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Monday, July 31, 2017

Carry A Big Stick and Get Thick Skin

How do you get thick skin? Walk around barefoot or nekkid to develop calluses. Or you could just experience life like me and it catches on naturally. Sandy beaches are good to rid yourself of calluses btw. 

Why the strange title? It will make sense later. Or maybe not. I might need more coffee. Not that coffee helps me make sense of things, but you know, it might make posts more logical. See what I did there?

Excitement always follows receiving something in the mail. This weekend, I received my Blue Line items and I am so impressed! I will be posting with pics and a review.

I am also finishing a new book, Knoll, which will be reviewed on here as well. It is an intriguing novel about JFK. More later.

In other news, President Trump hired Andrew Dice Clay to come aboard the White House. I just shake my head. This Mooch guy is not someone I am impressed with and the antics and terrible interviews are giving me eye rolls.

Photo credit: Pinterest and The New Yorker

Don't mock me. I'm on to something here. It's true. Picture Mooch in a $15,000 suit saying some of this stuff we remember coming out of Andrew Dice Clay onstage. I even Tweeted to SNL to bring in the Dice. Here's some of his most notable quotables: 

"When you jerk off, you're saying "Hey", I care about me.

"I like when something makes you think after you stop watching."
photo credit: Pinterest

"Women today leave the house in animal prints and six inch stilettos, what does that say? I'm going to church? They're saying I want you to hang me by my tits from your ceiling and bite my ass. You know what I mean? That's what it says to me anyway.

"I'm a Brooklyn guy onstage, and I try to really feed my fans with the kind of material they expect from me."

Now let's introduce you to some motivational posters of Mooch's most notable quotables and you can compare the doppelganger effect I noticed between the two. They could be twinsies. These memes are taken from The Daily Show:

Credit: The Daily Show
The greatest thing is that SNL doesn't have to work very hard at this likeness.

It's Brooklyn style.

The WH is beginning to mimic my patrol days. We can't make this stuff up. 

credit: The Daily Show

I will have to say that everyone is watching. 

Nowadays... more than ever, every word is being twisted and analyzed to the death. It gets a little kookie after a while. But I just invest in more Indiana popcorn and watch the shit show.

Fairly saying, parts of Trump's speech to law enforcement were a little on the Andrew Dice Clay side. Isn't it amazing that 50 seconds of a 35 minute speech can upset the whole world? They have forgotten about the befores and afters of that segment.

You can google it on the interwebs to find the snipit about "don't be too nice". I tried to put it in this post and all I found was garbage attached to the clips in newsfeed or Youtube, but did place the cleanest one I could find minus propaganda. I wanted it without their spin. 

He tried to put in some humor there, which I did giggle but I know better. It isn't real life procedural permission to beat "the thugs". BTW, law enforcement has been using the word "thugs" without color for years. The word has no racial meaning and if you take it that way, then you are suffering from ID-10-T errors. Get it checked. Pronto.

Back to the clip. This is my take and my opinion does not matter and all the snowflakes can burn me to the ground. Anyway, I think it's him trying to connect. In all fairness, I think all people put their little jabs in police procedures. In this day and age, reform is key and now even joking about things is not OK. My books certainly would go over like a lead balloon now. And I didn't violate their rights. I was just a smart ass.

In reference to his words, I think it was a Trump speech and not a speech writer's masterpiece. Sometimes that is OK, and sometimes that is dicey...no pun intended.

Perhaps he needs to rely on those speech experts a little more so or tone down the message so no one gets butt hurt. In today's age, too many people take his message and swing it to their agenda. It went all kinds of haywire in a matter of a few hours after he finished. I'm sure he walked out of there with protesters outside waving some sort of new hate flags and calling for condemnation. 

Now did I get a little chuckle? Yes. Would I take his words to the bank if I were a cop? No. I think the smart ones know the laws and civil rights violations are a no-no. We don't want to go to jail. We don't want to hurt people. We want everyone to go home safe. 

But so many out there want to burn the WH down, that they are now believe Trump just gave the police a green light to brutality. Come on. 

As you browse the headlines, the news is saying police rejoiced and celebrated in the streets nekkid or something over the words. Cops thought to themselves," OH yeah! The president wants us to be mean to thugs." Seriously. Peshaw. If you really think that, then you have no faith in the police. I watched the speech. They chuckled and they clapped, but it was all in jest. And some of them did not crack a poker face. Why? Because they are on national television. This is what I saw on the screen. Bad humor? Perhaps. Perhaps we get too sensitive and overly concerned about each and every piece of rhetoric. 

It makes a person realize being the president could be costly to your normal way of life because if you breathe wrong, you are mocked or criticized. Some handled things better than others and it is for sure to say this president is not like any of the others. 

Was it New York style? Yes. Was it politically correct? No. 

