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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Candy Girls

Well, I feel fall finally trying to settle in. It's down to mid 70s this weekend. Could you feel my hint of sarcasm? I love fall, however, we have had a long summer and now we will not see too much of the colors we are used to because of the dry heat. The leaves went from green to dead. Sigh.

I read the long range forecasts and it appears we are going to have a mild fall/winter with rain, drizzle, rain, rain, more rain, and again...rain. This means it could be ice storms if the temperature drops enough. Beat me now. I do not do ice storms. Give me 12 feet of snow, but not one ice storm. No thank you. Power is out for DAYS around here when that happens. Time to recon. I guess if all else fails since we do not have wood back up or free standing gas stoves, we could do a hobo fire in the back yard? Roll in the grill inside? Hmm...let me think on that. 

I don't really understand the map this year. It seems to me that California and Florida had sex in the middle and that is where the snowy area is. Um. Yeah. That was a gross analogy. They threw or spattered a little up northeastern way. Yeah. Again. Gross. 

Why is everything sexual?

Don't even think about turning me in. I didn't touch you. Too soon! Too soon! 

If you are offended, please leave. I don't want you to be offended. 

But seriously, I think all this stuff coming to the surface in big waves is odd. It's been going around for years. I've been told people now feel safe and are brave enough to expose things out in public. I don't know if I believe that just yet. Some of it is true and that evolved over time when I was investigating crimes against children. However, it started in Hollywood. They are up to something.

Maybe I just don't trust those in the film industry because I think they are full on crazy. Not even half. All the way. 

Now Hillary is making a connection with all this Hollyweird stuff to the president. She did not take long for that opportunity. One thing about good 'ol Hillary, is she can always drive a nail in someone on someone else's dime, back, and opportunity. She is a piggybacker. No genuine originality there. 

And she should really keep her mouth shut, because after she ran her trap...the spotlight shifted to good 'ol Bill. Oopsie. 
Of course I had to bring this back out. She sets it up every time.

Oh, I believe all this horrible sexual stuff has happened. That isn't the issue. I just find it interesting that it imploded Hollywood. 

It's like an out loud analysis. 

Weinstein is now destroyed. Like seriously. If I were him, I would take what cash is left and flee the country, live off the grid, and change my name and appearance. I would probably have started when I got ousted from my company. That's my cue. I mean, it's pretty bad when you get removed from your own company. 

Just a thought, Harvey. 

I always watch these stories to see if the dude will off himself or face the music. Sometimes they are so narcissistic they think nothing will happen to them and they can just weather the storm. Well, Harvey, this here is Hurricane Effing Rose. 

This song is in my head today and now I am passing the torch of joy to you.You are welcome! 

Just remember not to take any sugar unless you have permission. Just saying. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Buffering..Life Won't Load

Well, Lucille got fixed. It was a fuel pump issue and with towing it took an entire paycheck to fix at a local shop. Please and thank you. I don't even want to talk about it. It makes me sad and angry and this girl already has enough problems and emotions without going full lunatic over an unexpected mechanical failure. 

Moving on to things that do not matter:

So, I wake up to these images on the news feed. This happens to be Fox. Are you wondering why I look at Fox News? Well, I look at all of them, just so you don't think I am only reading the right news. No pun intended. I read both left and right. I am ambi-newsterous. Let me tell you, I think they are all Skewed News. There we are done.

But what alarmed me today is that it was Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. NO ONE CARES WHAT THIS WOMAN HAS TO SAY! SHE NEEDS TO GO LEAD A PRODUCTIVE LIFE...not in my newsfeed.

But interestingly enough, she is keeping the donation from Harry Weinstein. Why? Because she is greedy. I wish someone would give me big cash donations to spout off in public about nonsense. There is nothing you could say or do to convince me that that woman is worth any of my time and I am definitely relieved she is not president.

Now, another crazy thing in the news, this time on ABC is Kaepernick is filing a grievance against the NFL. Ok. He is unemployed. How can he file against the NFL? Can anyone do it? I want to file. I need some easy money.Well, for a minute it sounded like a good plan.

