both categories. I was a smart athlete. We all intermingled at the school. Now granted in the 70's and 80's most gays and lesbians kept all that to themselves, but all of kids knew. We still loved them for who they were as people. This is very unusual for a small western town. Today, the townsfolk are still close and if you go back to visit, they want you at the bar by 7 PM to discuss your life and you better eat at the local restaurant at least 3 times. Or, you visit in secret, because if you didn't show yourself to visit, you would be scolded. 

There were little drugs...at least not in my circles. Maybe some weed and later a scant of cocaine. But that was reserved for two people in school...that we knew of and saw white powder on their noses. Most everyone else drank a little or a lot depending on how good the bonfire was on any given Saturday. 

Nowadays are different: 

No matter what comes out of people's mouths, you are all OK in the eyes of public opinion if you smoke weed. Except I don't smoke weed. Therefore, I will never be accepted. 

I'm sure many would be amused or relish in the notion that I got high and found some really potent weed this weekend. But I fooled you, because this post is not about that. I'm talking about the traditional type of stoning...like with rocks. I was at lunch with some friends (all die hard Democrats) and we were discussing families and babies. 

BARBARA: Oh, I have to tell you about my friends. They just had a new baby named Caitlyn. 

ME: Is it a girl or a boy?


Yeah. I don't know why I said that. I didn't mean it crappy. At the time I was in deep thought.  I have nothing against transgenders. The words were just like there and I think I might have been possessed by Satan for that one moment. It just happened. I don't think I will be invited for lunch ever again. The public stoning did not feel good. Unlike the characters in The Lottery, I lived. 

So that is how my life is going right now. 

I'm awkward. 

Wait for it...


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Wow, all you have to do is change a few words here & there, and PRESTO...you got a BOBBY G. kinda morning...or life (sans children and THAT particular drama)...lol.
I actually could USE a little more "boring" and "old-fashioned" in times such as this.
Maybe our generations (you're one ahead of me, Kiddo), did something called APPRECIATE more than people do today.
I think THAT contributed to us all being a lot more content, and a whole less "anxious".
Why we allowed the world around us to get SO damn complex beats the crap outta me. Yet, people complain more, and are angrier today then when we were teens.
I mean, we had to worry about being NUKED by the commies...and even THAT didn't piss us off as much as choosing presidential candidates OR who was off the tribe in Survivor.

Just keep doing the BEST you can as OFTEN as you can.
The rest will pretty much take care of itself.
Very good post!

Stay strong & roll safe down there, dear.

Coffeypot said...

I don't do mean or rude toward me at all. After offering to niceties to the old croan with cancer, I would give the third one as, "Hello, I see the cancer didn't kill you mean, rude ass last night. Maybe we will have better luck in the morning." Being with Judy this past year and a half, I know the emotions that comes with cancer. But Judy was never rude or mean to anyone, except me, which is what I am here for. Being sick does not give her the right to be rude or hateful. I think she is just jealous of your beauty, openness, and humor. And I love the comment about the baby. I laughed out loud on that one.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Don't sweat the crap at work...it is just work...You know how many people I tell to "kiss my ass?" there is a few lemme tell you. And yes we do like your humor btw and when I was a kid, the favorite jokes were black, polock, dago, wop, fag,redneck,...did I miss anyone...? You had a thick skin or it sucked to be you. The special snowflakes in this day and age are toast once the bad times come and people don't have time to put up with their nonsense.

Tennessee Grammie said...

Continue to be your gracious and nice self to the co-worker with cancer regardless of her actions towards you - her attitude change could be caused by a hundred things in her mind, or her meds, or constant pain or just plain crazy because you got your hair styled. It's not YOU, it's HER. Continue to give the Democrats a run for their money, making them THINK occasionally is hard on them. lol "Boy or girl?" I would have most likely popped off with the same question, and I know your Uncle Paul would have for sure! :)

Cheryl said...

I think you are handling the ex-friend at work in the right way..just keep being your nice self. I have to say that I am not keen on people like her in as much IF you did something...it would be a stand up thing for her to let you in on it. If you don't know what you might of done, she can't expect you to make amends. Perhaps Tennessee Grammie is correct that she's on meds or has some emotional stuff going on where she just is unhappy and lashing out to everyone.

Happy to hear you got a clean bill of health but sorry to hear that your doc is moving. Keeping my fingers crossed you find a nice replacement.

I, too adore animals and find those commercials unbearable. My family members are animal loves but not to the same degree. Perhaps, you and I run a little closer to the surface with our emotions. As for Bug, I understand that she would look at things differently than the pre-techy generations of us. Computers and their ilk changed how our children and grandchildren relate and interact with the world around them. Not always for the better, I think. We were blessed to have the opportunity to experience more human interaction and less electronic distractions. However, each generation has strengths that we didn't. (or at least I didn't) When I look at my daughter and her friends they seem braver to try new things and super smart about catching on to anything and everything.

I love your question about where are the peace makers. I hadn't thought of that in those terms but you are right...even the people that claim they are peace makers are anything but. They are often media hounds and instigators.

The continuing violence breaks my heart a little more each day. There seems to be an escalation of idiocy.

No truer words were ever spoken (or written as the case may be) about public opinion ruling the world. I think your word "bully" is just perfect. The cause and effect of any media driven "cause" tends to incite and agitate groups to become bullies.

As for different times...I am the generation before yours. I was in high school in the late 60s, early 70s. While the 1960s were given the rap as a drug culture, I have never used an illegal drug. Never had the desire but it was unheard of in our rural area anyway. I continue to get our home town paper and now drugs, alcohol abuses, violent and non-violent crime are listed every week. Even small rural towns are dealing with "big" urban problems. Sad...this cultural shift of "each man for himself/herself", is changing the landscape of America.

Before I sign off on yet another very long winded diatribe..(sorry but you have the most interesting posts EVER) let me just say, I thought your Caitlyn joke was hysterical. If they didn't find humor in that they are seriously missing the humor gene.