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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


With all the stink and fuss over a gorilla killing,

Katie Couric's convenient editing job,

Trump's full on rooster debate comparison,

and the first newborn on American soil with Zika virus...

we should all head for the hills.

And hide.

From the crazies.

Like all of them.

There are so many. Will they find us?  I think I am pretty good at concealing, don't feel! That's a song.I think.

Ape Shit Crazy

I must say I am sad about the gorilla. Now was there any other choice? Well, no. Duh. It still sucks.

Perhaps the zoo should employ cowboys and they could've roped him.

Make Me Crazy-SPIN Me Round and Round

I love how Couric's smooth talking PR spiels say it was just to pause for reflection of an important question, not make NRA supporters look like they didn't have any answers. Really? Tell me again how you spin. The national news comment threads crack me up.

Liberals say the conservatives are mad because they don't think it was an important reflection and poo poo safety and importance of all these issues. The conservatives say liberals wanted to spin it so the gun supporters look like idiots without brains, solutions, or ideas. I happen to think it is all spin. If you edit, you take away value. No matter where and when you do it. Plus, editing in a different video clip of time and date to make it look like the answers given is fraudulent. Just my opinion.

You can edit all you want for time, but to replace clips to make it look different than what the truth is, is so naughty. It makes the original question and answer session seem a little shady if you ask me. Perhaps that was the way it was intended...reel them in...cut bait. But that's spin. Sadly, people look at the video as true rendering of a conversation, don't know any different. The people who were there and were in the film look at it as fraud and misrepresentation. At least they stood up and made some noise.

Crazy Camps

All the fluff over Trump not debating Bernie. Who cares? If he isn't going to get the nomination, so then why bother? Why not wait for the nominee to debate THAT person? It's all down to brass tacks now. We don't care about any more fluff. Let's get the two nominees up there. I think it makes sense. I think everyone is all aflutter for no reason. For dumb. So now they call him a chicken. Who cares?

I was thinking more of a cock. But that's just me.

Call me crazy.

Today, I am off for my first weight lifting session of high intensity. Please pray for me. Please also pray I don't collapse in this heat. Gah.

Being from Wyoming...well...that's like transforming a polar bear to Florida.

Anyone who wants to move to warmer climates...YOU ARE CRAZY AS HELL!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not move to a warmer climate? How about Wamsutter in February?

Old NFO said...

LOL, some of us 'like' being warm... :-)

Momma Fargo said...

WSF...uh...no. Wamsutter is the armpit of Wyoming. But thank you.

Old NFO...I know. And that's OK. But you are crazy as hell. LOL

Cheryl said...

I would be the last person on earth to call anyone crazy, especially you...I always consider your opinions very well thought out.

As for the gorilla incident. Very sad but, I agree that there really wasn't another choice. As far as all the "they should of done this and they should of done that", it's all irrelevant at this point. As with a number of tragedies lessons will be learned. I am sure engineers are now thinking up ways to modify enclosures to keep small children from wriggling through.

I haven't watched Kouric's documentary, but no surprise that there are edits to make things appear differently than what transpired in the actual conversation. Personally, I think the national news is now presented with an editorial bend to it. Everything is about marketing the philosophy of a network, a group or whoever it is that is putting out information.

I am so tired of even hearing Trump's name, that I hope he doesn't debate Bernie as it saves me from hearing his voice or seeing the news clips dealing with him. I agree, "what's the point" anyway. It appears that the final two (however unfortunate) will be Trump and Clinton. (GGGAAAAGGGG)

As far as too hot, too cold..I am not a big fan of "hot" anymore. I won't be packing up to move to Arizona or Florida to escape middle-of-the-country winters. At this point I am prepared to hole up indoors in the perfectly controlled climate provided by my furnace/air conditioner. I will stick my head out of my cave when the weather allows me to not get frost bit in less than 1 minute or pass out from heat stroke. Those infrequent variables are minimal compared to the pretty days that are a joy to be out in.

Hope the weight lifting went well. I am totally jealous. I don't think anything sculpts a body like weight lifting. I need to find a trainer that is more inclined to add that component into my training. It seems as I've gotten older there is a hesitancy about how much weight it too much weight.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I agree on the warmer climates.
You can ALWAS put on MORE layers of clothes...BUT, you can only get "so naked"...right?
As to all those stories. I DO read the headlines (then I look elsewhere for something we used to call...THE TRUTH).
And it's not that hard to find, either.
Good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.