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Friday, June 21, 2019

IRAN so far away...hey, hey...

Back at the grindstone of studies. Now I am onto thesis proposal and archaeology. They don't match much, even though my area of concentration is Archaeology. My thesis is more along the lines of my expertise which is biological anthropology: infant deaths. So, not sure how that will pan out, but my advisor is on board. Here goes a year long research project. Now, if it doesn't fly at the end, I have failed and will not get my master's. Therefore, I must.

Meanwhile, I am trying to generate some traffic on my latest article which was written with sarcasm to cover up the heartfelt points of this post. Read on for more about rookie advice here.

A book review is in the works. Yes, I had time to squeeze one in between summer school sessions.

It's the first day of summer and possibly the only day of this week without rain. Woohoo! Love it.

Today is the first day also, of my bad carb, sugar free meal planning. I have started the day out with many a headaches, which is expected. Wish me luck. I need to kick these asthma medications and choking problems at night. Gah. Getting old is luck getting stuck on the crapper without toilet paper.

Meanwhile, the WH has been wishy washy in the "measured" response to Iran. Are we using baking utensils to do so? I was expecting something secret such as a surprise attack and then claim it before ISIS does, but we seem to announce everything in advance. Why don't we just say..."Hey, move everyone and everything near and dear to you out of this area, because it is now going to become a big lake. Sorry about your buildings."


War is so weird now. Not that I welcome one, because I don't. However, we seem to be taking a lot of hits as of late without showing them who is boss. Is it because our allies have gone missing? I know it isn't because we talk things out nowadays, because that doesn't work either.

I guess I will impatiently wait and bunker down. Yes, I am protecting myself against 'nado activity and awaiting our political response to foreign enemies. It might be a while. I better grab some snacks. BUT...in the nonprocesses, nonbadcarb and nosugar form.

Happy 1st day of Summer!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

And the Trophy Goes to...

Have you ever read the news and found nothing uplifting? LOL. Of course. Everyday, right?

Sometimes when my newsfeed is saturated with negative stuff, I envision the awards for journalists in an event of pomp and circumstance. And the following goes to so and so for...

1. The Doom and Gloom Award
2. Fake News Trophy
3. Unhumanitarian Award
4. Cloak and Dagger Reporting
5. Chicken Little Commendation
6. The Unlying Politician Trophy

For the most part, the weather has been a soap opera and is more fascinating to watch than anything. Especially since I live in tornado alley. I am glued to the radar. My vision is seeing red, green, yellow, and orange blips everywhere. It's quite annoying.

Yes, I know. I have a little sarcasm going on. I get sick of all the misery, really.

As a cop, I saw it every day, but it was little miseries and local.

It didn't seem to trigger me at all like the way news is portrayed. Everything triggers someone. And yet, I can't even piece the truth together with five articles about the same thing. Gah.

So, I have been diving into archaeological studies and research as a student should and burying my head like an ostrich.

The best thing is being on the back of my horse and forgetting about all this raucous everywhere. Fo' get about it! You know, text impersonating a mobster might not even be politically correct anymore. 

Maybe I should go back to bastardizing celebrity quotes and making a mockery of a story. There's a thought.

Sadly, Game of Thrones is over. Fineeshed. Poo. TWD new season? I wonder how many more of those they will produce. The Vikings? It is fineeshed too, I believe. Gah. I need a life.

Are you ready for a new election season. What? Already? Yes. It's coming. Brace yourselves.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Round 2 of CMS

CMS-Crazy Mom Syndrome

Some days are like Mary Poppins.
(Photo by Edu Canton, Unsplash)

WSF asked if I had been on a mushroom trip. No. But my brain is mush, so part of the phrase is applicable.

See how my brain is working? It isn't! Short circuiting causes wires to be crossed and then nonsensical happenings abound.

Yesterday, I just happen to put people's famous quotes in a silly story and spin the words. It made no sense, just like the politicians in this world and my brain right now. My brain on school. No decisions. No progress. Just back and forth.

