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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

State of Policing The Police

Did anyone catch the DOJ's State of Policing report just out? It's pretty impressive. Many pages. Many, many pages. Too many to count. Or read. I just skimmed it. Not really. I read the whole damn thing.

I think they have copied things from my blog and my research at college. Those bastahds. I should sue. Or maybe it's just the obvious what has been addressed by the fake news. Probably that.

It's so politically correct and all hip, too.

Ok. It is a good report, but I think although it has some great points, it left some stuff out. Go see for yourself. The state of law enforcement has some reformation to undertake which is no easy task and no cheap task. It is a profession. Treat them like professionals. Be picky. Be strict. Be fair.

Oh, I could go on, but my diplomacy just ran out.


Can we get an order of  FRIES with that NO FILTER, please?

Oh speaking of NO FILTERS...did you know liberals are actually throwing away PC and getting really mad? It's not all warm and fuzzy anymore. They have real feelings! Especially nowadays. The latest set them off...Donald Trump is announced as TIME magazine's Person of The Year. It is so funny to see the comments about this. When Obama graces the cover it is a positive affirmation and honor. When Donald Trump is on it....the naysayers say it is not always an honor to be chosen.

Well...I of solid mind do know that it is not always an honorable dealio like AWARD or TROPHY. It's a participation ribbon. The person on there has some influence, negative, positive, change, blah blah blah.

Participation ribbon. Same as the one given Obama in 2012. Or Putin. Geesh. Maybe. I think it was slanted because Obama's picture was better and more flattering. And the title this year...so typically negative next to a Republican figure: DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA. Well, that is true, but Obama is the President of the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA right now. Asshats.

The media just keeps getting worse...more EVILER (that is a word) and negatively slanted one direction. I can't take it. I have been glancing and clicking off a lot.

In other news...


The contest continues. It's a non-socialist contest. I am sorry but not everyone wins. It's random. Refer to the previous post. Get on it. It closes soon. Your chances are really, really good. This is going to be a great contest...really, really great. The greatest of them all.

We are going to make it great again.

Truly, we can all be winners in our own minds, but you have to work really, really hard in life. Sometimes you get lucky. Like on here. One person will get lucky...in the contest. Stop thinking in the gutter. Think a different kind of "lucky."

It's not like someone is going to go grabbing up all the kitties or anything.

But they need to be stroked and loved, too.

                                                                                  Cuz they are cute.


You thought I meant something else.

Where are your minds? It's the holidays! You should be thinking of sugar plums and candy canes and pussies cute fuzzy stuffed toys!


Old NFO said...

Funny how the article in Time for Trump's man of the year cover is nothing more than a vaguely concealed hit piece and paen to Hillary as the female Moses... sigh

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sometimes I wish to hell you had your OWN local cable-access program...LOL.

That "state of policing" report might just be a blatant plagiarism of your stuff...just sayin'.
And with this administration, did you expect them NOT to leave out some stuff (most likely of the IMNPORTAMNT aspect)?
Apparently, they do NOT read all their OWN information.
(just yours...lol)
72 pages? I'll wait until I have to go #2 for that...HA!

Contest? Might have to enter.

Yeah, the leftards are getting PO'ed...they actually have FEELING that get hurt (and damn easily, too).
DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA...we're gonna need a new flag for that one.
Can't grab up ALL the kitties...
(we just got TWO of 'emn...cute little buggers)
And they are getting toys.

Excellent post.

Have a good weekend & roll safe down there, Kiddo!

Cheryl said...

I am sure you aren't shocked to know I haven't read the DOJ's report. I have to think that reformation would complicated and expensive but I like the "be picky, be strict and be fair" scenario.

As for the media...the evilness just seems to continue. I, too am trying to tune some of it out but every little event is taken to sensational levels.

Those kitten pictures are precious. Maybe that is the answer trade my TV in on a couple of kittens and become blissfully disengaged from reality.