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Friday, May 20, 2016

Katie Bar The Doors: TOO LATE!

Well, I am very excited to announce my next guest, The Russian Bear.  As you long time readers my know, he is one of my go-to political aficionado and firearms fanatic/guru. Actually, he is just full of brains and because I think he is highly intelligent, I like to bug him about his mind channeling. I know he has a Mensa card, but I won't ask his number. It's way higher than mine. 

So...I present you....Fargo's Brilliant One...in color. Ta da! Enjoy! 

By the way, I am serving myself Blue Moon's on the half orange. The Russian Bear...he is indulging in water with a slice of lemon on the rocks. 

This is what I got when I Googled "Russian Bear".
Is this a Russian Bear or a Russian and a bear? I have no idea.

ME:  Describe Trump in one sentence.

RB: A fat-fingered vulgarian with crony capitalist connections, the taste of Caligula and an over-inflated sense of self-worth.

  (I can't take credit for the -fingered vulgarian line, but I do think it is an apt description.)

ME: Whoa. There are a lot of big words in there. I am guessing you are not a fan. Here is mine: Donald Trump is a complex man with many faces. 

ME:  Describe Hillary in one sentence.

RB: A lying sociopath with grand schemes for self-enrichment at the expense of world stability and national security.

ME: That sounds accurate. My sentence is: DITTO. That is a sentence. 

ME:  Who do you think or who would you like to see as their VP picks?

Donald Trump: I would like to see him pick a conservative VP.  However, the majority of the Republican party is not conservative, so his pick will probably be someone that either unites the GOPe and brings the #NeverTrump over to his side, or appeals to the Democrat base.  That being said I predict someone like Colin Powell.

Hillary Clinton: Barring indictment and federal prison, I expect her to play the girl card to the max.  Assuming they don't have too much bad blood between them, Elizabeth Warren should be her pick.  She can boast about having the first Native American VP.

ME:  Hmmm. Those are great choices. I actually like Colin Powell in some cases, some cases not. Would you like some more water? Here you go. (pours good spring water, not yucky tap water. Yuri needs the best) I think Condaleeza Rice would be awesome but she will have none of that. In Hillary's case? I think she will pick Elizabeth Warren as well. 

ME: What is the most important matter our new president needs to focus on?

RB: Define what it means to be an American.  Why would I say that the most important matter is make a mission statement of what it means to be an American?  Because policy flows from principle. Are we a constitutionally limited republic, populist democracy, or oligarchy masquerading as a free country. 

The culture wars have been lost, and the winners are roaming the battlefield and shooting the survivors in the gut and then grinding their entrails into the ground.  Fundamental transformation, indeed.  Our young have been indoctrinated to hate America. Triggered by their own "privilege", they demand freebies for everyone to ease their false guilt. The military has been infiltrated and weakened throughout.

America needs to find its identity very quickly before it is lost forever.  In practical terms, the most important matter is national security.  Our navy had more ships in 1916 than they do today.  We are unable to project power in more than one area at a time.  Our Air Force is looking for spare parts in the boneyards instead of stocking replacements, despite record revenues and record spending. 

tl.dr; more guns, less butter.

ME: Well, I am speechless. I was just going to say that I want the economy to pick up (like a lot) and all these whiners to stop whining and maybe a law where all the protesters can hit each other with their signs and shit. Then may the last man or woman standing win!. I like your ideas much better. Are you sure you didn't slip any Vodka in there? I think I need another beer. 

RB: No Vodka. Just a cup of honesty. Is this tap water ice or spring water ice. It takes a little like lead and manufacturing waste.

ME: Uh. I don't know. I just got it out of the ice bucket. It's ice ice. 

ME:  What is your analysis of the two candidates?

RB: Donald Trump: Here's an egotistical blowhard, who frustrated with the results his bought politicians were getting, decided to throw his hat into the ring, and is now poised to win the whole thing.  Who can argue against "Make America Great Again"?  That's the perfect pitch to an America that is being constantly told by their assumed betters that America is horrible, America is to blame.  9/11 served us right, etc. etc.  I mean, even the most detached voter knows that America was great once.  They may not know why America was great.  They do know that it isn't great right now, so making it great again sounds like a good idea.

