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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Where Eagles Soar

If I hear one more time about the glass ceiling that Hillary broke, I am going to 'splode. Does she know how much that cost? It's a big roof. Plus...I wish it were someone more worthy.

Rah, rah for women! I guess. I'm not really doing the Toyota jump (do any of you remember that) nor joining in the femiNazi movements. I know I have a bad attitude. I think it is great we are afforded the same luxuries as men as we should be, but frankly, I think it has been open like that for quite some time. She is just the first one who really wanted to go forward with it. Although not my cup of tea, I do realize what a hard road it is for one to get to that point.

I am of course not against feminism or feminists. I just think we should be equal for certain things like pay and jobs because well, it is what is right. But I don't think we should hate men and I don't think we should minimize ourselves. Does that make any sense? I don't know. I just ramble. Why? Because I am good at it.

I would only want to be president for a day. That would be enough.

The mud continues to sling on either side which makes me pretty much over it.

What's really exciting? If a white woman or man over the age of 45 actually gets hired from a company these days. Seems they all want the new tikes. Fresh meat. Let's see if the new president can fix that. Is there no kudos for experience anymore? I think the codgers have the notion that older folks are hard to train and don't want to learn and buck the system. Where did they get that idea? They don't read my blog.

Instead, let us celebrate this wonderful actor and humanitarian, WWII vet....and so many accomplishments. Please click on the link to read the very nice words about him from those who knew him personally.
Photo credit: BBC AP, Chief David Bald Eagle

Chief Bald Eagle was a star in Dances With Wolves among other films and loved by many. He was considered very kind and just downright wonderful. I would have liked to have met him.

Thank you for your service. Rest in peace, Chief.


Cperz said...

I agree with you about the ageism being one of the major hurdles in today's world. Aging is frowned upon in our society it seems or at least in areas such as employment. As for as "feminism", I, too want equal pay for equal work but I also don't like it when there is the inference that to be a feminist you have to be anti-man. It seems that so many issues now have spiraled into the "If your not 100 percent committed to our cause your are against us."

Chief Bald Eagle sure lived a long, productive life, didn't he? WOW,really impressive man.

Old NFO said...

May he rest in peace. It's sad that the 'reality' stars get more/adoring press than folks like the Chief, or the military/LEOs/Fire Rescue that are out there every day saving lives and our country. Our country is lessened by this.