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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Someone Is On A Mushroom Trip

I recently watched the movie Backcountry. It wasn't the best made movie, but oh hell. It makes a person not want to dare go in the woods again. All my life, I was never afraid of anything up in the deep woods or mountainous areas. Never did the thought of animals or people bother me. Most often...there were no people where I went. It was common for us to be stalked by mountain lions and see a lot of signs and scat of various predators and other animals. The scene in this movie where the bear comes and comes again...made me pee my pants. They don't leave anything out. It is disturbing as hell and very graphic. DO NOT let your kids watch this. Oh...and it was based on a true story if that helps you. 

Speaking of disturbing, my personal trainer listens to some nasty music sometimes. 
ME: What is this music we have to listen to? It is pounding my head.
OBI: Mushroomhead. It's my favorite.
ME: Mushroom Top? Whatever. I need to bring good music.
OBI: Mushroomhead. You can bring your music, but we won't play it. Here I pulled them up on Youtube. They are great. I've seen them in concert and met them. Have pics to prove it!
[shows me a wretched video]

This guy is short and stocky. Actually, they are all short. I love it. Great stuff.
ME: This song has some OK parts. The rest sucks. What's with the masks? Aren't you a little too old for this?
OBI: Never too old. This great stuff. It's their gimmick. This guy here [points to scary mask guy] is the screamer and this guy [points to scary mask guy] is the lead singer. Cool, huh?
ME: You don't even know what they look like. Creepy. That stuff is messed up and disturbing. Are you a serial killer?
OBI: A serial killer? No, I don't have time for that.
Ok. So that was a nonchalant answer with no conviction or laughing and now I am a little worried...
He doesn't have "time" for that? Who says that?
So "what if" he did have time?

Speaking of serial killers...

Here is a notorious  nice looking one captured in Wyoming...[click on the link]

Serial killerisms continued...

And then after getting my ass kicked in weight training, I ran in the evening out on the country roads. There are times I run past this farm and the apparent owner comes out and smokes a cigarette right by the roadside and glares at me.

When I pass, he returns. Sometimes he leans against a pole or hides in the shadows of his porch and then moves out of the dark toward the road when I come that direction. It is really starting to creep me out and my hinky meters tell me things for a reason. He is overweight, grey haired and hard looking. What I mean by that is weathered.

He reminds me of Lancaster,  a serial killer I transported to the station after he was captured in a suburb escaping a lengthy hunt for him. My team had been called to the scene where they located a blood bath. Lancaster was on foot and almost made it to the tracks to hop a train. He had a sordid past including being linked to several homicides all over the country, mostly involving transients or rough crowd types. The kind that no one misses. I had very interesting conversation with Lancaster and wrote a detailed report in which one of the lieutenants ripped it up (yes, handwritten at that time) and told me I could not write that in the report and to rewrite that I just transported the guy, not the other stuff. I asked what in the hell for, it was the truth. He said, " I know it was the truth, but if you write that in a report, he will get off on insanity. That stuff doesn't pertain to the case or evidence. Creepy mother fucker. Write a new report." I did as I was told. But I still kept the original stuff. Maybe I will share it with you sometime...

Anyway, I survived the run.

I don't know if I am going to change my route. 

I might change my outfits to include mass weaponry of defense or something. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Been up the Poconos a few times (past) and there are BEARS out there. Nice to know when that flashlight beam ONLY shines 6 ft away because it's SO damn dark!!!
--That personal trainer needs to get some GOOD music..."mushroomhead" seems like JUST that - noggin fulla fungus.
Sorry, not into that. Reminds me of skinhead (meets rap) music...HA!
If I can't play MY music, any trainer will have lost a (paying) customer in me.
---Serial killers...what gets them to act the way they do amazes me. Lack of too many things in their pitiful lives.
---I thought you went running WITH that Glock on your hip?
Learn something new every day...heh.
I know I would, but then again, I don't venture far from our "Fortress" w/o a few "items" to deter the criminal element. And never on foot.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

lotta joy said...

I think you need a firefighter alongside you, wearing a shoulder holster with a Glock; a Sig in my sock and a huge plackard across my chest saying ATF. Guys like that respect the only three things they protect: alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Yeah. I'll be your huckleberry.

p,s. I'll watch the video as long as the poor bear doesn't get hurt in the end.

Cat said...

Well, I guess telling you that I had a cougar where I was walking might be not as exciting as the bear... Here, there is much problems with the dogs, not the people. I think I would be inclined to be carrying some sort of "don't mess with me" implement. Or change routes. Or both. But I am wishy-washy, too...


Cheryl said...

Backcountry looks like a nail biter.

Interesting story about Starkweather and Fugate. Hadn't heard of them before. While I doubt that one could really pinpoint what makes someone a serial killer, I wonder if Starkweather's 5'5" height one of the factors. Worst case of "short guy syndrome" ever.

I hope your trainer is worth you having to listen to his crappy music. Even the video is crappy. I think as the client you should get to pick the music.

Don't blame you for being creeped out by the guy watching you as you run. I have never had anything like that happen in all the years that I have exercised. If you don't change your route, I would think weaponry should be added to your running gear.

Envy said...

I'm so glad I live in the Netherlands, where there are no big predators to stalk me when I'm walking. Here it's normal to be stared at when you run. Most of the time people just stare, but sometimes they also point, laugh or yell at you...

x Envy
Lost in Translation

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G...bears everywhere! LOL. They are great in numbers. They just prefer the mountains and the woods. Wait until they discover how yummy humans are. Yikes!

lotta joy...you can be my huckleberry. LOL

Cat...those cougars are sneaky little buggers. LOL. Be safe!

Envy...Ah..the Netherlands. I have always wanted to go there. I heard it is wonderful. People point, laugh, and yell at me too! LOL