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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Dumbest Post Ever


Here it is.

The day everyone is waiting for to be over.

I have little faith that the process will be what I want it to be. Sometimes the people vote one person in and the electoral votes override that notion. Sometimes it is a blow out. Sometimes it is a recount.

I just hope I am wrong, but if I am not...

I just want Hillary to know that I am expecting her to fix my car. FOR FREE.


I am pretty unsettled about the election, but I think I will outlast a president. I certainly won't have either over for dinner. Nah. My house is too good for those kind of folks.

However, I won't outlast the Supreme Court justices. That's what concerns me.

I don't think it matters what our neighbor says or thinks anymore. We are all stuck in our steadfast ways. I do have some thoughts about some of the comments on social media.

Both sides are guilty of REALLY trying the routine of bullying people into changing their mind. Not a little bit, but a lotta bit.  However, I have noticed the Republican friends call the Democrat friends "idiots" and they resort mostly to calling the other side names and declare the liberals are blind and not critical thinkers. I somewhat agree with part of that. Not the idiot part. I watch the Democrat friends put up a barrage of political posts claiming hell, fire, and condemnation to anyone voting for Trump: "YOU ARE REALLY FUCKING DUMB. YOU ARE STUPID."

Just so you don't see it in regular font, they shout it at you. You know what I say to all this BS?

Shame. On. You.

Debate is fine. Arguing is fine, but do it all with facts and don't be pushy or whacked in your verbage attacks. I don't have time for that nonsense. You make everyone resort to violence: DEFRIENDING. BLOCKING.

See how dumb we have gotten?

Please, Lord, help this country.


That's what I have to say.

I voted for the Supreme Court.

So there.


Our countrymen and women fought for our right to vote and for your mouth to run. So be it. And you don't even have to vote. I don't care. I would rather have those vote with an informed decision than just vote at all.

But I've had enough.

Every election is important to our country. This was the first true circus. This one really counts for the Supreme Court decisions for the rest of our lives.

I hope you silly social media cyber bully pantie wastes fart out all your nonsense and let all the common sense float back into your head.

That's about it.

Oh, Yeah. I might have to save for some more guns.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Probably your BEST post ever...
(okay those stories about WHEELS might edge it out)

Hang in there, the world will still be turning tomorrow (and I hope in the SAME damn direction...lol).

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Cheryl said...

How are you feeling the day after the elections???

Love how you just state your mind. I think I need to embroider a pillow with Fuck all your bully Motherfuckers. Has a nice ring to it.
BTW...Hillary might have time to fix your car going forward.