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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I am an extremist, are you?

I don't have crotch cancer. Yay me! I will graduate in December. Yay me!

I have a great sense of humor. Yay me!

Here is the latest post on Law Enforcement Today. Yay me! I bet they might not appreciate I used the word crotch in the same post as I did the article. NOT yay me!

Read it or weep. Are you and EXTREMIST? I am.

Everything I do is sometimes over the top. I was just taught if you partake in something, do it well. Good thing I did not take up crime, I would be a master criminal. Caveat to that is my parents, family, and school taught me to do good things. Yay society!

Why are we failing now?

Good question, Fargo.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Askholes, Meltdowners, and Things

I used to think extremists were just on the cookoo side and contributed to some kind of balance by keeping companies and citizens aware of environmental concerns or animal rights. There have always been the hate extremists of supremacy which are terrorists in my book. They are in another category.

I am referring to those passionate types who mostly spoke out and painted themselves naked. They were mostly harmless, and strapped to a tree, I didn't much care. But we were told you shouldn't do that and there are other ways.

Now I just think they are fucking nuts. There is no sense about them and somewhere they took a turn toward violence. And not only are there environmental extremists...there are non determined extremists just walking amok. They aren't even organized. It's Little Johnny's kid or Franny's Aunt Mary.

People identify as whatever and whoever they want. They don't even know who they are anymore. I think that is really sad, actually. Even Senator Warren grew up believing one way because of family stories and environment and found out she was something else. I am sure it is very sad and alarming to wake up in your 60s realizing you have been white all along.

I think we should all be proud of our heritage whatever it is, but what really matters is who you are. So why do we focus on color so much?

I don't know. I'm just an askhole.

Why have we decided to hate people because they don't think JUST like us? Why has it gotten so out of hand? Because no one said anything before. We brushed them aside thinking they were just a few crazies and then it spread like the plague to a new normal. If you don't stop the extremists, it spreads. Just like we used to squish out the extremists in the 90s...the white supremacists, the tree huggers, the unions, the Phelps, the biker gangs. Most of those people are OK with the PoPo taking care of them because they are hate groups or way out there with nefarious acts. Well, the leftists and the rightists are just as hateful. Why aren't we squishing them out and suppressing their violence?

Oh, the 1st Amendment. Yep. And now that that is a thing, people want to change the Constitution because it is outdated or "a living thing."

We just bend to accommodate our new ways of thought instead of hanging on to basic principles. See how it worked for our schools?

So what is extreme about them?  They burn you down. They ruin your life. They cyber stalk you, doxxing is a thing, and they do that SWATTING thing. That's a thing. I had to respond to one of those fake SWAT call outs to negotiate a non-terrorist sleeping victim out of his house because of some dude who hated him calling the cops.

Everything is now resolved with physical violence or psychological violence or a complete damnation of a person.

I refer to all the extremists now as haters, meltdowners, or whackos. Those are technical terms. They hate everything and everyone who doesn't align with them. It could be they hate the president or hate a school policy or get mad because you did not invite them to the knitting circle. Then what happens? They burn your favorite chia pet, cut your best tree down, key your car, and chain themselves and 20 others to your front lawn until you bend or move or die.

Where did this come from?

Is it in the processed foods? We should push them aside right now.  Eat clean. Have clean friends. I don't know. I'm just an askhole.

Everything seems to end in violence these days and that is the first thing everyone turns to, to solve a problem. What happened with chatter, conversation, or conflict resolution? I suppose those wonder brains would say that our enemies are using social media against us with hate bots and fake stuff. Well, then what is the mainstream media? The anchors are even on some sort of violence crack. I see less and less of even getting two sides on a topic where they debate. It's whack.

How did we get like this? It stumps me and I don't even have any tree DNA. I'm just an askhole.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Boo You

The lights flickered on and off. I knew they were trying to get to me. She pushed an orange package toward me. I recognized it straight away. They couldn't break me like that.

The temptation was too great. I had to open it up.

The staleness turned me away immediately. Oh it was poisoned! Chalky middle and light brown discolored outside. It should be criminal for the companies to sell stale chocolate and dry crack peanut butter. Yuck. I'm pretty sure it was the same as spy torture. I would have given away trade secrets for a fresh one.

But their tactics with stale stuff only made me angry.