What happened?  All the media, civil rights groups are jumping up and down, "Foul! Seriously a blatant foul, Mr. President!"  and certain police orgs are backpedaling stating he sent the wrong message. 

Are you insinuating that police are too dumb to know which procedures are lawful and correct under civil rights acts and humanitarian ways? Boy, that says a lot too. You have no confidence in police if you think they will take that as a green light. 

I don't think real issues of brutality are funny. I do recall some of the retired cop stories and movies depicting the "old days" where police were out of control. This isn't 1920's Mafialand or NY City in the 1960s. We are moving ahead. No, the president cannot joke about these matters. We can't either any more. Apparently, no one should or you face the consequences of public court verdicts. At least according to the political correctness of the mainstream. 

You know the irony? People can cut us down and call us pig, fuzz, copper, cop, bacon eaters, etc. All this is OK for people to jest about or even say it with disdain in their voice. However, cops can't joke the other way. I guess we have to keep that in tight circles so people don't think we are heartless and racists or brutal pigs. No pun intended. 

Is there any good news? I don't know. Let me dig around...

I do like Gen. Kelly as Chief of Staff. I don't know that Priebus was very effective. Neither was he very public, so my opinion is neither good nor bad, just indifferent. Now, who is going to man the Homeland Security gig? Have no inkling. We are in suspense. 

And I had enough news for the day. Back to coffee time. 

Can't we all just get along? It wears me out. 

My words of wisdom: "Stop being a bunch of pussies."

Fargo out. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Check Your Boobies, Franks, and Beans

A word from our sponsor:

Thank you for sticking around even when it gets dusty in here.

I am eager to share with you some new things next week. Stay tuned. Check out my last book review, it was a great read! You will have to go back a post because I am too lazy to link it up here. Upcoming are some products everyone is going to be interested in and another book review.

While our country's news is filled with a failed healthcare bill, crazy talk in the White House, and lots of police murders, it is imperative we sit down and decompress with coffee, a beer, or the birdies. Seriously, if we don't get away from all this nonsense, we will go bonkers.

I am a political science major, so I eat, drink, and breathe the stuff...but it is pushing me to a ginormous headache.

Lucky for you while I am on my 4 week summer vacay, I have been writing. What? Not much on the books, but a lot on articles and future research work.

Cancer awareness is always a priority. So, check your boobies. Men, you too.

Contrary to popular belief, males can get breast cancer as well. Although more rare, it is not unheard of and besides, it is always good to check your moobs along with your franks and beans.

Get 'er done.
Some profound words with boobs. Why? Because boobs sell.

Remember to keep moving forward for positive change and if you have to unplug for a few days, do so.

Here are the latest on Law Enforcement Today: (linky dinks provided for your convenience)

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My latest on criminaljusticedegree.com:

1. From Books to Blues

Hope you find them interesting. Pass me around like a high dollar hooker if you don't mind. Traffic keeps me employed. And believe me, single momhood is getting more tight with grad school and the kiddo getting close to high school graduation. Plus, I really enjoy writing for these sites. Most of all, I hope you read them and share them because you liked the writing. If you don't like it, preface your Faceplant post with: This is stupid shit. Really, any traffic is good. LOL.

Happy Weekend! Happy People!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Without Fear Or Favor

Read a book about some strikingly familiar circumstances...

Without Fear or Favor by Robert Tanenbaum was a page turner. Of course you have every cop's attention when you start shooting police officers from the get go and work up to a network of  sinister criminals who are undermining the system. What system? Everything...social system, justice system, etc. Karp is in the mix to sort it all out. There are many players including Karp and his wife. Some of the cast are unlikable subjects. Some are surprisingly tangled in many conflicts.  They all come together to pull you into the novel. 

Filled with complicated and very animated characters, I found Without Fear or Favor a great read. It is full of conspiracy, thrills, and danger. Additionally, the story contains mirror images of what we see today with the civil unrest and public distrust of police. 

However, Mr. Tanenbaum brings new lively twists to the chaos. Karp is a personable hero charged with figuring all this out with his emotional intelligence and legal expertise. He has that investigative instinct.  

What I like the most was that Tanenbaum's writing brought me right there. I was in the moment alongside Karp. I saw what the bad guys were drumming up. I felt I could do a 360 around any environment and know the images, smells, sounds, and conversations. It drew me in and was a fast read until the last page. 

That's a big deal. 

Throughout the book, I had mixed emotions after reading about the constant racial turmoil and behind the scenes wrongdoings which had oodles of criminals running amok. Those issues do that to me in real life as well. This just reinforced the frustration I have. This isn't a bad thing. It makes the words all that more believable. 

This is great writing. It makes you feel. It makes you hang in suspense. It makes you edgy, waiting for the what grabs you around the next corner. There is normal justice system doings blended in there as well. 

