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Monday, August 27, 2018

Nonsense and Circumstances

Good day, ordinary people!

I miss Paul Harvey. He was the one thing my dad and I had to listen to above all else. Stand by for NEWS! Used to make me jump for joy. Now I like to run away from it. However, it is like a train wreck and I cannot look away.

First, let me say: everything is discombobulated. How do I explain that to my classes? Tell them I dream of my world of make sense and believe when I was younger? That does not help them and they do not understand it anyway.

So, I have to somehow make a positive difference and try to weed through the muck. It is a daunting task, mind you.

I have great students. This is not just fluff. They are really great.

Teaching is great. It is not easy. I think eventually, I will find my new calling. Let's hope I make a positive impression. It really is amazing to see their creativity and outlook on things. Believe it or not, most of them do not watch the news. This is a task worth undertaking by yours truly. I encourage it and we talk about it. It is all productive. I feel the need to have good conversations even if it at opposing perspectives.

It also makes it lively. So here we go!

My Bug is a senior. This is zero fun. I think she is ready to be on her own, but I will miss her crazy buzzing around the house. And events. But, new ones will be coming forth from her adulting days.

I do have to say an observation of sorts is when the child increases in age, so doeseth the drink.

Just saying.

Redundant to say that, I know.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fuzz Buster

Well, I did not die, but I should have with all the dust in here. *cough*cough*

The big news is I am now instructing at a community college. Criminal justice classes. Yes, I am extremely excited about this career move. Scared, too. But that, too, shall pass.

Bug has been running cross country track. She just began so I am really excited about this. I love cross country.

I did write a new article for Law Enforcement Today which you can browse here: GREAT STUFF> KLEENEX REQUIRED. 

The man whose name has no vowels as Julie would say has been fired. Aside from that, I have really missed all the world news for about 2 weeks while I have been swamped with getting ready for the first day of class which is tomorrow. Zoiks!

Wish me well! Be safe.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Learn Exactly How and When I Met Betty White!

Plastic or metal ore?

Which do you prefer? How do you stand on the plastic gun blueprint issue? One judge blocked the release of the software which gives the user a step by step how-to on making a plastic weapon. Eight states plus DC filed a suit to stop the newly allowed settlement to publish. The judge ruled that the availability of 3-D printers would cause irreparable harm. It's too easy.

It's also too late.

Already over 1,000 users have downloaded the plans which were uploaded to the maker's site a few days ago. So what is the big deal? Are there not other geniuses who could figure this out and make some device undetectable? Sure. Arguments against the release say this is giving away the farm and making it easy for terrorists on tried and true models which function properly.

The gun designs were first made by an anarchist. Then the plans were made public, but quickly banned. This seems to be a new beginning to long days of arguments before finally reaching an end. I imagine it will go to the US Supreme Court. What are your thoughts on this?

In other news, the BBC, Fox, and PBS were viewed as the most trusted news networks. I bet that sent most of the other networks into an overdrive of dismay. Next thing you know, they might shout from the highest tree tops that the pollsters only inquired with crazy people to get those perceptions. 😊😜I find it amusing.

Manafort trial is ongoing. Pay attention. Judge Ellis is the one to watch here.

If you do not take to current events, try reading about Wheels in my latest article on Law Enforcement Today showing a little perspective into community.

Words of advice for today:

Don't be a social media troll. 

Be safe.