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Monday, March 25, 2019

Catch The Ball!

Well, it has taken me 6 years to get here: to the ledge of the hole. I'm still hanging on by the fingernails, but I am determined to stand my feet on firm ground again. One more year should give me a better position.

Six years of struggles, poverty, and even food banks and assistance in 2013. Not many people know that. It feels pretty amazing to be here today and look back. 

I prayed and continue to pray every day. I thank God for all of you and my family who helped me in one way or another by lifting me up or helping me out. How do you return in kind all of that? I think of all of you often. Kindness in many forms.

As the world goes, I am certain many people facing the same things I did will not get out of poverty because they do not have the same skills. This is where we have to step in as a nation and do better. They do not have grit, determination, and a fabulous support system-both known and unknown. Some have mental illness or disorders. If I had those, I am not sure where I would be today.

Yes, I know. You are saying, "But, but-you crazy!"

All kidding aside, I have not been diagnosed with that.

My situation and case in point concretes the fact if we all did a little something to help someone and reach out to strangers when the opportunity arises, we can make a difference. You did. There were moments I felt like throwing in the towel and just hiking across America and living out of a dumpster. But, then there were those things like germs and diseases and bugs which deterred me.

Great people like me are still out there struggling. When someone is there throwing the ball, you just have to catch it! And sometimes you have to bury your pride and suck it up.

I try to give back when I can and reach out as much as possible. Sometimes it is obvious to me and I need no prodding. Other times, I go to churches and charities. Don't worry, I will never forget where I come from-my childhood, my family, moving into the upper poverty socio-economic status, and here. It grounds you forever. It was a good lesson. However, one I do not want to repeat.

There is more to my madness. Stay tuned.

Now, today, to give back. Here is a story I thought I would share with the world which happened last week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fargo blurbs

Hello, friends.

We see some crazy stuff in our lives. I am always amazed even when I believe I have seen it all. Never say that. It's like saying the Q word when you are on patrol nights about to get off shift.

This week pretty much stinks. I am moving past it onto next week. Fast forward.

My school projects are creeping up on me. Yikes. Not ready for that! Where did the time go? I fear I will not have a summer off. It is going to be hectic.

Farewell, nice, quiet life. Hang on to your shorts.
The ride is about to become epic.

The kid is graduating.

I'm going to miss having her around and now it is time for her to adult. Yikes.

She is still a baby to me...which she constantly reminds me she is not.

Did I tell you she joined the Navy?

Friday, March 1, 2019

Monkey Bitness

Moving further toward springs seems to be favorable. However, Wyoming wind seemed to follow me here this winter as we experienced it and then some. I am trying to box it up and send it back. It is like wrangling cats.

School is approaching spring break, a much needed hiatus.

My brain is between exploding and becoming mush.

This morning, I just finished a 7 paper summary of monkey research.

Yes, it blends with public administration and anthropology. In more ways than one.

If you are bored, here are the latest on Law Enforcement Today.

I appreciate all the traffic and support.

My recent articles need some boosts as they seem to have fallen on deaf ears, or fell hard and fast. It seems I have lost my writing mojo. I must go find it. Here you are, you faithful readers. Enjoy!

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