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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Magic Questions and a Debate-acle?

Yo yo yo!

Two would be a toy, and three is a Tommy hello.

Did you watch the VP debate? I actually was entertained. It was worth watching to me and I felt that Pence was outstanding which is surprising because I think he is articulate, but not always a fan of his Indiana decisions. He was prepared and really commanded the chatter, I thought. I still do not like any of the interruptions. Gah. What did you think? Who do you think won? Was there a winner?

The drama is over thus far for the evil that lurks out there. I am sure it will raise its ugly head again. Until then, I am going to slip back into some type of normalcy. My research project is proving to be quite interesting and I can't wait to work on it. I might be sick. Maybe I should check in to the health clinic. Hmm...

A big question out there floating The Net which comes up once in a while... is if it is appropriate for an officer to also be a model bordering on risque? Hmm. I don't judge women cops. Oh hell, yes I do.

I guess I don't know exactly how I feel about this except I can see problems arising with public awareness and also image issues with the department. Now...would I like to be that fit...oh yes sirree.

Some agencies might even have policies against it. I saw this over on Breach-Bang-Clear and thought I would throw it out there...

Photo credit: Breach-Bang-Clear

What do you think? Does it change your perspective or matter not? Oh, and if you like her, follow her on Pinterest, Instagram, or wherever...Jennifer Dawn. She is out of Texas.

In other news, my life has reached a bland diet of child, school, house stuff. I am just being a student. Not a great one, but a good one so far. Lots of work.

Bug is doing well in school and is almost done with the volleyball season.

It's average to middlin' around the Harry Potter House as we get ready for fall.


Cheryl said...

I watched the debates on and off...I couldn't tolerate the constant interruptions. It still has the same "blame game" feel to it as the Presidential debates have had minus the direct name calling that Trump resorts to. I absolutely feel like Pence was the winner. Although, overall, I feel like the word "win" just doesn't jive with anything about this election. There is no "winning" that I see.

As for Jennifer Dawn...oooohhh very slippery slope. There is hardly an industry that I can think of that would appreciate one of their employees to be openly risque whether it be modeling, Internet, media or print. Even Facebook posts are scrutinized.

As for Jennifer, she is a beautiful girl and I agree that she has an awesome body....still it's a matter of using good judgement. For the most part I think people need to be very careful what they post online. It can never be totally taken down. NEVER EVER

She is putting herself in an awkward position as to how people will perceive her. While many would say "who cares what others think?"...she is in a position that demands respect and hinges on her being able to maintain control.

Glad to hear that school is going well and all is quiet on the home front.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I caught a little of the debate, but truth be told, I am burnout of the political cycle. I want trump to win but I fear that the fix is in to get her coronated. Trump may be a bully but he won't come after me and mine, Hillary will because she is a vengeful vindictive person and that is how she rolls. As far as women cops, we do judge them a little, personally I never have had any problems with female popo but sometimes from what I have seen that they really go out of their way to be "more man than the guys". Perhaps I am off base. As far as she being risque, I do admire the female form, I am a guy we can't help but do that. The thingie is that what she post now can bite her in the butt 20 years from now when she has kids and somebody pulls up the old pics off the internet because the internet is forever.
I am glad that your life is settling down, you need some normalcy right now. I finished my big scout run for the past 3 months and I am glad I have a couple of weeks off. The house work has piled up all over the place.

Old NFO said...

Kaine was off his meds... sigh... And sanity around the house is good! :-)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Didn't watch ANY debates...just caught the snippets (pretty much the same thing). The VEEP one was better by far.
But those DAMN interruptions have GOT to cease, right?
--As to the "femcops" being models?
Hey, if you got it, right?
As long as it doesn't impact directly on the job when getting behind the shield...go for it. Lord knows LEOs don't make as much moolah as they should, considering the perps they gotta deal with.
Firefighters do the calendar thing...what's the "diff"?

Good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.