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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Strong Work

Whew! I had to blow the dust off in here.

I apologize for my absence. With life getting in the way of fun and the recent slaughtering of cops, I pretty much had the wind knocked out of my sails.

Plus...school is starting up and time for me to become a volleyball mom. Sort of. I kind of like the background and don't get too crazy like the other mothers. I submit my baked goods and sit at the top row of the bleachers next to the exit. They think I'm weird. But why, Fargo, don't you want to shake your pom poms and run the concession stand? Yeah. No. But let me donate to your cause and give you sticky stars for being a better mother than me. I love to watch my kiddo and support her all the way, but being a rock star school mom is still a work in progress.

My latest from uniform stories is here. It was a struggle as I went on vacation and rushed, so I apologize profusely for its lack of pizzazz.


That's about it.

My life in a paragraph.

Fall races are coming up. I decided to skip the rest of the summer ones because even at 0700 it is hotter than a witch's tit. I ran one in Wyoming heat at 93 degrees and about died. Call me a wuss. I admit it.

So...hopefully I will be in tip top shape for fall shenanigans.

In the meantime...hug a cop. But announce the incoming...or be thrown to the ground. Sudden movements are met with caution nowadays.

Be safe. Be alert. Be vigilant.


Cperz said...

I started off strong when my kids were grade schoolers. Volunteered for everything. By the time they both were in high school my check book became the one that volunteered. I attended everything as well but only as a voyeur. I never ever felt guilt though. I figured I had done my part early on.

As for running in the heat. Hot or cold, I am not a good runner. Running in the heat might actually kill me. Not sure as I haven't put it to the test. Never would I call you a wuss. Super impressed by the fact that you RUN.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hey, I think you'd make the PERFECT soccer mom...especially with a 9mm on the hip...heh.
(maybe become a "ref"?)

I thought witch's tits were COLD...(learn something new EVERY day in Indiana...lol)

I always shake hands with ANY officer I encounter, but if she's a cure cop, I could manage a hug...heh.
(as long as the body armor doesn't pinch her)

Good post.

Roll safe and stay strong down there, Kiddo.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I do a lot with my son, do all the activities...but sometimes I just whip put the checkbook, I just don't have time to work the fundraisers. by the way, I think you would rock the pom poms...

VEG said...

Yeah dude, you're the perfect mom. It's the crazy, rabid, intense ones that scare me. Like SUPERMOMS. Who have no identity outside their momdom. You rock on and stay safe in that sweltering heat.

I don't know what I'd do in the States if I had to vote this election. Protest votes get no one anywhere unless everyone does it. I dislike Hillary and despise Trump, I'd be in a dilemma for sure, though I'd go with Hillary if pushed because well...she's not Trump. That's really no way to have to cast a vote though.

Maddening. Good luck to you all.