No one anticipates the flavor of Reese's Peanut Butter cups like me. I don't get them often because I try to be good, but when I do...then I want the good, soft chocolate and fresh peanut butter. 

Well, they are second to Cadbury Creme Eggs. But I don't like them stale. Just like the Cadbury Creme Eggs. They must be fresh and luscious.

But they were not going to break my spirit with the fake Reese's peanut butter cups. Who do they think they are kidding? Marketing Halloween candy only for it to be stale? What about the kids? Of course they wouldn't know whose house gave out stale goodies, but I would think of their poor souls. 

So I thought about bringing the bag of them for Halloween treats at school, but I can't feed my friends stale ones either. I tried 3-all stale. That's a legit experiment. I guess the family gets to eat them. 

Right out of the chute, fail, fail, fail. 

At least I got my homework done early. Yep. I just double checked. Nuts. I missed 2 points on my assignments. Poop.

No dessert for me. None for the Trick or Treaters in the future. Who am I kidding? We would have eaten them all before the Ghosties and Ghouls got here.

What's really scary out there? Politics. Yikes. I think I just want to put my head in the sand. So I am. Not literally.

I am curious to see what happens to the Saudis, however. Khashoggi's death was one that really got to me. I think because it was accompanied by video of him going in, his girlfriend pacing outside. The cars. The plan. The assassination. Disheartening. I wonder what was so damaging to them that they felt they had to kill him. I mean, what a dumb move.

Shocker the Crown Prince is trying to distance himself from this fiasco operation. The press is relentless. It is one of those times I am glad about that. If it weren't for the press right now, that might be let go.

Then we have the attack in Kandahar that missed  General Miller, but got Army Brigadier General Smiley. Taliban. Squish 'em.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Judge Not Lest You Be Judged First

How about that sparring, right? Most of us do not even know Kavanaugh or Ford, but are weighing in on the validity of their statements, background, and what I call "noise" surrounding the hot topic of sexual assault. I would go into a dissection of my thoughts, but you can pretty much figure it out by connecting the dots.

I do not disregard Ford's statements. However, there are issues. I won't go into all of them. I won't beat up the victim.

However, know this: I would not take the case to a DA to prosecute for many reasons. One, your statute of limitations is gone on a juvenile case. There is no corroborating evidence. Some circumstantial at best, but is that enough in a 36 year old case? Circumstantial evidence can be enough in other cases but usually it amounts to a pile of it and not scattershot. There just are too many red flags and issues with comparison of therapists notes, friends, witnesses, persons of interests, etc. There was opportunity as they did cross some path maybe sometime. But stories changed and molded with pressure and time. It is a very, very weak case.

Most importantly, you can't prosecute a man without more. It just isn't justice.

You can help Ford with services. That is about all that can be offered at this point in time to help with closure. It is apparent she still has open wounds.

Even her testimony in front of a senate committee can be somewhat of a vindication of what she feels has been wronged against her. But on the other hand, what victim would want to do that? I know none.

Is this process, highly improper, going to prevent other women from coming forward against important people? Or any against suspect? Who in their right mind would want to testify on national television about a personal violation so egregious to themselves? Most of my victims struggled with even testifying in court and preferred less press and a plea deal. Most feel a deep sense of guilt and shame which is super sad because victims are victims. They did not do anything to provoke a rape.

Even her close friends disputes the claim. The witnesses cannot recall such a party or any behavior. That in itself is not enough to dismiss it, but it brings red flags to the issue.

She is getting boat loads of funding. People are getting paid to interrupt the hearings. There is so much corruption around the whole process that who can tell what is real and what is not real. Politics is evil. People will go to great lengths to get what they want. The elitists run our country. Do not think for a moment that we, the people, do.

But here is something everyone in the press is weighing in on which is bogus: the emotions of both persons. First, you take their emotions with the totality of the circumstances. Who reacts in anger or deep emotion about allegations of sexual assault? An innocent person. Who gets emotional and breaks down? Someone who has been ruined with false allegations. This, too, is not enough to dismiss the issue, but take into consideration Kavanaugh is being spun as an elitist brat over his emotions. I took this a different direction. He was also gracious to Ford in his statements.

He is being burned down as alt-right because he goes to church and his kid prayed for Ford. Did you look at his wife? She started to fall apart at that statement. Wake the fuck up. This is who he is. He goes to church. He is faithful. He drinks beer.