School is kicking my butt. I had to write 15 (4-6 pages each) papers, 4 (7-8 pages each) big papers, create a 75 minute class to teach, read a book and do a 7-8 page book review. All in 5 weeks. Beat me. I finished, but I was toast. I overloaded assignments the week before graduation so I could focus on Bug's graduation, but it was too late. I was useless. Then I had another class which required weekly assignments toward a thesis and a proposal, etc.

On top of that, Bug's graduation was something I had been planning for a year, but I left too much for last minute.

I completely checked out at the graduation open house. Completely...like all the way... checked out. It resembled one of those 40s movies when the beautiful heiress is locked up for shock therapy and is found sitting on a bench outside...empty. Shut down.

I am sure most of Bug's teachers and guests figured I was trashed. Not a drop. I was lethargic, in a daze, and slow reacting. I pretty much stood there, staring into space. And I could not connect the dots.

So, I know I hit a breaking point. My body and mind could not take any more stress. Usually, you envision this is because you saved 3 babies from a raging river and the world from a psychopathic killer, but not from yourself. Most everyone just made fun of me being an unorganized mother. It was a lot to do by myself while working full time and taking an overload of classes. At least that is what I tell myself.

Hidden in all the agendas, I still am responsible for finishing a painting for a friend's baby room. I am now in the middle of a new book which I am anxious to share with you when I am finished. I am writing for Law Enforcement Today each month and the last two articles have flopped. No traffic. Nuts. Here is the latest one on future crime fighters.

So, you see, yesterday's post made perfect sense. LOL.

You have to read it with a sense of humor and maybe recognize the actual quotes from famous people I put in there. Or not. I wanted you to get in the mind of someone who has had too much information shoved in there in too short of a time. It's a psychological science experiment. Think of yourself as a student. Mwahhhahaa! Or you could just go down the same road...Fargo has snapped.

But that was yesterday and today I have regrouped and started new classes for summer. I am not sure if I will take summer school again. The first time I took it, I told myself never again and then I had 2 years between and decided...oh, sure. Egads. Stupid.

I think it takes about 6 years to finally break from the "good 'ol days" of being a cop. I have a totally new focus and interest which still relates back to being a cop, but doesn't.

Age has finally crept up on my as well. I have started to do special exercises to prevent me from being a cripple, not to be in shape to be able to protect myself. It's weird. And sad.

If you think about it, most of our lives are more than half over at the age of 50. I need to start cherishing them. All I do is work to get myself out the hole I put myself in when I moved here. The light of day is approaching, but there was much hole to dig. Yoda.

I hope to be out of my mind weirdness soon. The Bug is graduated and headed off to be a sailor. Her success makes everything right.

No regrets. Never look at your life with that lens. Look forward. Learn from the past. Be kind.

Yes, I am making political bumper stickers now.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Close Encounters of the Strange Kind

The noise was so loud, it overpowered the yappers in the room. There were a bunch of them. All huddled together. Mother Nature was showing her temper quite well by the sounds of thunder. It was surprisingly heard through the room which was supposed to be sound proof. 

"Don't you think we should check the weather and possibly seek shelter. They said there would be tornadic activity today."

No one really seemed to respond to me. 

"Hey, yo. Tornadic weather out there. Spins. Whirls. Throws shit around, including cows and people. No joke."

"Tornadic is not a word. See. The translation on the computer underlines it in red."

"Well, I'm a scientist, and clearly I can coin it. Maybe it just isn't in your Googlcabulary." I took out my phone and started a search. " See, look at my phone. It says 'of or related to a tornado'. Told you."

"Ms. Fargo, the internet is just a world passing notes around in a classroom."

"Whatever dude.Google says, therefore it is."

"I thought you said you were a scientist. I don't think you qualify."

" I am.  Look at Google: 'a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences'. Bam. Fuck you. I'm a scientist."

