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Thursday, February 9, 2017

MorFing Away From Copisms

Conversations with Bug can get quite interesting.

In fact, sometimes I think I get an education in teenagerism. Have you ever had just random chats with a teen child about life or where you like to live or just philosophical in nature?

Well, we always do. Usually it ends in a lesson.

Sometimes a lesson for her and sometimes a lesson for me.

She mentioned different landscapes and talked about where your heart is as far as land and scenery.  I told her my version. I am a morph, but because I am cool, I spell it morf. She thought I was a weirdo, so of course, I had to explain...

I appreciate all of God's country and each landscape is unique. Each state has its own treasures. I love to explore everything. The frontier is where my heart is. Why? Open spaces. Wildlife. Land seemingly unexplored like you are the first one there. Rich and yummy smells.The air does smell different on the prairie. Rolling hills, ravines, and the unexpected. Sagebrush. Sunsets and sunrises so amazing, they make you cry. I have a deep longing for mountains, like in my gut, but I don't want to live on the side of one anymore. I do love the snow. Like a lot.
I like to feel their majesty, the mountains that is... by being in their presence. Maybe right below them or near them. I like to live among them. I like to backpack and hike in the high country, but it is too harsh for me to live in unless it was like Estes Park where you are kind of in a lull of hills and some flatter tundra with peaks surrounding you. Subsequently, the flat land is too flat, but I have to adjust right now and I can see the beauty in it as well. Lots of water...rivers, creeks, and lakes. Calm waters on the flat land. Not raging, noisy rivers like in the high country. Here they whisper to you. In Wyoming, they yell at you. Caves are cool but too damp. In and out. I like to visit the ocean, but laying on the beach bores me and I flip and flip myself over once or twice like a hamburger and then I am done. Give me something to do. Unless I am drunk. Then I could lay there like a beached whale. I like swamps and bogs, but I have to be in a boat because slimy snakes and gators creep me out and all I want to do is kill, kill, kill. Too much heat melts me and too much humidity grows weird creatures that scare the shit out of me. Ultimately, I have to live where there are 4 seasons. 

BUG: Mom, you are weird. And what do you mean by morph?

ME: Morph...like I can change or adapt but I long to be one thing over the other. I spell it M O R F because that is hip. Like me. I'm hip.

BUG: Mom. MorF means Male of female. Like if someone is trying to figure you out online.

ME: Nice. I guess my days of catching creepy online child molesters is over.

BUG: Mom, you should not be online talking to child molesters.

ME: Why not? I could get thousands of dollars for you.


ME: Kidding!

BUG: You are so sick. That is not funny. That is disgusting.

ME: Really? Because I thought it was funny. Maybe I'm ruined. I might have copism.

BUG: That isn't even a word.

ME: Is too.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Got to keep those teeners off balance.

Old NFO said...

LOL, got her totally confused eh?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You got yourself a great take on where your heart is.
That's a "heavy" question from Bug, too. Hope it's something SHE thought about and not something that came down from the "public screwels"...(lol).

But then Bug goes and calls you "weird"?
I'd have to have her "splain" as to WHY she thinks that.
Can't see anything wrong or weird there at all.
(but I'm just an oldster).

Good post.

Roll safe diwn there, Kiddo.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yep gotta keep the teenagers off balance...I like messing with mine, he just turned 14. it is such sporting, we could turn this into an olympic event and give hope to parents how to check a teenager lol