ME: Yeah, but most people can see through spin and win, right?

RB: Not really, sad to say. 

Specifics (i.e. substance) is not needed to win at the presidential level, as the last two presidential elections have shown.  The right emotional pitch that appeals to the broadest base is all you need.

What bothers me about the sales pitch, is that it is not the government that makes America great, it is its people that make it great.  Turning to a chief executive of a federal government to make the country great, is a call to totalitarianism.  Over 3500 new rules are waiting in the next regulatory cycle. The CFR is getting larger and larger, and this will not make us great.  Will a populist president help change this trend? I doubt it.

A candidate who says, "I could shoot somebody in the street tomorrow , and you all would still vote for me.", is a candidate to be worried about.  I understand the frustration and sentiment behind those that support Donald Trump, and I didn't like it when Barry said to his supporters to "get in the face" of of their opponents, so I like it even less when a similar threat is voiced by the Republican candidate..

ME: So true on those scary statements. But, he is right. He has escaped any shunning by large masses which should have put any other person out of the race. What about Hillary?

RB: Hillary Clinton:  I honestly have not followed a word of what she has said. I can't stand to hear her voice, it's like a hole is being torn in my eardrum and I must flee to my "safe space" free of harridans and defenders of child rapists.  

ME: Oh, shit, sorry!

RB: Eh. No worries. But why did you spit your beer all over me, Fargo? Geez, you need a bib, girl.

ME: Because that was fucking hilarious.

RB: Well, whatever. Now, in terms of her candidacy, the illusion of democracy in the Democratic ticket is being ripped asunder in front of the eyes of the Bernie supporters.  The Clintons have successfully infiltrated the Democrat party and much of the bureaucracy of the federal government with their minions.  I mean, Come on!  Their former mouthpiece is on a daily national "news" show.

Bill was head of the DNC for a while.  The Clintons know, like every good intestinal worm, how to burrow in and suck off the largess around them. The Clinton Global Foundation is nothing more than a vehicle for laundering their influence peddling money.

ME: Like my blue dress? I got it from Monica Lowin...I don't know her last name. She was very close to Bill Clinton. It's a little big and I couldn't get the stain out, though. Kind of sad. But it was a bargain!

RB: *blink, blink*

ME: Go on. You are on a roll.

RB: She is a horrible candidate.  People do not find her appealing, the longer she speaks, the larger the negatives get.  She has been entrenching herself into the federal government since 1992. If she wasn't so entrenched, I think the DNC would have shed themselves of her a long time ago.  But hey, you lay down with hippies, you'll get up with fleas, ticks and communicable diseases.

ME: I have never laid down with hippies, just FYI. Good thing, I guess. I didn't realize they had so many "issues." There have been others, but no hippies. I mean, two. Mom, only two. I think Hillary is the plaque and she is poisonous to our country as a politician. Hell, she might even poison the prison system if she ever gets there. Who am I kidding? She is never going to get there, What about The Bern?

RB: Bernie is promising loads of freebies and promising to break the banks.  Hillary promises the same with the added bonus of being a girl, for those who like to vote for historic firsts.  Barring indictment, Hillary will be the nominee over the virulent protests of Sanders supporters.

ME:  What is going on with voters? Your assessment? Their platform preferences, their personalities, their wants, needs, generational differences?

RB: They're mad.

ME: I'm mad too, Eddy. Bet you don't remember that one! Hah! Anyway...so what! Big babies. Do tell more.

RB: Conservatives are mad at, and feel betrayed by the Republican leadership for failing to take a stand and use the power of the purse.  GOPe voters are mad that a classless buffoon is now their nominee.  Bernie supporters are mad that winning more popular votes doesn't get you more delegates. Hillary voters are either mad at the patriarchy or just not informed about her and have a misplaced nostalgia for the Clinton years.

I think both parties are pushing for larger government. Both sides desire a vigorous executive branch.  The GOP has done little to reign in Obama's overreach, partly because they want to do the same thing when their guy gets in.

ME: Well, I agree. But size doesn't always matter, it's how you use it.

RB: *blink, blink* We are talking about the government, right?

