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Friday, March 30, 2018

Secret Cleveland: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure!

Some of you might know I live in the Midwest now. WITSEC. What can I say?

While here, I read.


Because I'm weird.

And if you don't believe that I am weird, then maybe you should ask the divine Deb Thompson.

She knows I am weird.

And she wrote in stone. Not really. Ink.

Not even disappearing ink. It is there forever. For my heirs to see.

I like weird people, weird things. When I travel, I also like to explore out of the ordinary monuments or the quirky of what makes a city great.

Deb and Tonya have found it in Cleveland. Can you imagine the giggling and wonderment that went on while exploring this city? Or writing this terrific collection?

I wonder how many great cities hold these secrets that many of us may never know. Now while Cleveland is close and I have been there a couple times, I am excited to go back and hit some of these hot spots Deb and Tonya have pointed out.

Perhaps they can tell a tale of your city.

Secret Cleveland: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure is such a fun exploration of Cleveland which I do not know much about. There is literally so much to ponder in the city along with its great food, sports, [parks, and amenities. So why not?

The bizarre things a city has to tell should intrigue you and draw you in like a good spy story. Can you imagine how some of these things came to be?

Well, Deb and Tonya will tell you some of the backstory as well.

Pick. it. up. It's easy. Amazon will bring it to you.

I can guarantee you will be surprised, learn a little bit about some American history and appreciate the wacky and wild contained in the great city of Cleveland!

I even shared it with friends and family. It's clever and fun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bravo to the 5-0

Several book reviews await to fall from my fingertips. First, I must school. I have a test this week. As of yet, I am not prepared for it.

Dear Fargo,

We are not surprised.

Your one reader

Preparation seems to be missing from my tool belt. I probably better work on that.

Dear God, 

It's me, Fargo. 

Shine on me, God. Insert smarts.
Perhaps the heavens can just shine down on me and offer me some free smarts. 

Why do I have to earn everything or face the struggle bus? Oh, and asking for a friend. 

I have attached a picture using myself as the example.

Your biggest project, 


So back to the test thingy. It's happening. Tomorrow. Call me slow to respond to the studying vibe.

Actually, I think they call that procrastination. See, I like to skim. I glance. Papers are my thing since I can be a master of bullshit. But taking tests, not so much.

gleefully happy
The end of the road for the master's degree is suddenly upon me. Well, sort of. I graduate this December if I don't flunk out. Pray for me.

I also need a job that pays the bills. Like...one job. Gotta get it.

In other news...

Today, I am gleefully happy as I relish in the death of the Austin bomber.  I know. I know. That is hateful and sinful. Sorry. Not sorry.

Hopefully there are no more culprits and he was the only one. Apparently, he was not as slippery and intelligent as Ted, because he got caught fairly quickly. I was impressed by the swift police work on that one. Bravo.

Another bravo goes to the school resource officer who shot the Great Mills school shooter yesterday. Bam! Just like that LEOs are excelling at their work. And going home to talk about it.

Good guys-2. Bad guys-0.

The latest on Law Enforcement Today. Click it. Read it. Share it. I need all the pennies I can get. Well, most of all, I hope it is worth reading.

Next up will be some fabulous books you will want to snatch and read. It's the new thing...snatch and read. No, I'm not the snatch. Quit calling me that. It is a catchy new phrase for book worms.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Throwback from the Way Back

If you haven't seen Wind River, the movie...you should. 

You should also see the place. Beautiful. But there are troubles and struggles. The movie was released last year. I have watched it probably 10 times already. I know. I'm weird. Same as Dances With Wolves. More so with that one, actually. So Jeremy Renner is perfect. He could not have been better. So was everyone else. Except the cops should not have stood at the front of the door when knocking x 2. But that is minor. It is very realistic and sends out a much needed message. Go see it. 

In the meantime, here is a throw back from a battle at the Events Center stemming from some interviews I had while waiting on the detectives. This happened long before Wind River was ever a script.


Saturday night was quiet..too quiet.

