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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sexpots Have More Fun

Last night marked my first real session with Obi. Lifting was about a two hour session.

Today I was successful in buttoning my pants and putting deodorant on. I am grateful to be able to master those tasks today. Somehow I feel and look like T-Rex, sporting shrunk short arms carried at a 90 degree angle.

But I won't tell him that. I'm fine! Great workout! Whoooo!

Let me just say...I am a weenie. I have lost a lot of strength, but he was patient with me. I also learned a lot about muscles and weights. I am really looking forward to this. I would post some naked before and after pics, but my arms don't work.

I bet you are also grateful I can sorta type with scrunched arms and didn't miss a post today. Bravo, Fargo! Dinosaurs can keyboard. By the way, it is called keyboarding now. Get it right.

You probably didn't know this post took 12 hours to complete. I have good peckers!

Do you keep your balls in your purse? Head in the sand?  If you missed trending stories...

1. UCLA shooting-murder suicide by suspect student to victim teacher.
2. Clinton aide pleads fifth in email scam
3. 2 CA officers shot. Suspect is burning in a house fire right now...supposedly
4. Man beats wife's would be rapist to death! Bravo, sir!  Maybe that isn't PC to say that...but oh well.
5. Trump U. getting slammed as a fraud by NY Attorney General.

It's a pretty sad day when I only read the headlines and choose not to go any further. What is really dangerous? The headline might say: SEX SCANDAL AND HOMICIDE SUSPECTED IN TOY TOWN. Yet, the meat of the story talks about a broken Sheriff Woody left in an abandoned vehicle on the north side of town.

Those headliner news just try to suck you in to a bunch of poof news. So if you just read my headline today, you might have gotten excited only to find a totally unrelated story. But if you read to the end, you might find the sexy part. Got you to click, though, didn't I? Suckah!

If we only read the headlines...well...we miss a lot of wood.

Get the wood.

And continuing with penial penal system finds...I think we are punishing our do-gooder students a little too much by denial of some celebrations.

More strange news...

What a load of crap! Right? Apparently, Plano High School does not allow anything of any sorts, not just exclusive of the National Honor Society.

Who made that rule? Dumb. Wait. I know. An administration that wants to give participation ribbons to everyone. How do you instill ambition, success,  and drive in these kids if you don't acknowledge the victories? I have no idea. I don't think national scrutiny will even fix these problems which I am sure are all over the place, not just in one school.

Our school systems have really gone in the shitter in some areas. We have some great teachers, but they are put in a conformation box. Then you have dumb ideas.

How did this all transpire? Dumb whiner parents and dumb government fixers. Isn't this the place everyone is supposed to get smart?

I don't know. I'm just a dumb outsider.

After some keyboarding, stretching, and much needed Icy Hot, I have gotten my arms to work. So...much to your dismay or pleasure...I can now upload my naked video...

I hope you enjoyed my sexy dance.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

How long are us horn dogs expected to watch the video loading?

Note to gun haters. Your new meme. The UCLA shooter is from India. Obvious that if he couldn't buy/borrow/steal a firearm in CA, he wouldn't have done it.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
That must be SOME sexy dance...won't even load (on the new 'puter). LOL.

I've got aching limbs, too...and I don't even HAVE a trainer...HA!

Stay strong and stay safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

That must of been a heck of a workout but I am sure the rewards will be worth the pain. Happy to see your peckers still work.

I must keep my balls in my purse and/or my head in the sand as I hadn't heard of the man shooting the would-be rapist. I agree Way TO GO..providing the account is what it is reported to be. I don't trust anyone to tell the truth any more. still anyone that is in my house uninvited, doing me harm...fair game.

As for Trump...how interesting that now in the final days of his being the last man standing for the Rep. that people are talking about him being a con artist. Pretty sad that we have both presumptive presidential candidates under investigation for being dishonest.

That thing in the Plano high school is so wrong on so many levels, I can't even wrap my brain around it. I am sick to death of everyone worrying about inclusion and exclusion to the point of making everyone on the planet unrecognizable. In the case of honor roll students...everyone is invited to participate in the NHS group. If someone wanted the ribbon they could of earned it as well. I understand that people have a problem with everyone getting a trophy for just showing up but nobody should have a problem with the real winners of something getting a trophy.

As for misleading headlines...now there is yet another thing that is making me pissy. You can't turn on a computer without some glaring headline that entices a person to click onto an article ONLY to be met with a video that has a commercial before cursoring down to some article that has nearly no connection to the headline.