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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thin Blue Line Shop

Today is exciting! I get to share with you some great products. Thin Blue Line Shop has some amazing items for all of us to show our support for the blue!

I received these two great creations last week and immediately fell in love. (Links are provided all over this place so you can find yours to bring home to display!)

First, who doesn't want to show love for America and law enforcement by displaying the Thin Blue Line American flag?  I'm kind of partial to this, you know.
Thin Blue Line American Flag
flown proudly at Harry Potter House

It looks so great at the Harry Potter house.

When we hung it up, some of the dog walkers took a bee-line for that part of my house to check it out. They were impressed. Every one of them beamed up at it and smiled. I received several thumbs up.

One man I had never seen in my neighborhood before (probably NSA spy) said he was very pleased with the pride I displayed and we chatted for a while.

He had three cute dogs. I have no idea how he kept them all in line, but they were very obedient and friendly. The government probably has a professional trainer for his cover.

I gave him the link to get his own flag.

Let me demonstrate in pictures for all of you visual learners: (see flag pic)

This is next to an entry door at my house and is visible from three sides (most of it until you move to blind spots).

Sadly, my favorite neighbor (Lord Farquaad) cannot see it until he comes around to the front or other side. He hasn't seen it yet, but when he does, he will say something. As usual, he will be snarky and sporting a cigar. He is a true patriot and backs the blue. He's nosy, so it is just a matter of time.

Sheriff Mike gets a bird's eye view of it every day. He is a night shift dude, so I will see what he says when I run into him. It should hit him right between the eyes every time he leaves his drive. That is figuratively speaking. I hang my flags properly.

All I do is go outside and stare at it. I am so proud to have one at my house. I've been wanting one for a while and really, there was no excuse to wait. This was a nice surprise.

That isn't all, Thin Blue Line Shop is full of many fun products to show off your police pride. Go browse their merchandise.

Additionally, check this out- (again demonstrating in pictures)- a thin blue line tie. 

It is perfect

I will be posting another pic with a model wearing it with a dress shirt. It is exciting to shop for a nice shirt and pants for an event and this is the tie Chad will get to wear. I'm so thrilled.

It is ideal for church or court. Maybe you have a wedding to go to? A nice dinner with your significant other? It's a must.

The logo is displayed on the inside: non -visible side of the tie for all you non-tie people.

As you can see the pattern is classic business and the thin blue line is subtle but bold with LEO pride at the same time in your display of the blue.

You get this and you will be a snappy dresser. Guaranteed.

And the police appreciate your support. If you are law enforcement, well, this is a no-brainer.

My tie: quality material and stylish

And goes with today's business prestige. As I said, it is a timeless pattern.

A very classy tie.

If you need a gift and you want something different or you have to share your blue pride...go check out the shop. If you are a cop, come on. It's a necessity to your wardrobe. Get one. They have other patterns to show off your blue pride as well.

When you see Chad, my model, in his new shirt accessorized with the Thin Blue Line Shop's tie, you will be so impressed.

Very sophisticated and super chic (yes, chic ties)

Until then, I have included Thin Blue Line Shop's picture from the merchandise display page on the website. It looks exactly as shown.

What you see is what you get.

Amazing, huh? I like it. Wow! It is so elegant.

Love it!

Photo Credit: Thin Blue Line Shop
Don't miss out! When I was browsing their site today, I saw some sales. Bam! I am all about saving a little here and there. It just so happens I was looking for something unique and fun for a special gift.

Show your blue pride!

Check out Thin Blue Line Shop. You will not be disappointed. I'm serious. They have many more goodies and lots of different styles, fashions, trends!

Today, I purchased a gift for a special person from their site and used my coupon. You might get lucky with their online coupon spinner and get some savings on top of their sale prices too.

I am super impressed!
Super flashy ad made by moi


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Sent the link to my Dad since he was a PoPo....or back then they called them "Coppers" or "The Fuzz" or "5.0" or the "Heat" or "El CID". and a bunch more, lol

Mad Jack said...

I have a vision of you modeling the thin blue line necktie.