So he thinks he has a unfair treatment issue now. Maybe he hasn't been hired because he has an attitude problem and isn't that good. I mean, how many people are looking for second string players? He almost had a job, then he and his girlfriend created an issue. Well, yeah, you bad mouth me, I'm not going to hire you either. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. He severed his contract. Whoopsie. Sounded like a good idea at the time. I don't think anyone has seen a gap in quarterback service or plays without him. He probably thought he was irreplaceable. 

Is he really being denied employment because of the kneeling controversy? I think there are other issues. But time will tell how this pans out. Court is a funny thing. People would rather settle than fight the good fight. Used to burn my ass all the time in police work. 

In other news, Jesse James from Westside Choppers (the man only known now as the person who cheated on Sandra Bullock)  is making firearms at an average of $25,000 a whack. Hurt me now. Oh, yeah, they are gorgeous. But I can't invest that kind of dough, so they are only for the rich. Here's one for $85,000:

Lady Liberty

Added to his newest undertaking is Jesse James ammunition. I wonder if he will engrave every bullet. 

He is also selling honey called Satan's Nectar, part of his wholesome foods collection of Hell Awaits! And a clothing venture with the NRA in the lifestyle category including bar stools?

It's just a strange business portfolio, but I guess whatever floats your boat. I'm not sure if his new wife is the backer of these projects since she is an heiress, but she is no Sandra Bullock. Probably a nice lady, but caveat emptor: buyer beware. Jesse is a cheater and said, "everyone cheats." Hmm. Is that a theory or hypothesis?

Here is something that stumps me...local farmer's gun license taken away during home invasion self-defense case.  Bizarro. Sometimes I wonder if things like this are fake news. But if you had a subscription to the Herald Sun, you could read all about it. 

California continues to put itself at the top of Lunatic Land with its laws. Newest one is of course, you guessed it, a gun control measure. I don't know why things don't work in that state. Maybe because they have so many laws, no one knows if they are allowed to pick their nose with their left or right fingers.  

My favorite Whataburger fired an employee for refusing to serve police officers. In fact, it created an uproar in Denison as the officer had little choice for 24 hour service and loved their Whataburger. The company plans to meet with each officer and apologize and "make it right", according to the news report. 

And now a word from our sponsor. 

Yep, you guessed it. *crickets* This is a joke. I have no sponsors. But my life is always in this mode...buffering, loading, etc. 

Back to reality. Sigh. I have a lot of studying to do. I am hopeful that July 2018 will land me a good job somewhere. This better pay off. Otherwise, I'm just another almost professor with a low end job. Don't get me wrong. I am very, very grateful for my job because I have health insurance and the whole nine yards. But I'm 50 and never thought I would be making 1992 wages and starting my life over. I'm making the best of it. But, boss, I'm tired. Really, really tired. 

Can you guess what movie line that was from and the actor? 50 golden stars to you if you do! And go...

Friday, October 13, 2017

It's A Bots Time

When I was a kid, bots were those nasty things we found on horses sometimes. Now bots are dangerous cyber robots which I am seeing everywhere designed to divide America. It's brilliant really because without most people even knowing it, chaos is created and social problems will undermine the super power as we implode. 

So stop sucking into that vaccum. Wake up, America! 

We have news and bots making our country an internal boiling pot. 

America, put on your cyber britches. It's going to get worse.

So with that revelation of public service, I will give you real life problems: 

The funny thing is I always try to walk as much as I can...to class, campus errands, etc. I walk to the post office and store. However, when your car dies and leaves you stranded, you do not like walking. Like at all. It's the devil. It's a good thing I have a prep bag in the back because it was cold and I did not dress for the weather. Always be prepared. This is just another example that horses are better and why did we go and invent all these complicated and expensive machines! Karl Benz, I blame you.  Bless your heart in heaven, you smart bastard. 

So anyway, I now have to navigate a tow truck to get my car and take it to a nearby shop. 

This is not a good time for a car to not work. Is there really a good time for breakdowns? I think probably not. But this is not a good time. Thankfully, I only drive it locally since I started having problems about 2 months ago. They said they could not figure out what had happened to me and it drove fine and could not replicate the problem and they checked the engine codes but found those alerted issues to be fine...for 2 months. Now same thing. I hope it isn't a brain problem. Those are the worst. 