At about 8:00 pm...the night changed to chaos. Looking for a drunk driver was about all I had for excitement. The radio blared with units to clear to a fight involving 100 people at the Events Center. Knives, bats, and blood. One person already was reported to have a knife in his back.

Highway patrol, deputies, police from two other suburbs, city police...all responding. When I arrived, it looked like an 1800s battle. Sarge called it the reenactment of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

People fighting on the grassy knoll..tumbling down...beating one another..not like the grassy knoll on which the mafia claimed to have shot at the Kennedys, but like General Custer...parking lot, sidewalk...inside the facility.

Most of the cops were forming a riot line. There was no control of the crowd. Control was not maintained by anyone. It was a free for all. Crazy.

The Events Center staff later told us they had never seen anything like it.

As I exited my g-ride, I plopped my pepper spray in my cargo pocket. It was the big fogger can. My stick was extended and I was ready to draw if I had to, but I didn't see anyone brandishing any weapons...just chaos and screaming.  My hopes were that I could just push through the crowd to the wounded. I knew my pepper spray would probably have to be my throw down weapon once used up or if I needed to draw my gun. As I drove my way through the crowd, I saw the victim with the knife in his back. It was not superficial, just barely stuck type of thing. It was all the way in. He had a punctured lung and the ambulance crew was trying to attend to him while two Native Americans were rushing the ambulance crew.

Soon some CPD cops were throwing them off so the paramedics could stabilize the victim.

Two other Native American males ran my direction. I tried to snatch them up and they fought and ran, but I caught the slow one. He was a witness and was later taken to the police station where I received an education on the war that was brewing on the Rez...over 100 miles away.

Once the crowd dispersed, the witnesses were taken to the station. My transport had a flowery disposition as well as the same type of past. He told me his story and I listened intently because if he were to even talk to a white woman...let alone a cop...that was something. He said I reminded him of his PO (probation officer). I asked him if that was good or bad and he said, "You're alright."

"I can tell you're different."

He laughed and asked me why I was so at ease with him and treated him with kindness and respect. I said, "I've been around a long time...don't get stirred up..and it's not like you're a monster."

"How do you know you're not staring one right in the eyes?"

"I don't. But I can just tell you have  some good in you even if you are naughty."

He smirked and told me he would have turned out different if his grandmother, an Arapaho woman, wouldn't have saved him. He said he is still bad, that he can't help it and defending family honor makes him commit crimes.

I nodded my head and told him I understood it was his way. It still didn't prevent me from doing my job and he nodded his head and said he understood I had to do what I had to do, but the police weren't going to stop him from doing what he had to do.

When he was 14, he was arrested for arson and grand larceny. He told me he went to his own house after he found out his mother was beaten to kill his stepfather who was the assailant. He stole all the money and a gun and burned the place down, but his stepfather got out alive. His mother, a battered woman, helped her son. She went to prison for his crimes.  Her son was sent to the rez.

His crime spree didn't end there.

He didn't show me his criminal side while we were waiting for the detective. I listened, acting like I was half interested-only I was enthralled as he told me this matter would be taken to the rez where he would be avenging his family. He said it would end in murder. The feud stemmed back years prior to some unsolved homicides...wrong doings, rapes, and fights...three families at war...two tribes. The battles have escalated to several assaults, rapes, and even death.

We weren't able to convince him or any of his family that the police should handle the matter. Deep down inside, it was frustrating but somehow I understood where he was coming from when he said it was their way.

The FBI and BIA were notified. They already had word of the threats to take matters into their own hands on tribal land.

All I could really do was listen and forward important information to the proper channels. If he wanted to talk and share, I listened. Of course I didn't take notes. What kind of cop do you think I am? He wouldn't talk to me if I was writing shit down.

Yes, everything was legal and by the book. I'm not a shady cop, just a good listener when it matters. I have a special place in my heart for Native Americans because of my grandfather. I don't understand all the current ways and whys, but I cherish their old ways and appreciation for nature.

Just remember Gannet Peak...the highest peak in Wyoming. I've been there. Have you?