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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Robburglar

Some housekeeping is in order.

First, there are a lot of fucks in here today. If you are against cursing as part of the English language in which they can be used as adjectives or nouns, you should leave today and go to a nice peace making site. Today if full of anger and joy. Cop style.

Cops have pet peeves. We either ignore them or they grate on our nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. If it becomes a chronic issue, I will become the People's Frankenstein.

Two of the most common are firearms safety and the bastardizing of verbage. Ok. Pause. Thinking about these things is already fucking with my head and causing the beast mode to be activated. I think part of the reason is because I was recently a victim of burglary and so I am pissy. If it is coming out in this post, I apologize to all of you lovely people.

My next research project is going to focus on how long it takes victims to expel anger.

Ok. So back to the heart of this verbial bastardizing post. Yes, I make up words, too. But my peeves aren't with people making up words, it is with them not knowing what they fucking actually are. So here goes: MY PEEVES

1. Keep your fucking finger out of the trigger-index, index, index. 

I think when I type those words, I am actually pounding the keyboard. The effects of seeing someone misusing or mishandling a firearm rages to my ever inner soul. Seriously. I will say something to a fool. I just did the other day in a gun shop and the fucking firearm wasn't even loaded. It was my big boss. I helped him purchase a new weapon and he was handling and I am all like WHOA, DUDE. It was all good. He is new and now that he has gone to the range...he is so respectful and good with his Glock. Yay. He is proud and I am proud.

But first...there was CLASH OF THE TITANS.

2. If I hear another person say, "I've been robbed! I've been robbed!" and someone hasn't had a gun to their head or beat up while the family gold was ripped from their neck, then I am going to give them a fucking throat chop. Do you know what the word "robbery" or "robbed" means? Do you know the internal response an officer feels when the word "robbery" is mentioned or the images circling in our head?

"OMG. Are you OK?"

Sure this is a natural response to any victimization of crime.

But when you say robbery, I am visualizing you with body wounds or some serious mental injury.

And there is a difference between robbery, burglary, and home invasion.

When a locked/unlocked occupied/unoccupied structure or fenced area gets entered or suspects remain upon and/or property is stolen...that is a FUCKING BURGLARY.  If people are in their home, and an entry is made and goods stolen that is a home invasion. This includes an "invasion into the structure" concurrently while bad guys are running around stealing and shit and scaring the residents. Additionally they could be stealing while the residents are sleeping. That is a form of a burglary and often referred to as a FUCKING HOME INVASION. Some might charge it as a robbery and some might charge it as a burglary. It depends on what the intent of the bad guys was/is at the time and what they are doing and saying. Kapeesh?

If weapons are involved, it is a FUCKING AGGRAVATED BURGLARY. That means if they had weapons or stole weapons. Now if the bad guys used weapons in the home invasion that can also be kidnapping and armed robbery and aggravated burglary all together. See? Get it?

If a business owner is doing their daily business thing and a dude comes in with a weapon or pretend weapon and demands money or steals shit...that is a fucking robbery. If the business owner is home and the business is closed and bad guys come into the business and steal shit...that is a fucking burglary. If they steal guns from a gun shop that is THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD and AN AGGRAVATED BURGLARY.

If you are walking down the street and get "mugged", that is a fucking robbery. If weapons are involved, it is a FUCKING ARMED ROBBERY. If just physical strength or threats are used it is a FUCKING STRONG ARM ROBBERY. OK. Kapeesh?

It is not a robbery when Little Johnnie's bike gets stolen out of the front yard. It is not a robbery when your tools get stolen out of your garage or home. Do not run into the front yard of your home, screaming, "I HAVE BEEN ROBBED!", when your x-box has been stolen while you were at work.

Both types of bad guys who engage in this kind of theivery can be defined as fucking rat bastards. 

You know what makes me most mad about being a victim of a burglary? I know better to be more careful. But I also hid things. It was locked up, etc. No, I didn't leave it in the yard. It sucks when you live in a shitty state where insurance on a restoration site does not cover contents and it is sky high for structure coverage and liability. It fucking sucks. Another reason why I am not long for this Indiana world.