I will keep you informed. Why? Because you would rather know how my car is doing or see my cute dog than listen to the total dysfunction on the news. Right? Right. Here's my cute dog:

This is my Murphy. He is an Otis reincarnate mostly. It is eerie sometimes the personality resemblance. However, Otis was very well behaved most always. Murphy has a little stinker in him. 

My next adventure is becoming an avid bicyclist so I can go back and forth to work in rain, sleet, and snow without any mechanical troubles. Fueled by coffee and attitude, I will be sure to have reliable transportation.

I do have a bicycle. So I can start now.

Waking up this morning, I found the news quite humorous. Jesus Campos is now missing and Hillary and Bill are not speaking to each other. I also find it ironic that the Women Boycotting Twitter 24 hour movement was the hottest trend on Twitter. Say what? Snork. 

In other news, college is difficult to muster this semester. In fact, I have chatted with fellow students who are of the same mindset. It is coming to an end and hopefully I will score a job which pays above the poverty wage. Seriously. I am below poverty. At least it only goes up from here. 

It's Friday the 13th. Perhaps I should push my luck by attending a haunted house this evening. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Board Out of my Mind


Mighty fine day here in the near south with tempt reaching 80. Drizzly with a chance of more drizzle.

For those of you who do not frequent Law Enforcement Today, let me link you to my last two posts which are creating scuttle on the interwebs:

Why Some Teachers Have Sex With Students

Racial Divide is Only Going to get Worse

In other news, I am still struggling in grad school, but I am determined.

Call me Thomas. As in the train.

Call me ambitchous. Well, that was always present and accounted for.

No, I have no thoughts on the Las Vegas shooter because I am waiting for all the facts.

If you take away his money, he appears to have the same psyche dysfunction as the others: disconnected, anti-social. That's all I got.  Oh, yeah...and he is a shitpouch.

And in other news, the news is still aflutter with crap. I think it is 70% crap. That is why this fall I will be tuning into TWD and Longmire for some pure entertainment. Possibly, I will read some book on breaks and dive into some essays.

Why? Because I have to school and I need to watch my shows.

All while trying to be a Momster to Bug and take care of the household.

My life is on hold, steady at boring.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Flipping A B*tch


ISP say they cannot include nor exclude Daniel Nations as a suspect. I'm stumped by that, but it is what it is. I guess we will wait and see.

Vegas. Geez. What can we say about that? It is gut wrenching. Prayers up to all! ugh. I have no words right now.

Nor do I think it is a time or place to use political platforms to take a stance, but alas, those are in the news as well.

What shocks me about this is the abundance of fake information circulating early on. Wow. Now you have all different conspiracies going in and around all this stuff. Plus the armchair quarterbacks who know nothing about firearms, advantage points, and physics. I just can't even go there.

So I am flipping a bitch. That's what we call turning around in Wyoming. Yep. I am going a different direction today.

You get Fargo news:

1. The Harry Potter house is getting slowly but surely sanded and repainted on the outside. Yes, it is happening at turtle speed. Why? Because tortoises are in charge and we can only do so much with life and school and kiddo and kiddo school and dogs and stuff.

2. School is rolling. This semester is making my brain hurt.

3. I'm fat as a cow. Super fat. BUT..I reached a milestone that I can now bench 100 pounds in 3 sets of 5, 10, and 12. That's a big deal for me. It's not a max...I don't know what that is right now. It is repetition and strong sets.

4. Here are the latest articles on Law Enforcement Today:

Daniel Nations

Teachers Having Sex


So strangely enough, the Teachers having sex thing is super hot and the boobs have failed. I mean 40 views as of now. Oh, man. That is an epic fail in journalism. No one wants to hear about breast cancer stories.

5. I seem to be a plateau in life. I really need some motivation. Maybe it was mid-terms or something. Not sure. I'm like a blah potato chip stale in the bag.

6. I really want a Glock 43.

7. It's raining and I have no umbrella. Well, I do, but it is in my car. Nuts.

8. I need more sleep and more coffee.

Have a great day and hug the ones you love.