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Monday, April 30, 2018

I got Big Boots and I cannot lie...

Today is brought to you by the color orange, the letter "f", and my friend, Winnie the Pooh.

"When you see someone putting on his Big
This is not Winnie the Pooh
Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is about to happen," Winnie the Pooh.

The term 'finals week" is just gloom and doom without all the back noise which accompanies it. I'm OK with finals week when your last project due is a paper or an essay project. I couldn't get that lucky this time. Tonight I take an advanced statistics test. I think I am going to puke now to get it out of the way.

Winnie the Pooh, "I’m not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost."

On second thought, can we just end the semester with the grade I have in this class now? I have an A. I want to keep it that way. Tomorrow, I have a 150-175 multiple choice test. The instructor said if we study, we should have it done in 40 minutes. But if we don't know the material, we have up to 2 hours. Seriously, I want to barf. THE PRESHAH!

I do it to myself, really.

Get myself all worked up. Then I anticipate failure and try to counteract it with anxiety and cramming. It's a system.

In more interesting news, Allison Mack, actress, was arrested and charged with her role in sex trafficking with a cult. I mean, WTF, over? Hollywood really has gone from glamorous to gutterous! I just checked my email and Allison Mack did not send me a recruiting letter nor Tweet to me. I feel so underestimated. Apparently, recruiting old ex-cops for sex slavery is out. There is a fake news story out that she sold sex slaves to the Clintons. Even I think that is stooping pretty low.

In global news and internationally astounding we must pay attention to what is going on in South and North Korea. I am hopeful, but cautiously optimistic. Is it a fake out? Will there really be an end to the war?  South Korea credits Trump for the peace talks between South and North Korea. And also thinks he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, I always held that award with high regard until they gave it to Obama. I really don't think it should be given out willy nilly. And of course to add fuel to the prestigious honor...now we have two forgeries nominating Trump. Is anything genuine and sacred anymore?

‘What day is it?’ asked Winnie the Pooh.

‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet.

‘My favorite day,’ said Pooh.

I think most Americans are aware of the horribly broken immigration system we have here. But now we again are getting an influx of refugees. This time from Columbia and Honduras. Although we can all sympathize with them, what do we do that is fair? What can we do that does not give them an unfair advantage over all other countries? Who do we refuse and who do we let in?

"The only thing I would tell Mr. Trump is to have a conscious and to look at all the people and the way they suffer. Because the people, they are coming from those countries, they are not doing it for pleasure," Osman Salvador Ulla Castro, who is from Honduras, told Fox News. "They face danger and extortions and they are looking for a better life."

I don't want the job of picking and choosing. Seeking asylum in a foreign land would be terrifying. Yet, it burdens a country. Look at Greece. Look at other European countries who have offered so many to have refuge. Economically, it is a mess and now there are problems with social disadvantages. 

Oh bother. What to do? What to do? 

Did anyone see the White House Correspondents' Dinner? I watched Wolf's part. Now to be fair, some very few things were sorta funny. But most of it was really vulgar. Like worse than me. I know, right?  I was really flabbergasted, actually. Most of the time, those dinners have  some truthful humor which I find in good taste. This was just really nasty and over the top. I mean, over the top crude. 

I would think as professionals, most of the backlash should have been expected and I am glad they are speaking out about it.

Watching her, I thought she might be drunk or high, but I think that is just how she is and I had not really known much about her comedy.

Those who speak out and want the WHCD to go back to slightly stinging humor but still in good taste...I vote yes to that one. 

It gives me hope that we still have some humanity left. 

One who has openly criticized the president and received a huge smack down from the man himself stood up with class to support Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Now that was awesome:

My only question is, "When will all this us versus them ever end? When will unity truly mean uniting?"~Fargo

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dog & Bitch Island

Great reads are something I treasure. Ideally, I like to be thrown right into the story, to experience things first hand. If an author can take me to that place, then they have won my heart. Dog & Bitch Island got my attention.

It is no surprise that I have been enjoying the Ben Blackshaw series by Robert Blake Whitehill for quite some time. I have shared those reads on here, Twitter, and Facebook.

Blackshaw is awesome. I got to know him through Robert Blake Whitehill.  We are on a first name basis. I feel Ben and I are that close after all these years.

Ben's everyday life and high intensity exploits bounce off the sheets of Whitehill's smartly crafted adventures. But he doesn't just contain himself to a story-line that captures me hook, line, and sinker. There are times you might even find me interacting with him on Twitter.

He's real.

Well, at least he is real within the chapters of yet another fantastic page turner by Whitehill. Mr. Whitehill paints a vivid picture of Ben's adventures which unravel with each book in the series.

