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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Fargo Extreme Blotter

Today's post is brought to you by the color bastard-amber, mental floss, the degrees of 80s, and tornado vernacular. That about sums up my next 10 days of living. Mother Nature is a bitch! God help me.

In other news:


This weekend, I had a treat and attended the National Parks Adventure showing at the museum theater in Indy. I have followed Conrad Anker and the Alex Lowe story for years. It is endearing before, during the tragic death of Lowe, and the after life of Conrad Anker, Jennifer Lowe-Anker and son Max. So the show was about National Parks narrated by Robert Redford. The cinematography was outstanding and brought me many pictures of home (Wyoming) to me. Check it out if you wish-links provided above. They serve beer.


Things are going well, but slow. I have been working hard, however, my body changes are at turtle speed. My daughter monitoring everything said my metabolic system changes with age and it just sucks, but keep plodding. Easy for her to say. Blah.


I really don't know how to process some things when struck by flying missiles. To explain..

COPS: No one wants to date you, Fargo.

ME: Huh?

COPS: No one wants to date you.

ME: *blink*blink* I wasn't asking. 

COPS: Well, you need to act like a girl.

ME: I am a girl. I act like a girl.

COPS: No, you are strong minded. You act like a cop. No one wants that. Plus you are too independent, you have too many dogs, and you don't dress hot. 

ME: Who the fuck put you in charge of assessments? I dress classy not trashy. I have some up to date stuff. You only see me in jeans and fitness clothes. You ain't no prize. I'm a prize!

COPS: Well, just trying to help you. 

ME: Well, you are not nice.

COPS: And about your writing? You write good but you say nothing. Just generalizations. Like on the other websites...we are waiting for you to say something detailed and nothing. It's meh. 

ME: I don't know what specifically you are referring to? All of them?

COPS: The ones we have read.

ME: What's that supposed to mean?

COPS: You need to write details. Your articles suck and bore us.

ME: You guys are a bunch of fucking dicks!

COPS: See. You talk like a man. 


Teenagers are funny. They don't always tell their parents everything at the moment life smacks them. At least mine doesn't. She keeps things from me. I especially HATE not knowing when her heart hurts.

BUG: Brayden isn't talking to me anymore. 

ME: What? You just went over to his house for that family BBQ.

BUG: Yeah.

ME: When?

BUG: Two days ago?

ME: I'm sorry, honey. Are you OK?

BUG: Yeah. I'm just sad. I told him it's his loss. Mom, why do I always get dumped and what is wrong with me? I try to be nice to everyone. No one every likes me. (tears flood in)

Seeing your kiddo question herself just like I do myself broke my heart. My daughter is better than me. I don't want her to end up like me. Besides, she is so extraordinary but humble that she deserves to be treated as a princess. I think part of it (her boy issue) is that she doesn't put out or get sexual with boys. She tells me they don't try, but I am not sure if that is true. She may tell them up front that she is not about that. And if that is what they are after, they aren't good enough for her anyway. 

ME: Oh, honey. You have done nothing wrong. You are amazing, beautiful, and good. Don't ever let these high school punks bring you down. Chances are, you will find your true love in college or the real world. Don't worry. God has someone special in mind for you. He will be your knight in shining armor. And when it happens, you will live happily ever after. All these first loves feel like the real deal and it hurts, but something greater is out there. I can't explain it, but someday you will find it. 

And here I found myself spoon feeding the same crap my dad gave me. Sigh. 


Cheryl said...

If I had your personal email address, I would give you a long scolding about selling yourself short. There are men that WANT and would love to find a beautiful, smart, independent woman. My neighbor recently said her husband made some crack about her not being feminine enough and not dressing sexy.(aka trashy) He is the biggest dick I know. Men that want to be married to sexy cheerleaders are still prepubescent school boys. Real men want classy, smart women.

As for Bug,...my daughter was exactly like that as a teen. When she was hurting it took her awhile for her to talk about it. I lived through the breakups in high school and a couple of more serious ones in her college years.AND yes, it is heartbreaking from a mom's point of view. Here's the thing though, she found the guy for her toward the end of college. They have been together 15 years, I think now. They are adorable together with their two little boys. Bug will find her way to the right guy in the right time.

As for you... please don't put yourself down. I don't know all of your story with your exes but I am sure that it was way more on them than it was on you. I am, also sure that Bug only sees how smart and responsible her mother is and doesn't gauge how her future relationships will play out because you have had some guys treat you badly. One thing has no bearing on the other.

Changing the subject I would love to see the Imax National Parks. I looked for a theater and of course, nothing even remotely close by.
I'll keep an I on the local Imax theaters and see if they plan on showing it in the future.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

It hurts when your kid questions themselves, you hope that your kid does better than you have, that is human nature. I believe that you have done extraordinarily good with Bug, This is my semi biased opinion, remember I am a scout leader and deal with kids all the time. I recognize stellar parenting when I see it.

P.S I consider you smoking....but that is my borderline stalkerish opinion. There are good guys out there, be patient. One will come along and realize what a awesome person you are.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---That parks movie sounds very cool (even better if in IMAX).
---On those "P-A" attacks...screw 'em all, and NOT in the literal sense! They know less than a house plant and are about as bright as a nightlight bulb.
---AS to "Bug" and her problems...you told her true.
Tell her "What's worth HAVING is well worth WAITING FOR", and that applies to a LOTN of things in life, too.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, dear.