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Friday, July 15, 2016

Yippee Ki-yay Cow Patty!

When the bell tolls...


What in the erpie derp is wrong with this world? I have the urge to fight violence with violence. I think we need to gather all the intelligence heads in the world and blast the bad guys. Just my humble opinion as warped as it is. My heart is with France today.

Meanwhile...this happened...on another date and time...
Adorable man and sweet to all us standing out in the heat for the mixer.
I might also say he is one hunk of hot burning love. Whew!

Somewhere in the western part of the states is a Sheriff of 24 County who runs around in Wyoming. For reals.

They might even take things on the road. No, I am not going to be in the show. They didn't need a snarky blond. Dang it.
Yes, we are in love. Nevermind he is married and 67 years old.
Very intelligent, funny, professional, and hot.
I just got done running a race and my hair was nasty and I was melting in the heat.
Yes, I looked like shit. Sigh. He still loves me.

Branch lives! Oh my, does he live.
He lives nicely in a pair of  tight Wranglers.

Perhaps I can convince you all to be Longmire fans some day. And yes, I got pics with Robert Taylor, aka. Walt Longmire. However, they are nakey ones and will not be shared with the world.

Prayers to all in France and the rest of the world. Watch your six. Be vigilant. Be alert. 


VEG said...

I have still to finish season one of Longmire. I keep getting distracted and forgetting to go back. I like it too! Isn't it filmed in NM though (even though it's supposed to be Wyoming?) I must finish it, damn it.

Also, I agree on the violence. I stopped even reading news years ago as it just got me so down. I'm sick of terrorism and people's inabilities to just effing get along. It's just ridiculous.

Have a lovely weekend Momma!

lotta joy said...

Oh, you're gonna love this comment.......maybe. For some odd reason, ever since my heavy anesthesia two days ago, (and a cutie patooty surgeon) I've been rather....uh....feisty feeling in the nether regions. And then I see "the man in the hat". Lord help me.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here enjoying the first season of Longmire and a few beers in my quiet house tonight. Love it.

Old NFO said...

You've got a double post for some reason. And yes, the ONLY way to stop this crap is to answer violence with more and harder violence. Drive them back into their holes, then blow the holes with them in it...