I'm sure those watching me in the doctor's office or out on my porch could see a frown once in a while. I literally would get mad at the bad characters or point at the pages and know what was going to happen was not favorable to the good guys. Too bad we can't just reach in there and shake them up a bit and change the story line. Wouldn't that be fun? 

It seemed hardly fictional. More like it wasn't just "based upon" a conglomeration of true stories and real life problems, but it was today in the real world: a true criminal dictation. 

Butch Karp barely sounds like a lawyer. I'm just kidding-cop/prosecutor humor inserted there. I think he might be a sort of  "Mary Sue" -or for the male roles:"Marty Stew"- character which may familiarize us with Robert Tanenbaum himself. You might even think Karp is a cop- gone-to-law-school type you would find in a big metropolitan area. Maybe he closely resembles a smart cowboy district attorney I know from out west. But he does have some New York flavor for sure. 

Perhaps he is an attorney with a cop mind. Maybe. He's intuitive and persistent. 

Karp knows the system and knows something isn't right. It's all wrong. 

Read it. 

You will like it, I promise. 

You know Mr. Tanenbaum knows his way in and out of the legal system and is a legal expert. But the book is not going to drown you out with overbearing jargon or legalese. Without Fear or Favor could be a modern social problem unfolding with incompatibility between many viewpoints of the issues. Who knows? See what you think. 

 He has quite the remarkable history. The following is provided to me by his agent:

So let me give you some of his background and it should impress you, "Mr. Tanenbaum is one of the most successful prosecuting attorneys, having never lost a felony trial and convicting hundreds of violent criminals. He served as Deputy Chief counsel for the Congressional Committee investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He also served two terms as mayor of Beverly Hills."

Without going in to too many of my past cop details, I am really interested in his investigation into JFK. 

His bio: 

Robert K. Tanenbaum is the author of thirty-two books—twenty-nine novels and three nonfiction books: Badge of the Assassin, the true account of his investigation and trials of self-proclaimed members of the Black Liberation Army who assassinated two NYPD police officers; The Piano Teacher: The True Story of a Psychotic Killer; and Echoes of My Soul, the true story of a shocking double murder that resulted in the DA exonerating an innocent man while searching for the real killer. The case was cited by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren in the famous Miranda decision. He is one of the most successful prosecuting attorneys, having never lost a felony trial and convicting hundreds of violent criminals. He was a special prosecution consultant on the Hillside strangler case in Los Angeles and defended Amy Grossberg in her sensationalized baby death case. He was Assistant District Attorney in New York County in the office of legendary District Attorney Frank Hogan, where he ran the Homicide Bureau, served as Chief of the Criminal Courts, and was in charge of the DA’s legal staff training program. He served as Deputy Chief counsel for the Congressional Committee investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He also served two terms as mayor of Beverly Hills and taught Advanced Criminal Procedure for four years at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and has conducted continuing legal education (CLE) seminars for practicing lawyers in California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tanenbaum attended the University of California at Berkeley on a basketball scholarship, where he earned a B.A. He received his law degree (J.D.) from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley.   Visit RobertKTanenbaumBooks.com

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lifing: Used In A Sentence

Well, the grades are in. I am happy to announce (boast) that I received A's. This is quite a feat since I flunked my first quiz in one class and it was extraordinarily difficult or hard, if you will. I included both words for all those penial or penile people. Some have difficulties, some have erections. Just saying.

Where did that come from?

Who. the. hell. knows.

What are you doing while our country implodes? I'm just lifing. It's a difficult task. (Notice I did not use hard)

I am going to entertain you with a new exciting post here. I'm in lights! Go read it: please and thank you. Yes, I mean the whole thing.

I am on official summer break for exactly 4 weeks. Next up, books! You will want them.

Join me tomorrow for the first review.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bigly Stupid

Of course I have to weigh in on this ridiculous Tweeter war with CNN and sadly now their strongarming a redditor. And they published the story? I mean, come on!

It keeps getting worse as the battle over the CNN memes floods the social media world. Then CNN responds by saying HansA**holeSolo or whatever his handle is called and said he didn't feel threatened by CNN's call to destroy the meme or else he will be identified ultimatum. Like we believe that's true. Or maybe it is, but it still sounds coerced. What a bunch of dufusses. I know I didn't spell that correctly, but just go ahead and meme me about it.

In other news, NYPD officer was slain, a soldier was killed in Afghanistan, and over 100 were shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend. And a photograph might prove Amelia Earhart did not die in a plane crash. BUT...CNN can't let go of a meme. I've never heard of such a preposterous thing. At least to this date.

I do love how Twitter is now flooded with CNN memes. Let me share a couple or two or three:

Just when I think the world can't get any stupider. Bigly.