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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Nation Is Like A Balloon With A Pin Hole...Pssssss

According to the Census Bureau as of a minute ago there is approximately 325 million US persons. Some born every minute. Some die. But average...this number.

By June 18, we will all be dead by Virginia governor's calculations from "gun violence."

Yeah. I know. He made a mistake. It's still funny to make fun of and I will get mileage out of it.

Another shooting here. Another shooting there. It's all crazy out there today.

Can't anyone just duke it out in the playground anymore?

I watched Sessions testimony in the Senate Hearing. I thought he was forthright and I liked him. I didn't really have a very good opinion of him beforehand because he sat back and I felt he was too timid to be AG. Not any more.  That changed my mind.

Although, many of my liberal friends would disagree with that. It's funny how neither side can completely take off the biased glasses and we will never come to the middle. It's not really funny. It's really scary, actually.

After watching the hearings, it is clear the left and right are at war with each other and have lost sight of what is right and really only seek the truth if it fits their agenda, everything else is discarded because the square peg doesn't go in their round hole. Never mind finding the right peg.

I also understand the dynamics of the politics and positions these people hold. I think I will wait and see, but right now I could say with politician certainty they have nothing. What does that mean? I see no facts as of yet. Not sure if they will make up facts or cover up facts. Today, I have been shown nothing significant. Today it is crap.

It's all convoluted and clouded by rhetoric, partisan politics, and personal vendetta. This includes Comey who was in a position to be neutral and investigate according to FBI purpose. I feel he did not. I don't like his methods. I don't like his leaks. That really hit me in the guts.

I agree with Sessions that Comey did some things which were not good for the country and we needed a change. It doesn't mean Comey is a bad person, he just made some bad choices in judgement and should not be FBI director. This began long before Trump was president.

And the leaks.

Shut the fuck up already. Sessions is right. This is bad for our country. Bad, bad, bad.

I guess every spy has a price and there is no honor among thieves.


Did I see some issues? Yeah. I thought as the top lawyer he should have been sharper on some things, but I understand he was on careful ground because of his position and privileged information and the possibility of a protected relationship. If he said one thing, the left took it this way and the right took it that. It was nutso.

And shut up about Harris being singled out because she is a woman. She was singled out because of her processes and the fact she was badgering witnesses so they couldn't answer. It was a tactic. She is brilliant. She knows this. It's propaganda for an agenda. Stupid media and celebrity twist on that.

Additionally, McCain needs to go away. He needs to retire.
In more random news, I think Trump reads my blog. All except he ignores my heeds to stop Tweeting. The mainstream media reads it too. I can't tell you why. That would be a leak.

I don't know what will come of this, but I do agree with many of the experts that I think he cleared the air for himself and his position. I think he was right to fire Comey and his recusal and Comey's supervision...they are separate things.

Just like when I investigated a case where the DA's son was a victim and another when he was a suspect, the DA stayed out of it. RECUSED HIMSELF. That was back in the day of 2000. But he was there on other cases.

It's no different than when I investigated a direct supervisor's kid but the man continues to supervise me. Same. Many people have a problem with that, but it happens in law enforcement all the time. It's no fun, but it's there. In my case, it was even more fragile.

But the leaks. They gotta stop. Put some gum in it.

It's unbelievable.

If you think this is OK, then you are nuts.

And now as for the baseball field shooter today. Stop blaming Bernie. He is upset about it. He didn't orchestrate this person to go rogue. And never would.

That is an individual choice by a man fueled with uncontrollable rage, hate, and lack of self control and self awareness. You could have coffee with a guy  like that and suspect nothing and the next day he goes off. Or he could have had escalating behavior which was irrational and out of the norm. We don't know yet. And above all, it was an individual choice. This was not an organized act.

I can say that with almost 100% certainty, but I don't know. Why? Because I don't know the facts. I am just assuming we haven't gone that far in taking out those we oppose.

I like to believe even all the politicians are MOSTLY good people. That doesn't mean I like them. It doesn't mean that some are not crooked, because they are. But they are mostly good people.

If I believe otherwise, I might want to hole up in my fort.


Old NFO said...

Sadly, they STOP being good people as soon as they get elected, because then it becomes ALL about getting RE Elected...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Comey, the highest law enforcement official in the United States at the time, bragged, under oath, to a Senate panel, about leaking information. A felony! That he is applauded by the media sickens me.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Sessions kinda impressed me a bit too. You gotta watch out for us "quiet" ones...heh.
---Yeah, with both sides of the aisle at each other's throat, it's surprising this country can get ANYTHING done, but for some odd reason, we are muddling on by (maybe that's the lesson...LESS government?)
---It's up to each and every president to either retain OR dismiss those he feels are not acting in the BEST interest of the nation (and that should be the view the prez gets from the people and how the nation is getting along...or not).
---We seem to have so many leaks these days, I think the leaks are starting to leak. Can anyone say "Titanic" here?
(nah, we didn't hit that berg - the bar ran low, so we just stopped to pick up some more ice.)
---Yes, it's those bad choices that make the world a lot less inviting...but, since it's the ONLY [planet we have right now, we all need to take notice of the loons around us, call out the criminals, and stand up to protect one another, starting with ourselves.
Without that, we don't have much to write home (or anywhere else) about.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.