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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Isn't It Nice?

It has taken many moons of science, nutrition, and physical fitness for me to finally see a big transformation in myself. Others are now noticing. I have biceps (guns of steel) and my shoulders are really forming nicely. Coach Amanda has helped me with my nutrition and Obi with physical training.

Abs..yes...they are there and not in keg style. You may say...who cares, Fargo?

Well, that is a big deal for a girl.  I have gone down three sizes.

This weekend I had a swimsuit malfunction. Yikes! You're welcome, People Of The Pool.

I went from pulling down a whopping 10 pounds (yes, I was that weak) to 70 pounds in three weeks on one armed shoulder pulls. Pretty sad. BUT...great progress in a short time. I also went for a crunch max challenge and after 1,000...Obi had to tell me shut it down as we did not have time for me to keep going. Yes, my stomach hurt the next day and the next day...but I was happy with that improvement.

Legs? Well, they have always been strong and I do sets with the max weight on the press. We just have to improvise with me and he has created add on weights to the machine. My form on all exercises went from shit show to tolerable and sometimes even good. LOL. Even with free weights which has always been a form challenge for me but very good to do.

My knowledge of each muscle and how it works has also improved. I find it quite fascinating.

But what is the neatest thing?

On July 3, Obi played classic rock and roll all day. Usually he plays the hard stuff. July 3rd is when my dad passed away in 1989. Classic rock and roll was his favorite. Don't I have the nicest trainer in the world? I think so.

When I was 43, I was in the best shape of my life and I am feeling those same accomplishments now even though I am far from that fitness level. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Go me!

It is necessary. My neck feels no pain right now and neither does my shoulder. The numb tingling is gone and my blood work looks marvelous. It means a lot to feel like a human again.

Besides, the world is going to hell in a hand basket and I want to be prepared for anything. I think if I am fit and study war movies, I am good to go. Not really. That was supposed to be my snarky humor attempt.

This usually pertains to my rifle, but hey...it has two meanings. LOL

Yep. Like I said last week...the world is at war around us. We need not stick our heads in the sand any longer. When do we get into the fight? I don't know. I feel it will be soon. Maybe November? I guess it depends on who is elected. I even believe Hillary would go to war before Obama.

Trump has been vetting VPs or persons for his Circle of Peeps including Gov. Pence. Hmm. Weird mixture. I find his choices to be fresh and new...not from the old establishment base, but are they going to be a political BANG or BUST? We shall see. He continues with his brash comments which seem to offend many. As to the Twitter feed which raged a bunch of controversy. Please. Can we pander something else to the people? BUT...well played haters. If you are going to pick on your candidates, definitely find those things which can be twisted and run with it. I think it was a stretch. He has dug holes on plenty of other things but this was a little crazy. Makes for fodder, tho, right?

Hillary still skates by without any consequences given for her actions. Now...is she the only one in history who has violated policy? No. I think most people are concerned that is the only meat to the potatoes. I can't believe they can't at least hold her or her office accountable for failing to react appropriately to Benghazi. Not that she has to be perfect, but ignoring a large threat and demand for assistance really gets under my craw. I really don't like that woman. Can you tell?

So what am I saying? Everything in politics remains the same. I think I picked up at the same place two months ago. Let's just have them duke it out the old fashioned way, shall we?
Yes...remember this game? Well, I improvised it. LOL

Hope you had a very safe 4th of July! And continue on with those American flags. Mine is up all year.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Good for you in doing your fitness gig.
Since we all have to spend a LOT of time with ourselves, it's refreshing to see someone making those personal touch ups and succeeding very well.
Obi playing CLASSIC ROCK?
Wow, not I'm starting to like him...heh.

As for all the politicking?
((whew))...my head won't stop swimming (must be halfway across the English Channel by now...lol). Maybe I can enter my brain in the Olympics?
Nah...don't want to send ANY part of me to RIO...not as bad as they are.
Love your memes (as usual).

You find the damndest ones...ALL of them great, too.
Good post.

Stay strong & roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Coffypot and I want videos, especially wardrobe malfunctions.

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G...Obi and classic rock is actually becoming a common thing. He must be in a mood. Like me...he enjoys all kinds of genres. We just don't enjoy some of what the other enjoys. LMAO

WSF...too late. That moment is done and gone. So sorry. Next time I will think to snap some pics for ya.

Cheryl said...

Woot Woot!!!! 3 dress sizes...way to go. I am beyond impressed.

I think you make a really great point in the fact those types of transformations take both physical fitness and nutrition. I hate when all the diet programs tout "no exercise needed". I wish more people had your resolve.

Your comments, regarding our two less than impressive candidates, are spot on. Trump just can't seem to help himself in spouting sh** that is so easily made even bigger and more sensational by the mainstream news. While I think he is totally incapable of being diplomatic or for that matter, articulate...the media pounces on every little comment and turns it into a headline.

Still..Hillary is not to be trusted and if I would get started on her there would be a lot of really bad words involved.

By all means, let's put these two in a boxing ring. They both look rather out of shape. The round would last 2 minutes with both trying to catch their breath. Maybe Obi should send his card to both of them.

VEG said...

As a Trump hater and no fan of Hillary, I'm finding these elections just really...depressing? Maybe. Interesting, but jeez, if those are the choices it's going to be like that South Park episode they did during the Bush/Gore fiasco. The choice between a douche and a turd sandwich. I kind of think they should put The Donald and Hillary in a ring (much like your game photo!) and have a celebrity death match, to decide. Sure Trump's bigger and weightier with less hair, but I bet he fights like a girl and pouts afterwards. Hillary probably scratches and goes for the hair. Either way, it would be more interesting than watching a bag of dicks challenge a gloating harpy on debates.

Also, congrats on your fitness. I'm tired just reading it. I did however, just buy a new treadmill and am STOKED to get going again with the running after a two year hiatus. Sure it's not FARGO fit, but I always felt great when I ran. Wish me luck!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Congratulations on the workout results and the 3 dress sizes :) Although having a video of the wordrobe malfunction would have been an added bonus...look at it this way...you looked good during the malfunction ;)

As far as Hillary skating....to me this proves that the rule of law here in the States are dead.....stuff like this is what revolutions are made of...and she if elected will push it to its natural conclusion.

Cat said...

As for your exercising, the loss of dress sizes, and strength, AWESOME!!!

As for the political things, meh. If I didn't hear anything about them on the news until election day, it would be fine with me... But I get sick of politics, too, so there's that.


Old NFO said...

Glad you've finally gotten it more or less in one sock... LOL Seriously, glad the fitness work is paying off!