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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Sheeple

I have become unleashed. Word of warning...a truck driver took over my body in early morning hours. It's a possession. Call the exorcist! In the meantime, plug your ears, redact, or click off. Or enjoy. It's up to you. But... I warned you of the coming.

Grad school is challenging and at most times frustrating. I find it interesting as well and what I do like about it, is it sparks critical thinking. Recently, one of my courses had a discussion board on gun control. Whoa. You would have that, right? Of course, unfortunately, I found most students had only been spoon fed things from the internet and the media, but had little life experiences with the issue. Some were rightfully at an unknown status because they hadn't really grasped a side. It was fun.

Some of my points I may have drawn out in extremes like when I explained "assault" weapons and that fact it was dumb to ban a ban that already existed. Just because a firearm looked "menacing" or "ominous" or in my terms..."cool"..did not an assault weapon make. Most of them still argued an assault weapon was this or that and did not pay attention to what I said. It was frustrating. Why? Because it shows most people on the side of gun control are grossly misinformed. It is sad, really. Have a side or a viewpoint, but please be informed.

Another issue was the gun control loophole. What? Yeah. I explained that nonsense as well. None of the students had been to a gun show. Most who think there is this big sinister loophole have never been and don't understand.

But I'm just a dumb former cop.

Disregard my years of firearms experience growing up and the fact my dad was a gun shop owner (as part of his hardware store) , FFL holder, and the fact that my dad was an avid hunter and shooter and passed that down to us kids. Never mind that I was a cop. Never mind that I carried a gun almost every day of my adult life.

It is funny how the left wants to portray things in a skewed manner, but says the right skews things all the time. Well, explain gun control. Explain the arguments about the guns. You can't. Why? Because it is a false narrative pony everyone has been riding without education and knowledge.

It shows how powerful the media really is in this country and how much influence they have over citizens. It really is just about being scared and how you skew the story to create fear mongering.

And you know what? It fucking pisses me the fuck off.


Because it is inaccurate information. It isn't just about one party views versus another. It is about fucking false shit spun for those who believe it is true. It's a lot different than if you are a Christian versus an atheist. That is about a belief. This about about a device, people, and stuff that is tangible. And people still want to lie about it.

Don't like guns because you are scared of them. I'm OK with that. Why? I don't want you to have one either. You would be dangerous.

But the rest is bullshit.

Oh, and another thing? It doesn't always have to be your way or your way of thinking to be right or OK. Stop trying to make everyone conform to this little tiny box of what you think humanity should be and act like and perform. We aren't circus animals. But I am certainly starting to feel caged and labeled as the unruly lion.

Do we outlaw everything that is strange to us? Think about it.

After my 12 page paper on the issue that I turned in which was made public to the class by the instructor, one student said, "Wow." One student recognized way of life and the way you are raised has extreme differences in how you view things. As does education, knowledge, and practice. It all makes things relevant. It also wakes anyone up on any side to realize...I need to learn about things and really experience and learn, gain knowledge, before I can make an informed and educated decision.

It really burns my ass.

I can get passionate about kids and child molesters. Why? Because I know that shit better than you do.  I can get super, really exponentially passionate about gun control issues. Why? Because I am fucking informed. I am practiced. I am knowledged. Yes, that is a fucking word.

You know what else? I am not scared. I know the devices. I know the regulations. I know the criminals. I know what is wrong with the system. Why? Because I lived in it. The uninformed law makers, public, and media spout about issues they haven't researched, studied, nor tried to learn....really learn about. Why? Because they have a fucking agenda.

They can all fuck off.

And so can anyone else who is steered by fear mongering and uneducated viewpoints.

Have you watched Targeted on Netflix? You should.

People want to regulate what you eat, what you own, where you live, what you do, how you pee, and no one questions how much regulation is too much? Why can't people make educated decisions? Why does the government have to regulate everything? Why do people not have coping skills and why do people rely on the government so much that they have lost their way? Because they are sick or weak motherfuckers. Yes, I said it. We are afraid of even talking to our neighbors these days. Let alone get up off the couch and go check something out for myself before I make a decision. We have become armchair quarterbacks. And you know what? We suck at it. Why? Because you really aren't in the game.

Those are questions worth exploring. We are a very mentally ill nation. Wake the fuck up.

I am really furious right now and I am sure you can see it in my key pounding and exemplary vocabulary choices. I can respect informed people's viewpoints that are opposite of mine. I can't respect it when people just don't know and act or think out of fear.

Fear is important for certain things. Fear is not a basis for regulating what you don't know. Fear is good to keep you on your game when you go into a dark building for a search of a bad guy. Fear is good to keep you alert when you jog alone. Fear is not a reason to slap down laws on something you don't agree with because you are scared of something you failed to get educated on. Get a fucking clue.

Realize that you are getting used to your chains. What is free?

(Mic drop.)


Coffeypot said...

A good post and I agree with you. More people are killed each year with auto's than guns of any kind, but there is no movement to take your car away. There are all kinds of comparisons to make about gun violence, but no one listens. There will be people killed by being shot. There are cooks out there that we cannot find until they do. But there are millions of gun owners who will not shoot anyone. Me, on the other hand, will not argue with an gun control fanatic. I'll just prove him/her right by shooting them. I hates dem pesky arguing varmints.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I was raised to view a firearm as a tool. A tool to be respected and used safely, but still a tool. Fear of them is, to me, irrational.

As an aside, I don't use the word 'GUN' unless talking about shotguns. I've always used 'firearms'. One benefit was never having a NCO in the Army put me through the drill, "This is my rifle, this is................"

Momma Fargo said...

Coffeypot...You could just protest peacefully. LOL

WSF...I understand the gun versus firearm thingy. It was drilled in my head as a cop. However, I use gun, firearm...interchangeably. Why? Because gun control fanatics don't understand. So I speak their language. Why? I have to dumb down. LMAO

I actually prefer the word "gat"

Christopher Phelan said...

Makes sense to me. It reminds me of the looks I got in college when I stated that guns without safety's (think glock) can be "safer" because they have no "safe" setting like a 1911.

I definitely got the "you never go full retard" look. Never mind all the accidental discharges I watched happen in the Marine Corps with weapons festooned with safeties.

Old NFO said...

Good points, and education (and true) are the cure... Sadly, the left doesn't WANT the truth out there...

Cheryl said...

This is a discussion that I have no right to participate in as I am totally ignorant of guns and/or firearms. What I would say though is if I am talking to someone that has your experience, I would take the opportunity to learn a thing or two. You know things that I don't and I am amazed that those that have NO experience wouldn't just shut and and listen.

In the big picture of all things government...as a rule if the government takes control over something the process usually turns into a complete disaster. I cringe at the thought of any more government regulations especially those that are ramrodded through and not thought out.