When I first dove into Dog & Bitch Island, I couldn't help but giggle at the dark humor Whitehill puts into the caption in Part I which contained his clever word play "My Body Lies Over The Ocean".

Maybe that was intended to put that song into my head.

Dog & Bitch Island sucked me in from the first page. I had to delay my read of it because of grad school projects and some testing. Boy, was I glad I waited. Well, sort of.

After I started reading, I realized I had missed Ben like a long lost friend. I would have surely flunked out of school by occupying my study time with reading. Once I started, I could not put it down. Your heart will not stop pounding from the first to the last page. Speaking of heart felt moments, you get one with the addition of a new Blackshaw character who leaves the door wide open for more thrills in the future. Wait for it.

Imagine an intro which sits in your gut like an overstuffed spicy burrito coupled with a tug at your heart like being homesick: a murder too close to home.  (I realize I have a way with words, but I had to explain that achy feeling.) What I am really trying to say is Dog & Bitch Island begins with intrigue and sickening news as Blackshaw is paid a visit by some feds.

“Plenty ways to get dead..." Blackshaw quips.

But he's not talking about a typical bad guy who might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. He's digging at the messenger who delivers the news of his friend's homicide. Given bits and pieces of a classified cloud surrounding Lieutenant Cynter's death, Blackshaw follows the leads to unravel a cataclysm.

Well, I don't want to ruin it for you. Do these teasing bits interest you?

I am a little jealous of LuAnna Blackshaw who gets to be right there keeping Ben organized and focused.

Who am I kidding? A partner is more than an assistant. Family attaches you to things. "Things" or people who become ever so important. You can't help but like her.

“He killed a pony." Yeah, that didn't sit well with me either, LuAnna.

Making an innocent creature target practice really gets my goat. No pun intended. We are speaking of a horse after all, not a goat. Her take on valuing animals high above human casualties seemed to mimic mine.

Perhaps, I exaggerate. Maybe. I have a deep love for God's creatures.

How is a dead horse attached to Cynter? You must read on. Dark things happen. Every part of Whitehill's latest is action packed with plot twists and surprises. It won't disappoint.

If the allure of murder mysteries surrounded by military action, law enforcement, and classified operations is your thing, then you need this. Dog & Bitch Island has it all. So much fun!

I think you will be pleasantly sad, (if that is such a thing), that the end of another good book comes too soon.

Blast it!  Mr. Whitehill, you got me hooked all over again! Do not part me from Blackshaw too long! I cannot wait for the next one.

Dog & Bitch Island is where Ben Blackshaw's SEAL background becomes the foreground.

 Get it on Amazon! 

Monday, April 9, 2018


A good book is like an old friend. It gets really hard when it comes to the final pages because you have conflicting emotions of sadness and satisfaction. Curtis succeeded in making me a bigger fan of his Grey Man series. Actually, now it is an addiction sneaking up on me like the Longmire problem. 

The Cronin chronicles get better with age just like fine wine. You would know that if you knew John Cronin. Twilight is the 5th book in the series and the story lines and depth gets better with each one. I am ready for 6. 

To my surprise, I got an autographed copy of Twilight in the mail this weekend. It was so thick and rich with book worm goodness! I might have squealed!

You can't go wrong with this series, especially if you like westerns with some action and good old fashioned cop stuff. Set in Texas close to border issues, you will find yourself right alongside John Cronin as he fights the bad guys. Cronin is a shit magnet for danger. He keeps trying to gracefully stretch into the veteran years of law enforcement, but he loves high crime. And high crime loves him because he has many enemies. 

While retirement is in sight for the ol' sheriff, trouble brews as he continues to be a knee deep in danger. There are times he is unsuspecting of the lingering trouble. But his keen sense kicks up or his mad skills to make it out by the skin of his teeth. 

He has a different approach now. 

He is passing on the torch. The family business of law enforcement grows and flourishes while John Cronin mentors the "replacements". 

One would note the stubborn streak was passed down to his daughter who seems to have his rough edges with a little of her own showing through. She is spunky. I think Curtis's characters might take on some real life similarities to himself and his family. I do not know them personally, but I am supposing. Cronin might be a "Mary Sue" or "Marty Stu", rather to Jim. Why do I think that? Because I have been around the interwebs long enough to detect characteristics and personality. It's a compliment, really. 

Action packed and full of thrills abound in this story of good versus evil. Will Cronin be able to hang up his hat? Can't tell you that, but you are sure to find fun and good old fashioned police work and bad guy problems in this one. 

Bravo, Mr. Curtis, for another great adventure in The Grey Man series. Keep them coming...even if you succeed in retiring the sheriff...or not. Twilight is definitely a thumbs up! Get it on Amazon!

Thursday, April 5, 2018