The one thing stolen from me which makes me so damn mad is the red Milwaukee 2407 drill set that I bought after my first divorce as my freedom tool. I am poor and so I will have to wait for my tax refund to replace it.

Fucking rat bastards.
And also my rubber mallet. I used that to finish a fireplace and I was damn proud of my work. Yes, I stripped that mantel and put those rocks on there. I R a mason. I mean, seriously, I wish I had the dough to go out and buy a new set and love it and hug it or go rescue mine from the bad guy. That's how much I loved it. I am so sad. I'm sad about the tools which were given to me by my friends when I got divorced. I am sad about the tools I purchased over many years. I am sad about the ones that were left behind by my ex-husband that I re-purposed and learned how to use. I am sad about my dad's tools that I had since he died. I am just fucking sad.

Sealing of stones left and wallah! DONE.


I know. You are like...Whoa, Fargo, where hath she gone? I really do feel homicidal today and boy howdy, do I wish the Wild West was alive for just one moment to take care of my business on the home front. I know it is a fleeting moment of intense anger. However, it has lasted two days. That's probably not healthy. I don't talk about it at work much. Everyone knows right now I am an explosion waiting to happen.

I'm sure my Milwaukee drill was pawned for heroin. I hope their fucking teeth fall out and they rot in hell. Yes, I have already had a bottle of wine as therapy two nights ago and it did not help.

And if you want to tell me about your day and the cute arrangement you made on your mantel or how wonderful your cup of coffee tastes...well, I don't want to hear about it. Why? Because I want to be a miserable fucking bitch for a while. Nuff said.

I am literally running around every day with tear filled eyes, trying to avoid looking like a cry baby but all I want to do is weep.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

While nowhere near your loss, someone helped themselves to my glass cleaner, paper towels, and Rain X from the back of my truck. Pisses me off.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I truly feel your pain, I was "Armed Robbed" on a pizza delivery, the 2 15 year old black kids pistol whipped me for a pizza and 2 dollars. I still have the stitches in the side of my head. Also a year prior my truck was broken into and my .45 pistol was stolen out of it along with the watch my dad gave me that he had bought in Vietnam. For 30 days I was afraid that I would walk out of the store and see the barrel of my own pistol. Not a fun time. The pain eases over time but never goes away.

Cheryl said...

First of all thank you for clarifying the differences between robbery and burglary, I am sure that I have been guilty of misuse.

You have every right to be fucking angry. I have no tolerance at all for thieving low lifes that can't keep their paws off of other peoples stuff.

Years ago I came home to a HOME INVASION and the bastards had tossed every drawer and closet in my house, cleaned out my jewelry, our cash and a coin collection. BASTARDS. Even 30 years later I am pissed. While I realize that I should of let this go a long time ago...I haven't.

I am so sad that you have to put up with this kind of shit. There are just not enough times that the word fuck could make this better but I am saying a bunch for you.

Coffeypot said...

I know the anger, the feeling of being violted, and the desire to go tracking down the assholes and go Rambo on them. I was broken into and had tools (many of which was my dad's tools) and a couple of rifles. The cops would do nothing and all I wanted to do for days was kill the fuckers. Any tears I might have shed was from pure ange and frustration. So I know what you are going through.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I know what you're going through.
ANY (fucking) time anyone takes advantage and STEALS from another...it's (pardon my French again) fucking DISGUSTING!!!
(yeas, I am pounding MY keyboard now).
You called the shots right with the descriptions of those various CRIMES.

We had some stuff taken from our garage after we had moved into the "Fortress": for a spell. The damn door was only open for an hour, and I WAS HOME AT THE DAMN TIME!
(talk about a brazen sum'bitch!
They got a small microwave and one of MY tool boxes (yes, fucking rat bastards).
Nothing came of it, even after I called the po-po. They didn't even send an officer out...took the data over the damn phone.

I've NO love lost for ANY of these fucktards and I also hope they rot in hell (preferably the TENTH layer).

If there is still ANY justice left, I hope you recover your drill set...after all, stranger things have happened.
BTW, that's one helluva nice fireplace you got there.

Rool safe down there, dear.