ME: Well, of course. Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

RB: Well, you are good at that, but God love ya, Fargo. Anyway...Younger voters are turning to government as well.  The idea of free college, or forgiveness of their student loan debt is a big freebie being dangled in front of them.  The idea that an avowed socialist is gaining a majority of popular votes in the Democratic race, tells me that we've lost the country for at least a generation.  Even my oldest daughter (she is the only one who is not home schooled) doesn't seem to have a problem with Marxism or national socialist theory.  She even gave me a lecture about how I've benefited from white male privilege. 

Hopefully, whichever candidate gets into office, the collapse and rebirth will happen quickly so my yet to be born grand children will have a chance at a free society.

Furthermore, I consider that Islam must be destroyed.

ME: Well, alrighty then. We will have to delve into that last statement further, but we will save it for next time. Thanks, so much for the great convo. I always like to hear what you think about these complex issues.

RB: My pleasure. 

ME: Next time, I might add Vodka to your water. Who knows what we might get? Might be The Russian Bear magnified! 

RB: Well, Vodka is not really my thing. 

ME: Well, you pick!

RB: I will have to think about that. Maybe I will bring some good stuff. 

ME: Until next time! 


Cheryl said...

Now that really is a very smart bear. All of his points were well thought out and his descriptions of the candidates were spot on.

Is the bear available for running as 3rd candidate as an Independent?

It will be interesting to see who Trump and Hillary will choose for VP choices. There is a lot of talk about Elizabeth Warren but in all her speeches she alludes to not being interested. Of course, we have heard others say they don't want political offices...only to take political offices.

In this particular election, I think their picks will be more important than in past elections. As a lot of people don't seem to be overly invested in either of the Presidential possibilities, the VP becomes more of an enticement of who to vote for. (are we sure the Bear is out of the question?)

As for the slogan "Make America Great Again", I think you are right that it's a great slogan as it's hard to argue against such a noble goal. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are confused as to why America was great, why we are less great now and what "great" would look like in the future. Paying off everyone's student loans and breaking the banks wouldn't make anything great. We saw the debacle of a failed housing market and the prospect of major banks collapsing in the recession of 2007-2009. All those bailouts come with a price tag. Shoring up banks, automakers and even offering cash for clunkers add more debt onto an already enormous debt load.

RealtyTrac states the 7.3 million families lost their homes due to foreclosure between 2007-2014 but that doesn't include all the short sales where people brought checks to closing because they owed more than they could sell their house for. I doubt that most have fully recovered from that type of financial disaster.

So..while I don't pretend to understand the complexity of fixing this, I do know you that it isn't possible to continue to throw money freely to specific groups such as offering free college educations, while simultaneously trying to take care of the disabled and elderly AND fixing the problem of waste and fraud related to how government funds are spent.

Yes, the bear needs to run if he has an idea how to fix the big ole mess up.

Momma Fargo said...


The Bear is very wise indeed. I always thought he should be in a political position. I can't really argue with anything he says and it all makes logical sense. Scary. Those are things we need in our politicians. LOL.

As for the housing market and economic crash in the manufacturing states, it still has ripple effects here. Sad dealio.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I think I have a kindred spirit, and he is the Russian Bear! (and not to be confused with a bare Russian...LOL).

All of his views seem to echo mine (kinda scary, but in a GOOD way, mind you)

Bravo on a great dialogue. SO many great points made.
Kudos for the post (and the conversation).

Roll safe down there, dear.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh no! There are too many great minds in here! LOL Have a good one, Bob G. Thanks for stopping by!

RussianBear said...

There is a politician I can endorse. He was my best friend in 7th and 8th grade in rural Kentucky, and is the smartest guy I've ever known. His name is Thomas Massie. He is currently representing Kentucky's 4th District in the House of Representatives. You may not agree with some of the votes he has cast, but you can't say he is not principled.

And I wouldn't say no to vodka. (I do have a Russian name, and ['bell-va-deer] is more than just a factory town in northern Illinois.)

Furthermore, I consider that Islam must be destroyed.

Momma Fargo said...

Russian Bear...Vodka it is. Grey Goose? LOL. You do crack me up. We must have a convo about Islam and get into details. So much fun.