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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Amongst Many Men Lies An Asshole

There are many moments of training days, I look back and think. Whew. Glad that turned out the way it did. Otherwise...I could see me getting some suspension days because I let things escalate a little too far in order to let rookies figure things out on their own...

Now to preface this call...I despised both the girlfriend and the suspect. They thought they were big shits on turd mountains. Truth is...they were half right. They were both turds. They were not nice people. Like ever. In their entire lives. I'm pretty sure I could make that blanket statement based upon my police history with them. 

To preface...Squirrel is really a good guy...smart...and eager to be a cop. He just needed to find his way and remember his Marine days were behind him. 

A side of Squirrel came out that I had not seen before. It was the hard nosed Marine persona going into battle with the ultimate enemy. He was obsessed. After two different calls with two different persons that pushed his buttons, he was thankful I was there to diffuse the situation.

The first...was a drunk male about 5-10, 250 of solid muscle.

It amazed me we were in one of the richest neighborhoods for a family fight only to find the couple fighting were both felons now turned millionaires. WTF? I'm totally doing something wrong.

She was stupid, pushed around by her abuser boyfriend, and didn't remember I had put her away for dope and forgery when I was a detective. She had also been a cocaine dealer taken down several years prior.

Her boyfriend...of the same caliber...only he had a rep for aggravated assault against the PoPo. Apparently, once they were released from prison, they hit the good life by starting a legitimate business in the oil field.

Beat me.

We both wondered why honest, hard working Americans stayed in middle class or upper poverty such as Squirrel and I and felony stupidteers became millionaires.

Randy had fled the residence on his Harley and shortly thereafter returned. Prior to his second arrival, we had discussed the family fight with his intoxicated girlfriend. Never mind the details of the fight, the conversation between Squirrel and Fireball was precious. I watched it unfold and didn't interrupt until they were within 2 inches of each other and challenging the other to a duel. It was like an old west showdown only new.

FIREBALL RANDY: How old are you, boy?

SQUIRREL: What does that have to do with anything? I'm calling  you a liar. Doesn't matter my age.

FIREBALL RANDY: You guys in blue think you can just come in here, into my house?
Fireball Randy

SQUIRREL: We got a 911 call from your kids. They were scared. We have a lawful presence to be here. So quit your blatant lying. I could take you to jail right now, but I gave you the courtesy of asking what was going on.

FIREBALL RANDY: I've taken on challenges bigger than you. You're just a cop and small man. Let's go. [put his cell phone and keys on his truck bed] Do it or arrest me already.[bowed up his chest and walked forward in a challenge to Squirrel]

SQUIRREL: I'm not scared of you. I've fought in battles and killed people. Been shot at. You're nothin'.[ Put his Maglite in his belt and moved forward.]

So this was getting interesting. To FTO or not to FTO. Perhaps I should be a good trainer and intervene. 

Ah. Maybe later. 
Yep. This is better than popcorn

FIREBALL RANDY: No youngster is going to come to my house and talk to me like this, fucking punk.

SQUIRREL: You are in the wrong. You are drunk. You're kids are scared of you. You better quit fucking lying to me. You think I'm stupid? Fuck.

FIREBALL RANDY: Bullshit. They are not. My kids are not scared of me at all. Don't twist things or lie. I just bought her a $7,000 ring. And you are cussing me out. You can't do that.

SQUIRREL: I don't care about any Goddamn ring. You come home drunk and blatantly lie to me.  I could arrest you for DUI right now. And I can cuss at you if I want.

FIREBALL RANDY: Do it. You didn't see me drive my bike. And I see how it is, we can't cuss, but the police can.

At this point, I was losing Squirrel. His eyes turned black and he was blank. He was trying to control himself, but I could tell he was lost somewhere between being a cop and a soldier dealing with an asshole that had pushed him over the edge. Martial law was about to consume him. Although this was entertaining and rookies need to make their own way at times, I thought perhaps it was time to be a trainer. Or a mother. Why are guys so full of testosterone?

ME: I'm calling bullshit on your crap, Randy. You rode up here on your Harley. We both saw you because your garage door was open and we have eagle eyeballs. You are drunk. You had an argument with Cindy. Your boys called 911. Fight with the PoPo and you'll lose. I think you know that from experience. Another felony. Get your fucking ass in the house and consider yourself lucky we aren't arresting you. Mess with Squirrel and he will kick your ass. He's a decorated soldier and you are nothing but a hot head turd. We are done with you. Take it inside. Don't come out, or you go to jail.

So..with that...the BITCH had spoken and FIREBALL RANDY went inside with his drunk girlfriend. I don't know why. Maybe he was scared of blond chicks. Perhaps it was because I didn't say a word until then. I had let Squirrel handle the call. Randy didn't argue...he didn't bow up...he turned about face and left, shutting the garage door on Squirrel's last words...

SQUIRREL: You come out, you're mine. You're going to jail. Lie to me, you go to jail.

ME: Settle down, Crackpipe. Geez, you just about got into a fight we didn't need. I had my Taser half out.

SQUIRREL: He was mine. He was over the mark. Once I get in the zone, you can't stop me. I feel like I am at war and I don't quit.

ME: Yep. That's what I'm afraid of. Now stateside, you are going to have to control that or you are going to see a lot of suspension time.

SQUIRREL: I hate that guy. He is a liar. I hate liars.

ME: People lie to the police all the time.

SQUIRREL: If you hadn't been there, I would have piled him up. He wouldn't have had a chance and I wouldn't have stopped either. He made the first move. I would finish it.

ME: I know. And you should know he is a handful. Even the biggest cops have struggled with him.

SQUIRREL: I've had worse in the Marines. He's now a project.

ME: [big sigh] Boys. Too much testosterone.

SQUIRREL: He's an asshole.

ME: Amongst many men.


Mad Jack said...

Their children call 9-1-1? Nice place.

Squirrel is fortunate that the big guy didn't sober up, rent some ring time at the gym and call him out for a few 3 minute rounds. Squirrel might be a good fighter, but if he's giving away as much weight as I think he is, he'd get a very nasty pounding.

These two might be lowlifes - okay, they are lowlifes, but they're a long way from being an average felony type lowlife. They've got a legitimate business going that's making some serious money, which generally takes some smarts. Eventually they may drop their old habits and mannerisms, and join the rest of upper-middle-class America.

You think?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Another excellent "tale from the shield" as it were.
Squirrel's got a good backstory, and I'm wondering how he's doing TODAY?
Sounds like he's got his heart in the right place, and I can understand what can "trip his trigger".
Good to know you musta been one helluva fantastic FTO.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Squirrel may have found himself fighting a Dirty White Boy.

Cheryl said...

How disappointing that felon/turds became wealthy. Sadly, their new found wealth didn't make them better people.

Yeah, it's a good thing you were there to keep a lid on the boiling pot. That would of been ugly. You can take the boy out of the Marines but you can't take the Marine out of the boy. Or something like that.