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Wednesday, November 9, 2016



What a night, eh?

That's my Canadian expression for those of you exporting out of the United States.

I witnessed a historical moment. I might say I am still feeling shocked.

But not sad.

Fear not, my friends, I will have your back. I will also fight for what is good and right. Always. It isn't a side. It is who I am.

I relished in the media anchors shitting in their pants. I had it tuned onto NBC because I hate the network, but love Tom Brokaw. He was loving this unpredictable race while his cohorts were imploding and totally expressing their liberalism all over the screen. They so did not want to put Florida up for Trump and held out until the last possible moment even when Chuck Todd said there was no way for Hillary to win Florida with his calculations. BUT the network big wigs would not have that, I am sure.

And then there was Glen Beck who almost cried on television.

I do feel sad for those who are in such deep despair they can't see the forest through the trees. That must be an uneasy feeling of heavy dread. I did want to hug one of our international students who wept. I can't imagine feeling that way.

I had come to terms with the election weeks ago and thought that if Hillary won, I would survive just like I outlasted the good and bad presidents of the past. I can't last another 4 years of this same economy though unless I want to live in a cardboard box.

Relief came to me last night when the Republicans won the Congressional seat majorities. I knew then at least we could stop any nonsense going into the Supreme Court.

And then tides changed and I saw how America spoke out.

The middle aged white male will not go unheard.

What bothers me the most is the continual swords being thrown from the left and the declaration of racism and all that is evil will prevail. Bull to the shit. Shut the fuck up. Nothing makes me more mad than someone calling me a racist or painting the town with one brush.

Have you no faith in your friends or thy neighbor?


Again, the liberals have no touch with reality. I will shove the Establishment and the Elitists right in there with them. That's all I can gather.

The good people of THE LAND are not going to let racism rise up and the office of the President will not stand for that either.

I can say I was impressed by Trump's short but very gracious speech. Maybe everyone will see a different side to him and the Hollywood sensationalism we saw beforehand will subside. He is a marketing expert and has business acumen like no other. So why didn't you think he wouldn't use it?

And no man or woman is perfect. All their flaws come out when public office or any type of celebrity gets a hold of them.

Calm your balls.

Where have all the common sense gone?

I'm OK today.

And I like the fact that the entire world is shaking in its boots and this caused a global panic. That's OK, too.

It doesn't mean anything crazy is going to happen, but they are afraid it will.


November 8th, 2016,  was a big FUCK YOU to the Establishment, the Elitists, the media, and all others whom we have handed this country over to and have shit in our Wheaties.

I think I will savor my wine.


lotta joy said...

I was dreading the Hillary Happy Dance, and she showed her true colors by not 'manning up' and giving a concession speech to all her worker bees. I would bet the happiest person in America right now is Bill Clinton. Imagine four years in the white house with a vindictive wife not allowing you into the oval office.

Bob G. said...

Momma Far4go:
Now YOU definitely GET IT, dear.
(always knew that'cha did)

VERY well stated.
And I pretty much feel the same way - the sun comes up, it sets, people go to work, to school, whatever...and life WILL go on.

Personally I will NEVER have shit in MY Wheaties (but I still look for the prize in the box, that's okay, right?) - LMAO.
WTG, Kiddo.
Gonna have me some (freedom-laced) wine, too.

Roll safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

Who would of thought it would of gone this way? Certainly not the media. I am OK just as you are. Neither Hillary or Donald would of been my first picks but I do like the idea of a conservative voice on the Supreme Court. I remain ever hopeful that Trump will bring his business acumen to fix the broken pieces of the government. Optimism is free thankfully and I am prepared to use it lavishly.

Either way the election went, I was going to be a bit worried but just as you said, we couldn't take another 4 years going in the direction we were going.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I intentionally tuned out the news yesterday, This election has been a roller coaster from highs and lows. My son called me at work at 3AM( when he was supposed to be asleep) and commented "The witch is dead", that is when I knew that Trump pulled the upset and I spend this morning watching the morning shows and seeing all the talking heads eat crow. To many Americans the mainstream media is dead, the rank bias and favoritism really pissed off a lot of people and the talking heads can't understand how it happened....well if you talk to people outside your bubble communities you would have had a clue.
I am pleased that Trump won and I hope that he will be successful like D.D.Eisenhower or Ronald Reagan.

Old NFO said...

And middle aged black and hispanics ALSO went for Trump, more than they did for Romney! :-)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hmm, lots of people, including me, laughed when Trump announced his candidacy. Now he is President elect. Strange times. I've always been a, "Anybody but Shillary", supporter.

The only sure thing is the next four years will be a lot different than the last eight, and that will be a good thing.