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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wouldn't We All Want To Look Like The New Wonder Woman

I'm sure you were about to wonder, "Where did the Fargo go?"

Don't ask if this is a likeness of me!
Of course I shaved off my mustache this morning.
Or maybe you are one of those fair weather readers who only glances to see if I posted some funny story of old cops and robbers days and since some of my stories aren't funny or about cops, you clicked off the new spins. Seriously, there are people out there like that.

Anyway, I don't have any earth shattering news. Wait, I do. I will express it in a meme:

I don't know if there are readers of my blog who only read the cop stories.

Well, yes, I do.

They are everywhere! Seriously refined tastes of some do not like my side dishes. They only come for the main entree and if it isn't what they expect, they are very disappointed.

The good news is I disappoint people every day and frequently. It's a gift.
I don't care which party you are, this meme is funny!

You are wondering if I look like KellyAnne? We might actually be related because of our hair color. Motor Oil could taste like chocolate sauce in the right situation. Look at Monster Trucks, Chreech loved it.

And I would also tell you that Red Bull is the nectar of the gods if I was paid enough. I hate that stuff. Even if you add alcohol to that shit, it only makes you a wide awake drunk and you had to suffer greatly while drinking the cocktail down.

So yeah, KellyAnne's job sounds like fun. Wouldn't it be a joy to mess with the media and have them wait on pins and needles to see what your response was all the while irritating the shit out of them because you smile all the time while doing it.


It would be the perfect job.

Suspense is killing you softly, I'm sure, so I am including a brunette likeness of myself:
Come on, it's close!

 Here are some tips as a good citizen. Go do this:

Get on your computer or smart phone. Search for these two bad guys:

I hope you do Google for the artist sketch pic of the Delphi murder suspect and the photograph of the triple homicide suspect hiding in Wyoming so you can alert the police should you have information. If you are not in those areas, well, keep an eye for those bad guys displayed on your local news who are in your neck of the woods. Police rely on community assistance. You do matter.

Stay on your computer and smart phone. Don't power down yet.

In the meantime while you are hunting bad guys, I have two articles of interest. One is on a story about me and how you and those interested in law enforcement might value a little advice down that road. If you don't need the insight, it might be an interesting read anyway. It is located here. 

In an exciting development, thanks to a referral from the Salty Sarge, I am a now a writer for Law Enforcement Today. Go give him some website hits. My first article is located here. Please pass me around like a Thursday hooker because the more traffic, the better for my writing career. Duh. You know how that works.

I appreciate your support!

Have a great Thursday!

Since summer school is now officially over and my brains are splattered around like Alphabet Soup, I will start up again with some great blog posts. Shirley, they will intrigue you. I know. You don't want to be called Shirley.

Upcoming is some book reviews and a surprise!

No, I'm not pregnant. Wouldn't that be a surprise!?!

Yes indeedy.


It's time to go before I have twins.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wouldn't we all like to look like Wonder Woman?

Not sure that would be a good look for a male, just saying.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh now come on. Beautiful in drag.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---If I looked like Wonder Woman, Wifey would have a real "WTF???" moment to be sure.
AND, I'd have to get a new driver's license.
(more work...geez!)
Still, at my age, being able to look that young has some advantages (as long as there's NO arthritis involved).
---As to hunting down bad guys...?
Where we live, they can be as close as next door (the sex offender lives there), or down the block (drug users and party house), or the mook that fires up his grill and causes a fog over the WHOLE neighborhood...
Yeah, we got WAY too many of them, so hunting would be EASY (if that type of hunting were LEGAL)...lol.
---I'll give those articles a look-see...should bring some smiles and applause from our "Fortress".
---BTW, I stopped having alphabet soup when I found I couldn't make swear words in the bowl...HA!

Good post.

Roll safe and keep cool down there, Kiddo.

Coffeypot said...

I would like to have WW's lasso of truth. As for Red Bull, use it to make your coffee in the morning. It should wear off by bedtime... if you don't have a heart attack first. Twins are okay, but have triplets... one of each.

Old NFO said...

Welcome back, and congrats on surviving summer school! :-)

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yeah those meme are funny although the one about the dick and the cop I would consider using..lol. As far as the local crime in my neck of the wood, it is a lot of teenagers being out of school with the break ins and mailbox smashing. I am afraid that one day soon one group of teenagers will break into a house and meet an owner with a shotgun and it will not go well.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Forgot to add, and to me you ARE wonder women, btw

Cheryl said...

I hang my head in shame that I put myself in the category of a fair weather reader but certainly not because I don't love all your posts. The cop ones are interesting reads for sure but I love hearing your fun and enlightened thoughts all all subjects.

Yeah for you to keep getting opportunities to write. Your articles are always so interesting. On the first one dealing with the kidnapping and assault victim. I have to think she is beyond grateful that you and your fellow officers were smart enough to make sure that the case wasn't compromised in any way. The fact the creep is in jail forever is a blessing.

As far as Wonder Woman goes...I have to agree with Mrgarabaldi, you are Wonder Woman in your own right. Let's assume that the word Wonder applies to deeds not physical appearance. Clearly you have both so it appears you are only lacking the outfit.