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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Holiday Cheers!

Hey, buckle up. It's the law. Safety first. You too, Santa!

Nothing exciting revving up my blog pages, so here you go with the latest article from LET from moi. Just think of it as an early gift. You can also re-gift it by sharing it around on Facebook or with friends in email.

More to come.

BTW...I am about to embark on finals week. Pray for me.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Whew. It is a little dusty around here. Sorry for being such a turd burglar. Yes, it is part of my new vocabulary. I am trying to clean up my act a little bit. After all, cursing is so unbecoming and unprofessional. I am not fucking kidding. People look at you differently. So now, my words consist of  oh sugar and turd burglar and turd burglary and turd burgled. It is hard to fathom how sugar and turds can go hand in hand, but it works. It is logic.

Welcome to this edition of Fargocabulary. It is a new course in language. Let me master you with my theories and academic know how.

Grad school is coming to an end and I am so hip hip hooray OK with it. Actually, I do not really know what to make of it really until I have paper in hand.

In the meantime, politics continue to amuse us all and give us chronic twitching disease. CTD is prevalent in level headed Americans. We are seeing a new age of judiciary influx in every little decision from the executive branch challenges. I think they must be exhausted.

In unrelated news, RIP Roy Clark. I grew up with Hee Haw.  Oh sugar!

So as to the election, I did not get too bent out of shape when the Democrats won the house. What will change? Nothing. Non partisan bills will pass and the rest of the world will be deadlocked. Business as usual. Will they move for impeachment? Who the heck knows. I am anxiously waiting for Mueller's latest moves and rumor was he was waiting until elections were over. Ok. Now we still have no announcement. This is a bunch of turd burglary.

In more unrelated news, Icemageddon has struck the Mid-West. It sucks.  We have been turd burgled. The end.

I may have to go to the indoor range for some gunpowder therapy or wait until the weather breaks. Time will tell. I have a holiday with no breaks because the professors feel we need no reprieve and assigned crap for the holidays. I would call those turd burglars.

As a loser among bloggers, I will go visit thee and comment on thy work. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Do not be a turd burglar.