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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last Call

Last call. Not for the beer, nor your death. For the contest.

I love this guy.

This weekend, I will select a winner of the prize from this post contest.

If you want some Lucille...you best go enter. The prize is worth $100.00 and has been donated for the cause. It is nice. I want it myself. But alas, I can't have it. I have to give it away. Meanies.

So let me show you some issues that will arise if you let things slip. Why? Because I am all about learning. I learn from myself every single day. I learn from others. I like to share.

Information, that is.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Here is my nice clean baby Lucille, minus the handle and the barbed wire.

But she wasn't always like this.

As I jested with GunDiva on Facebook...It she is so clean right now, you could eat off it her Very naughty sounding, isn't it? Rightfully so. That's why on Facebook, I put "it" in place of "her" and got bonked about being gender neutral.

Before this baby was with edible surface, it was filthy. I had left it in the holster for many moons (clean and oiled) but I didn't check it for many moons and it got gummy. OMG. I fired about 200 rounds through it which isn't many and got all kinds of stove pipes and yada yada.

I was like..WTF?

Yeah. Filthy.

So you should learn that you have to keep your weapon clean and properly oiled and CHECK IT after you do so regularly. Why? Because the only stove pipe you want to experience is in training or practice, not when you look like a monkey fucking a football in the heat of a battle. Duh. And get your firearm inspected and overhauled by a certified armorer in between times. They are devices that go bang most of the time, but they can malfunction or bad ammo can destroy them.

As far as ammo goes...think of it this way...do you go out in the world and pick any old stick to go in the hoohah? Or do you want the good stuff? It's like bad sex. And yes, there is such a thing. You want to prevent dust, diseases, gummy build up, decay, and rotten crotch on your body, so why wouldn't you do the same for your firearm? It's just a thought.

So before the baby was clean and presentable again...there was this...HOLY BALLZ...that's only part of the mess. It just kept going and going and you should see the wire brush. Egads! Chunks. WTF? Well, humidity is not my friend. So now I have learned in this new environment that we need different products and more frequent upkeep.

On the ammo note...I got handed that cheap shit ammo from my department long ago and decided...fuck it...I'm going to go out and get good stuff and not ruin my gun nor have something blow up in my face. Do it. It is worth it. You can get sale prices...but don't buy bullshit ammo, cleaning products, or substandard equipment.

Unless you want to die. It's up to you.

So...now maybe you should enter the contest. It's just a thought.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

One reason I carry a revolver and use Slipstream.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

No gun on my end but if I'd dust off my books it only seems logical to keep a weapon for your safety in top shape. Unless like you said, you wanna die.

Old NFO said...

Just don't use WD-40... LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Yep...a CLEAN semi-auto is indeed a "happy" semi-auto.
And nothing wrong at all about learning...no matter where you get it from.
"monkey fucking a football"...ROFLMAO.
Where the hell do you FIND these witticisms?
(I'll never think of such comparisons the SAME way again...I LEARNED something...lol.)
Good products will net good results.
Words to live by.

Rolls safe down there, Kiddo.

Cheryl said...

No gun here but I think anyone that knows me can breath a sigh of relief. I am the klutziest person on the planet and totally ignorant of guns. Bad combination.