The figure in the corner stepped forward and with a raspy voice addressed us, "Why does she have her phone?" 

"Finally, the dark figure in the corner speaks. I was beginning to think the Shadow knows."


"You know, who knows what evil lurks within?"

"Shut up, Fargo. Take her phone. She gets nothing, not even a paper or pen."

"No doodling? I surely cannot even think without that opportunity. Surely, you do not seek the truth if you won't let me doodle. Drawing is the highway to my mind. Maybe I will be able to focus better. " 

I was just being annoying. It was my nature. Jon seemed to be anxious to interview me. Nervous actually. I know. I am pretty intimidating. I took advantage of his weakness. 

"Ms. Fargo, you don't get to doodle in my interview. I've been to Canada and I got the impression I could take over the entire country in about 2 days."

"Jon, may I call you Jon? I am Irish and German. I don't have a dog in the fight with Canada. So, you insulting Canadians, really makes no sense."

"Ms. Fargo, I've got all night. Insomnia is my greatest inspiration."


"Ms. Fargo. Unemployment is at an all time low because everyone has two jobs. I cannot afford to mess up this interview. You must cooperate."

"Don't call me Ms. Fargo. This is really not formal. It's like you are building up this wall of inferiority with me, looking down at me. Maybe you need more practice talking to people."

"Ms. Fargo. Is it tru..."

"Look, Mr. Stewart, you gave a very emotional and bravo worthy speech in front of Congress for the 9/11 benefits. It was much needed. I think you were impactful. However, I am not normally a fan of yours. And, on this one subject, we can agree. But, I am not interested in being your guest on your show. So, I will decline. Thank you, though, for the invitation."

"Ms. Fargo, you are not on my show. You are in a locked down interview room with some key players and they hired me because of my quick abilities and hard charging interviewing skills."

"Like I said."

"Yesterday, the president met with a group he calls the Coalition of the Willing."


"Um, Yeah, Jon, not sure what you are referring to, so I'm out."

"I was told you know."

"No idea."

"Ok. I don't know why they would have me ask you questions you don't know the answers to. Maybe I have the wrong questions. I was given them in advance."

"You are just a puppet. I think they set you up to be the fall guy. Blame it on you. Poor skills, second rate. It's how the species eat their own."

"The species?"

"Yeah, the Democrats."

"Probably. I was born with an adult head and a tiny body. Like a 'Peanuts' character."

"Ok, sir. Um, yeah, Ok. I didn't noticed until you pointed it out. Kind of Charlie Brownish."

"Give me some credit. I can get this done and do as they expect. McVeigh's lawyers got him the death penalty, which frankly, I could have done."

"Uh, alrighty then. Can I go home?"

"No. Why would you even ask that question?"

"It's kind of along the lines of hostage negotiation training. You always want to ask them if they want to come out in the beginning and periodically, because sometimes no one asks and they are just waiting for a peaceful exit. i am using reverse psychology."

"No. Answer still is no. You still have to find a way to pay for cheaper rent."

"Yeah. Not sure. Not computing that, Jon."

I could tell they were going to wear me down with their crazy talk, make me lose my mind, go insane for just a minute, and try to extract some information. What information, I did not know.  Little did they know, I had already lost my mind years ago. I understood you could not do it twice. So, there was no chance they were going to win. 

"Fargo, you did know the last time the United States had an existential threat was at Devil's Tower when close encounters of the third kind almost intercepted our banking systems."

"Ok. Now you are just hurting my head. I think I would like some time in solitary. I don't want any visitors. I don't want internet access."

"Ok. I'll let them know. Maybe they can get back to running the country."

"Oh yeah. I feel safer already. By the way, Jon, they have been watching the whole time and the shadow is still here. You don't have to let them know. They heard you. The shadow knows."

"Yeah, Fargo. I really don't get the shadow thing. I get Atlanta, not only for the love of strip clubs, but the shopping is great, too."

*blink * blink*