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Monday, July 18, 2016

Support the Blue Line

What do you say on a Monday morning with regard to the news yesterday of more LEO killed by some lunatic?

My heart is heavy. The last two years have created an anxiety in my heart for all police officers out there fighting the dragon. I have never felt this way. It is a very uneasy feeling and drives my thoughts to get back in uniform to work alongside all of you. I leave you today with this list of HONEY-DOs:

1. Please train like a warrior. It is so important to be mentally and physically prepared for battle. You cannot afford to falter.

2. Take care of your home life. Tell them you love them. Keep a clean house. Be prepared for anything. Have your financial ducks in a row. Have a will. Enjoy quality time with loved ones.

3. Be a community unifier. It's my new catch phrase.  Be it.

4. Take care of yourself and have some hobby or sport to occupy some of your free time to clear your mind.

5. Do not infect your heart with hate.

6. Don't procrastinate.

7. Start today.

Put your prayers up, good thoughts, well wishes, and fairy dust for all law enforcement. Many of us wave the American flag and blue line every day. If shit goes down, don't worry...there are many out there who will stand beside you. We have your back.

Be safe. Be vigilant. Be alert.

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