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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ma-story (pronounced mastery only spelled different) Accomplished

Oh yeah. Childhood dreams do come true!
Well, I made it.

I r grad-ee-ated. 

When I walked across the stage, my finals were not graded and I held my breath because on one final, I went 7 minutes over the time. That could be an F. She just docked me points off, but if I had been on time, I would have gotten a 99. Good thing I wasn't any slower. I could have worked my way to a big fat zero. 

In fact, the last final just got graded yesterday. These are my final grades: 91, 100, 98. I did it! 💥💣💗💪💪 I wonder if they would have been glory squashers if I had failed. Yes, yes, they would have. Whew. I can relax about it.
I also can now dress as Sherlock Holmes. It's official. I have the gear. I am so stoked about this, you do not know.

Coffeypot hooked me up. 💔💔💔 LYLT, Coffey!

Just in time for Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! And for you...

It still has not really soaked in.

Is a Master's enough for what I want to do when I grow up?

I don't know.

They keep requiring more and more. I remember when a bachelor's was enough and in fact, that was a big deal. Another teacher from the big city of Indy and I were discussing our future as teachers. She has 2 Master's degrees and is in administration. It isn't enough anymore. She is changing fields to use her 2nd Master's to help youth offenders and go into Criminal Justice rather than teach anymore because her demands are high and pay is not increasing for all the 20 years she has been an educator in K-12. I have to give her a lot of credit for doing all she has done. I would not have the patience for either of her careers.

That is why I focused on higher education. I love little kids, I just am not good at molding their minds. At lease I only ruined one little kid: my own. 😂😂😂 Poor thing. I cannot ruin another kiddo! Snork. She is a pretty good kid, despite her mother.

So, now I am on winter break.

I feel dirty.

I'm supposed to be at work, but I get to sleep in late and answer to no one. What is up with that? And I still get paid! Pinch me.

I can blog. I have missed you. You have missed me, right? Ok. Let's not get crazy.

I've really enjoyed the last semester.

But I recognize and understand my faults.

When a student fails, it hits me in the guts.  I feel like it is a reflection of my teaching when they do not succeed. I should be able to have every student be a success. It is an impossible and unrealistic expectation, but I am still going for it next semester.

Failure beats me up. Even if the reason is because they don't turn in the work. Why are they in class? Why are they here, but I cannot motivate them to turn in assignments? Every student I had was brilliant. The only difference was in their effort.


A fix for another day. I will work on my inspiration.

In the meantime, the US goobermint keeps giving us fodder! Imagine that! Geesh. For instance, the president tweeted about a dress over the weekend. It made me think he was emulating J. Edgar Hoover. A Smocking Gun! Not once, but twice. I know when it is the real president and not a sit in Twitter Tweeter because of the way they are written. And Typos. It just shows our education system has some loopholes to fix, but you can still be a multimillionaire and President of the US even if you can't right write and and  red read.

Have no fear. I have not turned away from my country. I just have to point out the obvious. Plus, I do not always like or agree with the President(s) of the US, but I give them respect when they are in the position because ...'Merica!

Gun control is going out of control in New Jersey. It's the East Coast Commifornia. Read the linky dink. 8 new laws.

So now, we have the connect the dots problem which is how diseases work. See map.

See, you have Commifornia, Colofornia, and New Commifornia. If you know diseases, they start in these pockets and spread out like amoeba. Pretty soon, the whole world is infected with red.

Problem is, there are red spores or seeds floating all over, but they just need to glob onto each other to form a dangerous epidemic of the disease.

Notice I did not have any in Wyoming? Yes, right. Why? Because they are impermeable to gun control. Plus, the wind keeps all the gun control nuts out.

Well, that is enough of academia theories for today. I don't want to overwhelm anyone with my mastery. I'm sure some readers will suspect I have gone off my rocker. No need to suspect. No, don't worry. That happened many years ago.

You just blinked and missed it.

For you Penelope Party Poopers 💩💩💩: here is a smiling lamb.

Cute, isn't it?


Warm fuzzy. That's how we roll.

You're welcome for another inappropriate post. ~Fargo

Monday, December 10, 2018

Google This

If you Google "lye" and The Daily Caller or Fox News in the same string of internet searches, do you think that alerts the FBI? Asking for a friend.

Do you think the work computer understands a criminal justice professor would be surfing the internet for examples of nefarious reports,for class materials? Or do the IT dudes start getting excited because they think they might javr a big fish? Also asking for a friend.

Finals week. Remember  that egg in the frying pan commercial for drugs? That's my brain on finals. Just saying.

Tine in tomorrow for more college revelations.