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Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Third Monkey

Good day, ordinary people! 

My life is a whirlwind and I apologize if you thought I was dead. I have also still been faithfully following my fellow bloggers. It has been through the phone version which sometimes does not prove to be handy when posting comments and blips me out. Sucks balls. 

Going to school full time--YES FULL TIME GRAD STUDENT--teaching college courses is no joke. My family time has to be quality and scheduled. I realize this is not permanent, but only temporary. In the meantime, it is not a fun schedule to maintain. 


I am cutting into my laundry time just by giving an update. Sad isn't it? 

Oh wait! I also have to keep up with my writing at Law Enforcement Today. This, in which I have become a total slacker. It is time to kick my writing into high gear! Check out my latest: retirement options.

Good thing the national news front has been a stalemate with the same old-same old. That way I have not missed much as far as current events. Something I found crazy new in the wake of the world was the Tennessee player who refused to enter the college football game when told to do so by his coach. He was told to leave the sidelines. Good on that coach. He said, "I don’t know how things were done before, but when you tell somebody to go in and they refuse to go in, we’re not going to do that around here. I asked him to leave. He didn’t leave on his own. I asked him to leave.”

Well, we still have some of the old value system to hold onto. I found it refreshing. 

Carry on, folks! I will try to keep the dust off this site and be more engaging. Gah. I have lost my wit and humor. Has anyone seen it?