His drinking statements made the press run with headlines that he was a liar and had a drinking problem. He did not deny that he had gotten drunk. He did not deny they got out of hand, that he drank so much he fell asleep. Incidentally, that's what a lot of us refer to as "passing out". He explained he never "blacked out", losing all memory. That is a serious problem, especially in a continuous behavior. I don't think Kavanaugh will deny he drank excessively. He just describes it differently because he has moved past those days. He also still drinks beer. So do I. So do a lot of people.

I'm not sure if the left and right can look at anything anymore with an open mind, but only see things from their own lens. It is getting worse out there. What I do know is that I encourage any victim of violence to go to the police. You will have someone LISTEN to you. You will get services.

What I am afraid of with all this outcrying on national television, is you are derailing the justice system. We have now accepted to burn a person down just by an allegation without a law enforcement investigation.

Remember this: the FBI is not tasked with investigating state crimes of this nature. They do bank fraud, counterterrorism, organized crime, etc. They aren't trained in this anyway and you certainly want your locals to work these cases. They will only interview nicely and gather the statements and report back to the committee. They will not close the case nor file any charges or find it unfounded. Rachel Mitchell said exactly what I felt after listening to the ENTIRE hearing. I would not take this to the DA. She would not file a case.

This is becoming a very scary time for men. I would be tip toeing around women right now because one statement can ruin you rather than allow you to defend your name. These public statements are also making it harder for victims to come forward. It has brought out some good cases, but along with it, a lot of crazy and false allegations. It taints our justice system. It is not how we want due process to work for our brothers, fathers, grandfathers, husbands, boyfriends, and dear friends. We also do not want to get the standard that you won't believe any victim if she won't tell it to the world. Most like to keep things private or not tell at all. It is a sad cycle we have right now. Some good and some bad.

I do not dispute Ford's harm, but I wonder if she has events mixed up. Look at the dissection from Mitchell and some others who find some real big issues with her testimony. It doesn't mean she is lying. But what is really going on with this whole thing.

We also see that Kavanaugh is not perfect, he is deeply flawed. I kind of like that in a person. He also has been deeply scarred by this incident and his family has been raked through the mud.  I am not sure where I stand with him as a Supreme Court Judge, however. I felt very comfortable with Gorsuch. And so, there is a different perspective going into this confirmation. I do feel he has been wronged by a dirty process and there is nothing that can turn it back.

I think Kavanaugh has made good decisions as a judge. I never agree with every decision by every judge. They do the best they can with the evidence. Sometimes they do not align with my thinking. That is the American way.

This whole thing makes me sick. It isn't right. Even if I thought it was truly what happened in 1982, it is just plain disgusting how this has become a circus. It demeans sexual assault even more. It is a serious crime and a serious allegation. We must also protect the rights of the accused. Don't forget that. Additionally, this supposedly happened when they were 15. For fuck's sake. Kids. Do you really think this man has turned into Bill Cosby? I say not. There would be countless women coming forward of allegations which could be corroborated. Now you have a political jungle that is steered by one side to take the judge down at all costs.

There is a difference between this and Garland's confirmation hearing. He was only delayed and not burned to the ground. Think about the change in tactics. This is very scary for our American politics. Today, it is a cut throat world. I would really fear for my son out there in any job, any platform, and especially if he or she ran for office. Not because he would be guilty of a crime, but because if you are innocent, you have no chance before you start. Do you know how hard it is to defend yourself when you are innocent in a crime going through the low-profile of a local case? Painstaking.

Think about that.

I took Kavanaugh's statements as emotional because that is a natural reaction to these circumstances. He broke down. He floundered on some questions because he was holding back tears and lost his thought and had checked out for a moment. No one really mentioned that. And then he asked for a break. But he was already shot and mentally exhausted. His hesitation to questions isn't guilt, it is natural reaction under pressure and when you have just spent your last effort to hold yourself together. He has endured hell and back.

How would you speak in front of a national audience about your drinking days, your penis, your youth, your family, your memories of childhood, 36 years ago?

I am trying to look at both sides of the coin. And frankly, when I investigated crimes, I kept the rights of suspects at the top of my list as well as carried my victim's burdens and advocated for them as well.

Remember this in the end, I want a balanced Supreme Court. I do not want it to sway left or right. It needs to be moderate as a whole.